How To Be An Expert Arrowhead Hunter?

How to be an expert arrowhead hunterAnyone looking for Arrowheads can get them in two ways, one of them is through browsing the internet and buying them from there and the second way is to go out hunting for them which is exciting. If you are new to the hunting game, knowing where to look as far as arrowhead hunting is concerned can be quite a challenge. There are a few rules which must be followed on your quest to find arrowheads however; you also need lady luck on your side. This article will look at some of the most important arrowhead hunting tips that will bring you success.

What are the benefits of arrowhead hunting?

  • Your fitness will improve and encourages discovery and exploration – If you are out hunting for arrowheads, chances are you will do a lot of running and climbing which is lead to weight loss and maintaining weight. Since you are spending time outside like in the woods, it is a great way to familiarise yourself with the area giving you the chance to discover new spots. Your sense of direction will improve massively if you go out arrowhead hunting.
  • Arrowhead hunting improves your navigation skills – Due to advanced in technology and GPS devices, the old school ways of hunting items like arrowheads with maps in hand is a dying trend. Hunters who go old school and use maps carefully plan their routes carefully and remember paths they took easily because their memory becomes sharper than someone using the latest GPS technology. You improved navigation skills from hunting arrowheads with a map can come in handy if you are lost and your devices don’t work. Sharpen those skills, they will come in handy when you least expect it.
Woman with a map trekking through a forest

Arrowhead Hunting improve your navigation skills

  • Arrowhead hunting is a rewarding experience – When you go into the wood hunting for arrowheads, chances are you might find something that is so rare if you decide to sell it, you can make a lot of money. If you go arrowhead hunting as a hobby, you can make extra income on top of your 9 to 5 by selling the items you find. Just make sure you get them evaluated by an expert so you know whether you have a dime or not.
 Enregis. Télécharger un aperçu American bird point arrowhead and spearhead found in Kentucky made around 2000 to 6000 years ago.

American bird point arrowhead and spearhead found in Kentucky made around 2000 to 6000 years ago.

  • You get schooled and it is a stress free activity – Plenty of places where arrowheads are located have a rich history which you might learn while hunting. Many arrowheads are found on native America grounds and if you want to learn more about how they lived, their culture, art and many more things, arrowhead hunting is a good way to learn history while having fun at the same time. Arrowhead hunting is also known to improve your mood and relieving stress because of the excitement and sense of adventure it brings.
Relax - Stress signpost with forest background

Know the laws that govern arrowhead hunting in your area

  • A very important rule which applies to all hunting is never step on private land without the owner’s consent. That is something which many people refer to as trespassing which is very much illegal because you are stepping foot on someone’s private property without their authority. If you have a gut feeling that arrowheads might be located on private property, don’t be shy or afraid to ask the owner of the premises for their permission to hunt. They worse thing they can say to you is no and that is a lot better than being arrested or fined for trespassing.
Private Property - No Trespassing Sign prohibited by law. Private home California USA

Private Property - No Trespassing Sign prohibited by law. Private home California USA

  • Anything to do with hunting has laws and regulations that must be followed religiously and arrowhead hunting is no different at all. There are regulations and laws that are in place which many newcomers fail to become accustomed to. This can put you at risk because you might face anything from a fine to serious jail time. To avoid landing yourself in hot water with the local authorities do your research, understand the laws of the hunting ground you are in and follow them. Do not try to think you are above the law and will not get in trouble if you bend the rules.
  • Littering or fly tipping in hunting areas can also land you in trouble and it is important to carry a plastic bag which you will use to store and eventually dispose of any rubbish you might have. If you happen to light a fire while hunting, be sure to put it out with water before you vacate the area because failure to do so can result to the fire growing even more. It is the simple things that make the biggest difference to our environment.

I want to find arrowheads but where should I look?

  • The best place to find arrowheads is a matter of opinion depending on who you ask as everyone will tell you a different location. You have a high chance of success hunting for arrowheads in places where you know they will be and this requires research on the internet or even reading up books in the library. If information is hard to find, it is worth asking someone who is a collector, they will point you in the right direction and always remember to get permission of the owner if you are told that arrowheads are located on private property. Look around rocky areas, the woods, rivers, fields, streams and even dirt roads.
Arrowhead Found in Creek

Arrowhead Found in Creek. Photo Credit: arrowheadology

  • The woods – Before heading out hunting in the woods, you have to know exactly what you are looking for. You have to be aware of places where ancient people gathered in the past, where they lived, travelled and hunted. Understand the landscape as well because the seasonal creeks, lakes. Marshes and ponds that you see today were not there or looked completely different thousands of years ago. These are things worth noting when hunting arrowheads in the woods.
  • Search for evidence of Indian camps – If you happen to be following a trail, pay attention to any evidence of Indian camps in the area. An Area that looks useful to set up camp today like near water sources e.g. streams are clear indications of Indian camps possibly being nearby. Many Indian camps are located near water because it is a very important element that they needed for survival. Search on high places that are not far from the water source for arrowheads like a Knoll or bluff.
  • Look near streams, rivers and creeks – When you are out in the woods looking for arrowheads, rivers, creeks and streams are good places to search and should not be skipped. Always keep in mind that these rivers, creeks and streams that you see now were not like that many years ago. If you are 100% sure that you have come across a river, stream or creek that was rounds thousands of years ago, and that is a good place to begin your hunt.

How do I know if I have found an arrowhead?

  • Knowing you have spotted an arrowhead can be tricky simply because they look almost identical to rock in the area one is looking. This makes it so easy not to see one even if it is right in front of you. The secret is to slow scan each and every inch of the area you are hunting and keeping your eyes opened for any objects that stand out on the ground. Characteristics you might be looking for are flaked surfaces, triangular shapes and sharp edges. These are the same characteristics you should be looking if you decide to purchase arrowheads from the shop or the internet or you might want to what this video to know how to dentify arrowheads.

When is the best time to go arrowhead hunting?

  • Continuing on from the previous paragraph, when you are finished scanning a particular spot, you can safely move on to other areas. When you are arrowhead hunting, there are a wide range of artifacts you might bump into. These include things like earrings, stone tools, necklaces and pottery. When it comes to the best hunting times, always plan a trip to location when the water levels are low especially during the summer. Rivers and creeks will expose more creek beds and gravel bars where you can easily locate any arrowheads.
mountain river among the forest in summer. rocky shore and grassy banks. low water capacity. green ancient spruce forest on hillside.

Mountain river among the forest in summer. rocky shore and grassy banks. low water capacity.


To be a great arrowhead hunter you need some luck, skill, patience and a very sharp eye. With that being said, it is a fantastic hobby to pick up because it lets you get out more for some much needed fresh air. Not only will you connect with the great outdoors, you have a chance of returning back home with some nice unique pieces you can show off to family and friends. If you think this article was very helpful to you, leave your views in the comment section and don’t forget to share it.

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