Are you spending hours reading articles or watching videos on the best crankbait rod available in the market? 

Do you fancy changing your gear with the most premium crankbait rod for your new angler adventure? If yes, then read on! You will get answers to all of your questions.

I know that there are plenty of choices out there, but finding the right one is tricky.

A satisfactory ideal fishing session is often achieved when you have the best crankbait rod with you. According to my perspective, crankbait rods are like screws, you need the right one to do the job securely.

10 Best Crankbait Rod 2018

Crankbait Rod



Best in class strength, sensitivity and hook-setting power

Balanced rod with affordable price range

Best for all season fishing

Best high quality rod for professionals, best for deep fishing

Unique s-curve design, split handle design

Light weight and affordable

One of the best medium heavy rod, developed by Bass Fishing Hall

Related to Kevin Van Dam, Hailoy inserts

Good for heavy or medium bass lifters, produced by famous Fenwik manufacturers

Different sizes and weights available,

Knowing your brand can be a bit tricky because many of these scopes give the same result, and at the same time many of them don’t. Their designs and attachment can provide you with extra comfort and increase performance a lot.

1.St. Croix Premier – an ideally feature-rich crankbait rod

If you are on your way to the ultimate solitude refuge of fishing, you need a reliable gear that provides strength and sensitivity. St. Croix Premier is ideally one of the best crankbait rods that take sensitivity and handling to a new level. The performance of this rod can be judged from the fact that it features quality forecast aluminum oxide guides, Fuji Reel seats and premium-grade handles of cork.

The St. Croix premier is basically an advanced version of crankbait casting rods by Premier having already almost conquered the market by their sturdiness and quality features. In an attempt to make its fishing rods better, the St. Croix is introduced. The rod is made up of premium quality SCII graphite material and provides finely tuned actions and tapers.

 But things are not as perfect as one would expect. The Rod is not meant for heavy bass fishing. At the most, you can break the rod and cause more expenditure in the process. However, if you are lucky, you might catch a good fish for dinner.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Good sensitivity
  • Cork handles
  • check
    SCII graphite material used


  • Not good for heavy fishing
  • Susceptible to breakage
  • exclamation-triangle
    Handle grip is questionable

2.Dobyns rods Fury series – a balanced crankbait rod for everyone

The fury series from Dobyns are often regarded as the best fishing crankbait rod for a balanced experience that can be obtained at an affordable price. Some of the features are highly desired by anglers. These include:

  • High modulus graphite blank
  • Fuji reel seat
  • AA grade cork grip
  • Kevlar wrapping
  • High density Hypalon butt

The Fury series have plenty of choices to go for when it comes to size and weight. For heavy duty rods, you can choose 8 inches heavy flipping rod and for beginners, 6’6 inch medium heavy rod is ideal as per my opinion. 

The awesomeness of these fury rods doesn’t confine only to the variety of the sizes. You can easily toss swimbaits and crush big size basses as the rods handles things easily. I have even used 10-15 swimbaits altogether and with good results. To get things going smoothly, pair the rods with the right wheel and grip handle and you will have a fishing experience to cherish for a lifetime.

However, there are few things that need to be considered before buying this crankbait rod. The handle is a foam one and might not be able to provide as much endurance as a cork handle.

The rods come in various sizes and hence, it’s common to make a mistake while judging the right rod for the right intensity of fishing you are pursuing.


  • Different sizes and weights available
  • Good for big size bass
  • AA grade cork grip
  • check
    Kevlar wrapping


  • Foam handle offers loose grip
  • Confusing options

3.Lews Fishing TP173MH The most aesthetically pleasing in the lineup

As soon as I witnessed Lews Fishing TP1, I decided that this beast has to be in the list. One of the many things that caught my eyes in the Lews Fishing TP1 is its firm grip handle. It’s not only strong but pleasing to eyes as well. The handle is equipped with a Winn Grip Dri-Tec handle that can help you fishing all day long with little or no problems. Be it swaying your way through a rainy day, fishing in a thunderstorm or on a hot summer afternoon, the grip works flawlessly.

The sensitivity of this rod exceeds expectation especially as compared to its price range. If you have been struggling with weight changes and vibration transmission problems, this is the ideal change for you. This particular model offers slight bottom composition changes even when dragging heavier basses.

On the negative side, this rod’s medium heavy action is a bit heavier than most of the other rods in this range. This might make fishing tiresome for beginners.

The TP1 speed stick has great handling power and the microwave guides hold their position after several uses. The hook setting is quite easy and makes for an effortless fishing experience. Overall, it is a good buy for beginners and for those who are light on the budget.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Firm grip handle
  • Good sensitivity
  • check
    Good for tournaments


  • Not for beginners
  • Weight is heavy
  • Tiresome application

4.G Loomis E6X Cranking Rods – expensive yet worth the money

Coming from the forte of affordable to expensive, the next option is at the higher range. However, with G Loomis E6X cranking rods, you get bang for your buck. The rod might be a bit on expensive side but boasts of such a high quality that it becomes difficult to ignore these beasts. With a price range of $200 to $400, you can choose from 5 versions of this premium pro fishing gear.

All G Loomis come with cork handles, blanks and premium G Loomis built quality. The rod works well with deep fishing as well as matches perfectly for wake baits or small square bills. The whole setup makes a great gear as it is paired with 13 fishing concept reel.

As you might have already guessed, this rod’s major drawback is its non-affordability. The rods may be out of the reach for weekend angler and are built mostly for professional or for competition participants.

With 7 inch length, the rods provide medium to heavy power fishing and shows moderate fast action. The material allows the rod to recover quickly while lining slap for more accurate casts. The soft flex further permits the fish to swallow the bait providing enough response so you can feel the action going beneath the water.


  • Good for experienced individuals
  • 5 premium versions available
  • Premium built quality
  • check
    13 fishing concept reel


  • Expensive 
  • Not for beginners

5.Wright and McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass – good fit for quality lovers with small budget

When you are low on budget and still need a rod on the heavier side, set your eyes towards this absolute piece of rightness. The Wright and McGill Reese S-Glass crankbait rod is affordable and provides a function for medium to heavy fishing purpose.

The Wright and McGill rod is known for a moderate fast action provided with an ideal bass-catching performance. The S-curve blank construction of the rod accounts for its superior strength, great lifting power, weight reduction feature and appropriate sensitivity.

The handle doesn’t disappoint as they are made of good quality rubber which provides a reliable grip. The overall weight of bass gets reduced thanks to the split handle design which helps maintain the balance of the rod.

While the Wright and McGrill rod provides more features for fewer expenses, it does compromise somewhere on quality. It has a strange balance and as per my opinion, it is tough to cast bait with this rod sometimes.

Also, it has a strange design as compared to traditional rods which can be taken as a negative or a positive point. Check out the video for some little more info.


  • Budget friendly
  • Split handle design
  • Guides made up of strong zirconium


  • Non-traditional design
  • Lack in balancing

6.Abu Garcia Ike Signature Casting Rod – a rod with nice metallic design

This is another great option if you are refraining from spending a fortune on fishing gear. Introducing the ground-breaking high strain glass (HSG) blanks technology, the rods utilize graphite blanks which make an almost perfect parabolic action. This helps throwing a piece of cake for beginners as well as experienced weekenders.

Guides of Abu Garcia Ike are composed of titanium coupled nicely with zirconium inserts.

These guides and inserts are not quite avant-garde. But they are almost satisfactory given the price range of this crankbait rod.

Another important thing that will lure anglers into buying Ike is the tatcheting reel seat and the foam handles of EVA. You get to choose from a single version of this rod as no other versions are available.

Voicing my opinion, I presume that this rod would be a good fit for medium to large crankbaits, but not for lighter cranks. Decide and then make your choice.


  • Affordable 
  • Titanium and zirconium design
  • 36 ton balanced design
  • check
    HSG construction


  • Only single version available
  • Not for lighter cranks

7.Ardent Denny Brauer Crankbait Fishing Rod – popular and efficient crankbait rod

Created by the world-known Bass Fishing Hall of Denny Brauer, the Adrent Denny enjoys a reputation when it comes to medium heavy crankbait rods that are utilized for different types of bass-catching.

When it comes to quality and features, the Adrent Denny is not left behind. For starters, it comes with IM8 graphite construction ensuring its sturdiness and durability. The reasonably priced rod has a fast action rating that proves its power during heavy fishing.

The one of a kind Adrent Denny is tested on the shores of Falcon and Amistad lakes. I can easily bet that the rod has one of the strongest bones in this list. The excellent sensitivity adds to the serious strength backed by Fuji guides. The high-quality cork split grips further help in reducing weight while balancing your fishing act ideally.

While the rod can be relied upon for top-of-the-line performance, it has some notches which cannot be overlooked. It is primarily used only for baitcasting and hence cannot be used for other purposes.


  • Created by renowned company
  • Used for different bass-catching
  • Sturdy and durable
  • check
    Fast action


  • Used only for baitcasting

8.Quantum Fishing Kevin Vandam KVD – buy if you like celebrity rods

Quantum Fishing Kevin Vandam crankbait rod was originally used to feature popular angler Kevin VanDam’s famous launching actions. The trademark rod is popular not for just its name, but for its function as well.

Quantum is built precisely with a combination of fiberglass and graphite that helps give it backbone strength as well as a superior sensitivity. The affordable price tag further ads to the appeal of this road as it can be availed by entry level anglers easily.

The design of Quantum fishing spinning crankbait road is custom built by Kevin Vandam and has minimal flaws as it is almost perfect. The lightweight EVA gips complements the easiness of fishing action while Fuji ACS and VSS reel seat helps in holding the rod better. The rod also features custom selected PacBay guides with Hailoy inserts.

The rod might be good for some, but for those who fancy high-quality material, this is not an ideal fit. The quality is up to the mark but not excellent. Often at times, you might have to deal with a broken tip if using this for heavy bass lifting

Don’t forget to watch this video where Kevin Vandam launches a monster bass.


  • Related to world-known angler
  • Fiberglass and graphite structure
  • Strong backbone
  • check
    Fuji ACS and VSS reel seat


  • Not high-quality material
  • Can break easily as compared to others

9.Fenwik elite tech bass spinning – ultralight rod with heavy features

This is another popular addition in the lineup of heavy or medium bass lifters. Built by renowned Fenwik Company, this is a pioneer of their engineering in terms of fishing gear. With this ultra light rod, you can easily catch the heaviest fish of your career.

The rod is finished in vintage brown that adds to the elegance of the entire gear. The handle offers a split grip rear made with EVA foam. The reel seat has a combination of rubberized cork and foam.

The blank of Fenwik Elite is quite straight as per my observations. The guides are in good alignment. When I checked the epoxy work, I witnessed that the work done in manufacturing is clean enough to catch any angler’s eye.

When I paired with the appropriate spinning wheel, I could feel the most talked about performance of this rod. The medium power is generated that delivers a fine fishing experience.

The only disadvantage is that only one version is available in this rod. Also, the sensitivity is below average, may be due to cost-cutting.


  • Good for heavy and medium bass lifters
  • Light weight
  • EVA foam split grip
  • check
    Straight structure


  • Only one version is available
  • Sensitivity not up to the mark

10.Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods TCS – plenty of options available in size and weight

If you are satisfied on seeing plenty of options to choose from when buying a gear, then this is a no-brainer. The main highlight of Okuma Scott Martin is the availability of sizes and versions you get to have. From medium light to medium heavy and heavy cast to medium heavy cast, you can choose any option.

Coming from versatility to quality features, the Okuma Scott rods are conceptually designed for tournament fishing. All of the versions are for specific tournament applications. The structure is well supported by 30-ton carbon backed by ultra-sensitive blank construction. The casting and spinning are well-facilitated by customized C-40X carbon reel seats.

The guide inserts are made with hard aluminum oxide metal which is perfect to be used with braided line. Furthermore, the casting accuracy is ideal and you get to feel a good sensitivity for every bump and tap on the lure. The rod contains all metal and no fiberglass material which enhances its durability factor. 

Besides its features, the main disadvantage is that the rod is specifically built for tournament purposes. It is not very useful to a novice or an angler hobbyist.


  • Plethora of options available
  • Best for tournament 
  • 30 ton carbon structure
  • check
    Good casting accuracy
  • check
    Pure metallic structure


  • Only for tournament purpose
  • exclamation-triangle
    Not for beginners

Crankbait Rods Buyer's Guide

You can clearly assume that the market has done a great job matching our needs with the best options of crankbait rods. While some anglers have a habit of keeping 3 or 4 bait rods in their trucks, others go for sticking to a single one for a long time. No matter, whatever choice you make, it is essential to know different aspects of these rods in order to make a profound decision that gets you the best value for your money.

Why choose crankbait rods?

  • Better casting

There are different rods available out there in the market. For some reason or other, a crankbait rod is always better than others if you are pursuing certain new levels of crankbait fishing. This is because crankbait fishing rods are specifically designed to transfer more energy into the rod blank. When the energy is released, a slingshot effect is created and hence casting is optimized in a better way.

  • Less misses, more hits

As an angler, you will experience fewer sessions of frustration with crankbait rods. When you have a premium gear accompanying you, you will feel better while waiting for the bait action. Furthermore, the delay action of the crankbait rod allows the bait to deflect off from obstructions. You can easily learn to control the rod and keep your bait in the strike zone for a longer period of time.

  • Better hooksets

A crankbait rod has a better hooksets pair. The rod offers softer action which delays the pulling of bait. This allows the fish to ingest the bait so as to be caught easily. Hence, you won’t have trouble with immediate telltale thump you experience with traditional bait rods.

Things to consider before buying

Starting with the guide, I would like to throw light on different points that need consideration for getting that perfect crankbait rod that might do wonders for you:

  • Action

Action of the rod plays a vital role in serving the purpose. Normally, I suggest you look for soft or medium action rod as it will do a good job of keeping a crankbait hook intact after being hooked. The softer action acts as the rod’s built-in shock absorber. It helps in keeping constant tension amount as you struggle to catch the fish of the day. As the rod reacts in a slow manner, the pressure becomes steadier which will cause the hook holes to stay unbroken.

  • Rod power

When buying a rod, you need to keep in mind the preference of fishing you are looking to buy the rod for. What may work for you, might not work for other person and vice versa. Rod power is a factor that often differs with individual choices. There are different powers ratings allotted to different rods which will help you make the decision.

The rod’s power ratings basically describe the strength of the rod which further correlates with the action of the rod along with its line testing limits. While medium or heavy medium remains the popular choice, light and extra heavy are used rarely.

  • Length of the rod

The length of the rod is important as it decides the power you can generate during fishing. Again, the size depends on your needs and what kind of fishing you are pursuing. A longer rod will provide you additional power while a shorter one will be having more sensitivity and ease of casting. For reaching greater depths, you can go for deep diving crankbaits.

The normal range of rod length is 6 and a half feet to 8 feet.

  • The weight of the rod

The lure weighing of every rod is measured in ounces. As you can easily expect, the heavier weights are good if you wish to go down deeper. Also, the heavy weights are best suited for catching bigger fishes. On the other hand, the lighter rods are ideal for shallow water works or used even if you are twitched on the surface.

  • Reels

The reel type is a major factor when deciding to buy a crankbait rod. Before making the purchase, ask yourself - what kind of reel are you going to couple with your rod? Most anglers these days go for a baitcasting reel. These are preferred choice over spinning reel, especially for crankbait fishing. However, the choice of reel also depends on your own preferences and choice of operations.

  • Line stre​ngth

The strength of your lines decides the action of your fishing style. The lines often are tested with 6 and 30 pound tests. As per the general rule, the lighter line will be able to cast further and the heavier one will run deeper. But lighter line will be easy to pull whereas heavier one will require more fighting strength, often starting a tug of war with the fish.

Revealing The Winner

The different options provided here are worth considering for the winner of the competition. But since, I had to make a choice here, I will choose Dobyns rod Fury. Every rods listed had its own features, downsides and unique selling points. But the one I chose had something others didn’t. The options provided in terms of weight, length, power and action make these rods serious a must getter.

Made for ultimate bass catching activities, the Dobyns Fury stands as the winner of the countdown. The sensitivity of this rod is its premium feature that helps many anglers catches the most difficult fish in the lake. Driven by lightweight and sensitivity, the Dobyns fury is made in such a way that you won’t feel any fatigue in your wrist even after hours of fishing.

The rod is not only affordable, but also performs to the fullest in real usage. It is best for beginners and better for experienced ones. It is well suited for deep crankbait fishing and good for surface fishing. Even kids can explore the world of fishing using their sized rods from Dobyns Fury series. Overall, it is a medium power rod with moderate fast action. The structure is durably strong and reliable.


Though I might have ranked and declared the best crankbait rod available, it should be noticed that no rod is good and no rod is bad. It all comes down to your fishing requirements and your preferences. You should know that for any and every crankbait fishing purpose, there is a rod out there and you can easily get hands on it. 

As far as I have experienced, you don’t go fishing to escape from life, but to live your life. So do it the right way with the gear you love. 

Remember, good things come to those who bait and I hope you will do it in style after reading the information provided. 


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