Best Baitcasting Reel

Do you need more power to catch a big fish? You probably do. The Best Baitcasting Reel does not only allow you to handle more than 20 pounds of fish but also other species. It can be from freshwater or saltwater.

The Baitcasting reels are known not only for catching a big fish but also pitching crankbaits. The reels below are necessary tools for anglers to fish efficiently. Its lures give a higher level of control, allowing its placements and power.

10 Best Baitcasting Reels 2018

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Aluminum with Graphite side plates


Magnetic/ Centrifugal




Aluminum with Graphite side plates



Aluminum with carbon side plates





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1.Abu Garcia BMAX3 - User-Friendly Baitcast Reel

The Abu Garcia Baitcast reel is perfect for small to medium fishing in freshwater or saltwater. You can choose from left-handed or right-handed design which any of it contains four ball bearings inside the graphite frame that are made of stainless.

The brake system of Abu Garcia BMAX3 offers an accurate casting. Its reel foot feels comfortable in your hand. There is also a minimal complain against this reel which is advantageous.

Overall, this Black Max Baitcast reel delivers a leading performance because of its compact and lightweight design. It has proven valuable and reliable in casting. 


  • Its spool is machined aluminum.
  • Its brake system is MagTrax, giving a consistent pressure all throughout the cast.
  • The drag system is a power disk.
  • Plus Circle
    Its one-piece frame is graphite.
  • Plus Circle
    It has a close-packed bent handle.
  • Plus Circle
    The four stainless balls and one roller bearing help for a smooth operation.

There is only one downfall on this Baitcasting reel: the Abu Garcia BMAX3 is not very versatile. At 6.4:1 gear ratio, at a rare case, it does not respond quickly.


  • Lightweight
  • Consistent brake
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to use.
  • Very versatile

2.Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB - For Superior Control of Baitcast Reel

The Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB features its stainless steel that is double-shielded. The one-piece frame that is made of aluminum helps align its internal components to have a smooth operation.

This Baitcaster is MSB. It means that it is an innovative Multi-Setting Brake system featuring both the external adjustable control magnetic cast and the internal adjustable centrifugal brakes to have a superior cast or control.

It is the lightest reel in this review. It has an anti-backlash vibe in every cast. Across the board, this Baitcaster always gets excellent reviews from its users.


  • It features a high spool capacity.
  • The palming graphite side plate is easily removable.
  • Has a high-strength of solid brass gear
  • Search Plus
    Adjustable brake setting
  • Search Plus
    Has a Multi-Setting Break

Anglers said that its drag system is sturdy and very easy to adjust. Its price may be beyond your budget, but it’s worth the money.


  • Smooth to use in casting
  • Very easy to adjust
  • Affordable


  • When the rod is too close, you will feel the bait vibrate in your torso.

3.Shimano Calcutta 400 D - Easy to Use Baitcast Reel

The Shimano Calcutta is a favorite round reel available at the market. It is known that this reel is quite expensive as seen on its price tag and sometimes it is not sealed correctly.

However, it delivers a blend of performance and value. Reeling is totally smooth with this gear. Its drag is beyond incredible, and the compact body, as well as its X-drag, gives more control and leverage in fishing. Aside from this, it reduces friction and maintains alignment.

In fact, this reel is up to casting a big fish in a Baitcaster challenge. It is very smooth and compelling. It is also easy to handle and smaller than most of the reels.

I can say that this reel is excellent for heaving top waters, swimbaits, and jerk baits and hoping to catch muskie, trout, or pike.


  • It is VBS or has a Variable Brake System.
  • Has high-efficiency gearing
  • Its spool is made of cold-forged aluminum.
  • Search Plus
    It has an S compact body.


  • Great look and feels.
  • It consists of smooth micro gears.


  • Expensive
  • Not fully sealed.

4.Shimano Curado I - Long-Lasting Baitcast Reel

One common consequence of Shimano Curado I is that casting is a bit difficult to master.
However, the Shimano Curado is known to withstand the time even you are continuously using it. Its size fits your hand that gives you maximum control during fishing.

This Baitcasting reel is best for small to medium sized baits that work both in fresh and salt water. It casts and performs smoothly with only a little friction. Besides, its CNC anodized aluminum spool reduces unnecessary weights. It is comfortable because of the padded foam grips.


  • The S3D or Shimano Stable Spool Design lowers the vibration, making it smooth during casting and retrieving.
  • It provides a lot of brake control and light lures.
  • With shield against sand and salt.
  • Search Plus
    Has a CNC anodized spool

Then, the frame material aluminum alloy known as Hagane is known to resist continuous use as well as extreme abuse. 


  • Nice size that fits comfortably in the palm
  • Brake system is useful
  • Ultra-smooth Baitcasting Reel


  • Casting is a bit difficult to master.

5.Abu Garcia REVO SX Low Profile - Works on Different Baits

This gear is well-suited to different types of fishing. Its high gear ratio and drag can give you an amazing reel for bass fishing. 

The spool of Abu Garcia is designed for heavy lines and loads. It works well for big ones with proper tackle and ease. Its magnetic brake makes it ideal for accurate cast and slow-down motion.

From the drag system to the brake and even to the alloy frame, every piece suits the purpose of the reel. Its line guide is well-coated with titanium that makes a smoother action in casting, reducing its friction.

The Abu Garcia Baitcasting reel tends to be rough during windy.


  • It consist a C6 side plate made from carbon and an X2-craftic alloy frame.
  • The matrix drag provides a smooth and as consistent drag pressure to the entire range of drag.
  • The MagTrax system of brake provides a consistent pressure in casting.
  • Search Plus
    Because of the EVA knobs, it is durable and comfortable to use.

Overall, this reel has a fantastic value for its low price tag. Using this reel gives you no backlash during your cast. 


  • Very easy to setup
  • With ergonomic design and a very stylish finish
  • It is designed at an ultra-lightweight style.
  • check
    The drag system can be adjusted easily.


  • In windy condition, it tends to be somewhat rough.
  • A little bit pricy

6.Piscifun New Phantom Carbon – Friendly Budget Baitcast Reel

People take into consideration that Piscifun Baitcasting reel is a new brand. This is not well known compared to other reels reviewed in this article. Yet, the company is earning their fans quickly because this reel is well-made. It is very light and not expensive.

This reel features a very powerful drag for its size. Thus, if you look for a Baitcaster at a good value, you can consider this high-speed caster that is loaded with advanced features.

Piscifun Baitcaster is considered as a featherweight. Its fiber carbon frame; side plates; and handle give us an essential weight reduction feature without sacrificing its durability and strength.


  • Its ratio at 7.0:1 gives an accurate casting given its long distance.
  • It has a durable power because of the double anodized aluminum gear.
  • Have dual brake system; the Centrifugal and magnetic brake give the anglers an on-the-fly tournament. It is ready for adjustments
  • Search Plus
    It can be used efficiently. The carbon crank handle provides the anglers the option to leverage and the power necessary to pull the big fish from the thick cover.

One of the drawbacks of the Piscifun New Phantom Carbon Baitcast reel is its braking. Sometimes, it is hard to set it right and becomes noisy.


  • Even in strong winds, it is easy to fly.
  • It is one of the lightest Baitcaster available today at the market.
  • It has dual brake design system; internal centrifugal and external magnetic brakes that


  • The braking is sometimes hard to set right.
  • This reel is noisy.

7.Abu Garcia Pro Max - Beginner Baitcasting Reel

Pro Max Baitcaster is constructed with a frame made from a piece of high-quality graphite. It makes the transition seamless that lead to the aligned gears while dishing out its cranking power. Though the entire reel is not made of graphite, its handle and spool are made of double anodized aluminum. Its spools are also ported to cut down any excess weight.

bu GarciaThis reel is also popular in the market because of its high-speed performance and affordable price.

For a beginner or advanced angler, this Pro Max will be excellent. Then, because this reel is lightweight, it offers easy to use as it naturally fits your palm. The double arm handle and drag are very easy to manipulate while its paddleboat grips provide excellent hold.


  • It’s Duragear brass gear system.
  • The brake system is MagTrax magnetic.
  • The handle is compact while it has a recessed reel foot.
  • Search Plus
    This reel is of Power Disk drag system that utilizes plastic washers that can dish out even 18 lbs. of maximum drag pressure.

Upon retrieval, the Pro Max Baitcasting reel offers an incredible speed. Note that not only the reel is fast, it is also smooth and its retrieve never falters.

One of the most notable flaws of this reel is that it lacks a little regarding the power department.

This Abu Garcia Pro Max Baitcasting Reel is probably necessary but very reliable.


  • It’s Duragear brass gear system.
  • The brake system is MagTrax magnetic.
  • The handle is compact while it has a recessed reel foot.
  • Search Plus
    This reel is of Power Disk drag system that utilizes plastic washers that can dish out even 18 lbs. of maximum drag pressure.


  • This reel offers a fast retrieve and very smooth drag.
  • It is well-constructed and ergonomic.
  • It provides an incredible cast.
  • check
    Its spools capacity is excellent.


  • One of the most notable flaws of this reel is that it lacks a little concerning power department.

8.KastKing Royale Legend - Has the Smoothest Retrieve

There are some discussions about KastKing Royale Legend that’s why I decided to see it myself. I unpacked it and tried out in the river. It turned out really well. Probably, this is an impressive reel for your money.

However, the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Reel needs maintenance and checking before you go out for fishing. It is also known for the occasional backlash, but it can be thwarted by simply not overfilling its spool with a line or not leaving the brakes and its tension until you become used to using it. Another thing, the reel becomes noisy at times and locks on the side-casts. Then, other people claim that this reel is of low-quality.


  • Performs best because of its high speed retrieve
  • Its precision cannot be matched with others because of its drag system.
  • The dual brakes give an easy way of tuning the magnetic and centrifugal systems of brakes for controlling the cast.

Still, this Baitcaster provides excellent value. It works best both for starters and advanced anglers. It is corrosion resistant, and the magnetic and centrifugal brake system help hit the target during the cast. 


  • This reel is set at a reasonable price.
  • Has a lot of features that give a high performance
  • Fishing goes fast, precise, and controlled.
  • check
    It runs silently, no need to worry about the noise.


  • Occasional backlash is observed.
  • Needs maintenance and checking before going to fishing.
  • The reel becomes noisy at times and locks on the side-casts.

9.Daiwa Tatula CT Type-R - Excellent for Heavy Baits

One of the most known consequences of the Daiwa Tatula CT type R Baitcaster is its weight. It is considered heavy. However, it is reliable and very durable.

The CT or compact design of this reel delivers improvement in castability. It casts just beautifully and freely. In fact, it has a very silky and smooth operation start from throwing to retrieving. This reel works perfectly for both light and heavy baits.

The drag of this reel is excellent. It gives a hard hook sets with only a minimal slippage to some fish to 9 pounds. In fact, it engages really well on the runs of big bass even on the short leashes near the bank.

Another thing, even in the mud or water, it still cast flawlessly because of the T-wing system that makes the line out with no effort. The rotation of the air system takes it smoothly.


  • Offers a remarkable lightness
  • The Magforce Z provides an anti-backlash control.
  • Has a large capacity spool
  • Search Plus
    The design of the reel supports fishing style with more power and control.

As a whole, this big gear handles heavy baits as it does with light lures. Its innovative design, as well as its advanced technology, makes this reel the hottest in the Daiwa range. 


  • Offers a remarkable lightness
  • Introduce a new level of Air Rotation
  • Has a large capacity spool


  • It is heavy so it can be tiring for some anglers.

10.Shimano CAENAN low Profile - A Mainstream Fishing Reel Contender

The Shimano CAENAN does not contain other features found on high- end models of Baitcasting reel and other people like flat grips better.

Shimano CAENAN is still an excellent option for fishermen taking into consideration its value.

However, this reel is a versatile Baitcasting Reel. Right-handed sportsmen can throw a variety of sizes and weights of lure because of its new brake system, making it pleasing to most fishers.
Its four ball bearings and one roller bearing added by the stable design of spool makes the reel cast moderately well.

During the retrieval process, you’ll find it enjoyable to use the redesigned gear system with efficiency at 7:2:1 with 30 IPT.


  • Features two tone patterns, looking sporty
  • It contains an exclusive spool. It has a good startup.
  • It utilizes a roller bearing made of steel to prevent backlash.
  • Search Plus
    VBS or Variable Brake System helps to control the cast.

Although many anglers do not have an issue with this Baitcasting reel, other people struggle concerning the backlash system. Besides, there is an existing report that this reel breaks easily after purchase.


  • Delivers strength and rigidity for reliable fishing
  • It has a redesigned High-Efficiency Gear (HEG)
  • Carries up to 5 kilos of drug pressure


  • Do not contain other features found on high-end models of Baitcasting Reel
  • Other people like flat grips well.
  • People struggle regarding the backlash system.

Advantages of Baitcasting Reels

There has been a misconception that Baitcasting Reel is difficult to learn. However, it is not. In fact, Baitcaster works very well for both beginners and advanced anglers. Besides, Baitcast reel does not require a lot of time to master, a little practice will keep you on it.

Baitcasting reels are also advantageous over other gears concerning the following: 

Superior Drag

Also, the Baitcaster has a superior system of drag that helps in setting the resistance that the fish feels whenever it yanks to the fishing line. Setting the pull tighter is giving more resistance to the fish that will cause it to tire out quickly. That’s why you have to find the right spot on the setting of the drag because having it too tight can cause the line to stretched and break.

Longer Cast

Baitcasting Reel also provides a more extended cast especially if you pair it with the correct rod. It outcast the spinning gear. It is more powerful than other gears because of its layout design. Then, the handles are mounted onto the frame of the reel. Hence, no arm lever will cause any flex when it is reeling harder on fish.


One of the essential uses of this gear is that the Baitcasting reel is exceptionally accurate. It works best with heavy lures and lines. Thus, this reel can manage heavy test lines and stress.

More Control

The Baitcasting Reel gives a high degree of control when casting compared on other gears like spinning gear. It is because you can control its distance as well as its speed by just thumbing its spool during the time of casting.

Available Options

Remember that though Baitcasting reels are expensive, this gear is not the cheapest reel. Some cheap models are available. However, I suggest that you spend wisely on models and brands where you can find its parts so that it can withstand frequent use and last a lifetime.

If you want to know how to cast a baitcaster, watch this video:

The Disadvantage of Baitcasting Reel

There are some common fears when it comes to Baitcasting reels because of the dreaded word, “birds nest.” The periodic backlashes common to Baitcasting reel as well as the Baitcaster itself becomes challenging to cast. However, if the issue is backlashing, it is easy to fix. Just fill your spool to the halfway mark. Making the spool tighter that does not spin fast can profoundly reduce backlashes.

Although the Baitcasting reel has many parts to clean and maintain, because it has plenty of internal moving parts, it can easily be well- maintained by cleaning and lubricating it consistently. Through this, the gears will be able to get correctly engage, minimize sticking, and incur minor resistance.

Buying Guide for Baitcasting Reels

Since you have now an idea of the Baitcasting reel available at the market, make sure to study the essential features that you are looking for before making a buying decision.

Check the following features of the Baitcast reels to guide you in making a wise decision in buying that will make a great addition to your reel arsenal. 

Casting Reel Handle

Usually, a casting reel comes in both right and left-handed models. The handles are incapable of being swapped like the spinning reel. So, it is best to choose which one is the best fit for you. 

Most people that are right-handed use right-handed reels. With this, after the cast, the reel is put in your left while the handle is cranked to your right. Opposite of this is done to the left-handed because the handle is cranked with the right.

Low Profile or Round

The low profile is the most popular Baitcasting Reel. It is used for palming and easy for wrist action. It is also ergonomic. On the other hand, the round Baitcast reel holds more and heavier line. It is used to toss larger baits and to long run during the fight.

Gear Ratio

All the reels have its gear ratio, and it describes how speedy the reel will perform. The usual gear ratio of the bait cast reels is 6.4:1, 4.4:1, and 7.1:1. The first set of the number shows the number of times of revolution that the spool can make for each turn of the handle of the reel. Say 4.4:1 reel, the spool revolves at 6.4 times in one crank of the handle. Remember that the higher is the number, the more line is retrieved in the same work.

Most of the time, the reels with higher gear ratios are better in fishing the areas with just a small strike zone because they allow the bait to move back to the boat to prepare for the next cast quickly.

Brake System

The Baitcast reel is equipped with brake system which is adjusted and slows down the spool rotation in casting. Without the brake system, there will always be a backlash. Backlash is a knotted mess on the line left when the spool revolves just after the lure stopped to move forward. 

The centrifugal breaks are known as friction based. Its pins found inside the plate of the Baitcast reel are utilized in making adjustments. Push the outer pins to engage the breaks. If you are using a system with six pins, adjust the pins across each. On the other hand, magnetic brakes are quite complicated because they rely on its spool and its magnets in decreasing the rate of the revolution.

Whatever breaking system are you using; learn to thumb the spool accurately for trouble-free casting. Always fine-tune the braking system every time you are on the water. However, make your thumb do the real work.


The Baitcasting frames can be graphite or aluminum. Graphite is less expensive than aluminum. It is also lighter in weight. However, the reels made of graphite do not withstand like aluminum. Hence, the high-end Baitcasting reels are usually manufactured with aluminum frames.


Majority of the Baitcast reels have aluminum spools. The high-end reels are usually constructed from forged aluminum. Note that forged aluminum spools are harder and more rigid to scratch. Then, the spools with holes drilled have a lighter weight. Thus, it is easier to start and stop spinning. Most of the Baitcast reels have drilled spools except those very inexpensive ones.

The spool tension or the large knob located on the side of the reel handle is essential in adjusting the speed of the spool. Make sure that this knob is tight so that the lure will fall on the ground slowly when you disengage the reel. When it makes contact, its spool will stop revolving immediately. Therefore, when the lure is heavy, the tension should be tight.

Ball Bearing

On top of the line, the Baitcasting reels do not need to have any bearings. It only needs bearings that are of quality. As you may notice, the cheapest reels are packed with ten or more than bearings which suggest its poor quality. Regardless of the minimum number of bearings, the vital thing to into is whether they are shielded, double shielded, or sealed bearings.

Line Guide

The line guides of the Baitcast reel are typically made from ceramic or titanium. The Baitcast reel made from ceramic is less expensive and can easily crack or break when the frequency of using it increases. Hence, the line guide of high-end reels is mostly made from titanium.

Editor’s Choice

Sports’ fishing requires your determination, ability, and patience to make the correct baits and catches. Therefore, it is essential to have a consistent and reliable gear. This Abu Garcia BMAX3 delivers a remarkable performance while bringing the pleasure of catching fish. It offers an accurate casting. Its foot feels comfortable in your hand and provides a leading performance because of its compact and lightweight design.

Aside from that, its brake system is MagTrax, giving a consistent pressure all throughout the cast. Its frame is made of graphite and Duragear brass. It has proven valuable and reliable in casting.


Baitcasting reel is an essential tool for fishing because it gives the anglers the ability to use techniques and presentations while using a huge line.

With many Baitcasting Reels available at the market today, I hope this guide will become informative and helpful in your quest for the best Baitcasting Reels.

Choose your best gear.

Enjoy fishing!


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