Best Fishing Pliers

There are plenty of best fishing pliers available today in the market. Here is an overview of what can you expect to find when shopping for these must-have products at any tackle store. 

It is in human nature that we don’t look for things beforehand until we need them urgently. Same is the tale of anglers and pliers. Though we might overlook their use during fishing, pliers are one of the handiest gears you can take along during fishing. 

The best fishing pliers are used to bend wires, change split rings, cut lines, remove hooks and do even more. They are a multi-purpose tool that can help you make or break your line. Pliers are portable and can be carried along easily. 

10Best Fishing Pliers 2018

Fishing Pliers


Key features

Metal used

CNC mechanics, stainless steel jaws

Special deluxe aluminum body

Replaceable cutters, stainless steel jaws

Anti-corrosion aluminum

70+ HRC tungsten carbide cutters

Corrosion resistance aluminum

Retractable lanyard, split rings and clips

Aircraft-grade aluminum

Titanium coated jaws, sharp tungsten

Aircraft-grade aluminum

Led light, better grip, Tungsten carbide cutters


Dynaflex rubberized handle, polyester sheath

420HC steel

Machine cut aluminum handles


Titanium coated jaws, split rings, nylon sheath

Titanium coating

Lanyard, quality sheath

Aircraft-grade aluminum

1.Zitrades fishing pliers - lighter and portable pliers

Representing portability with a highly-rated aesthetics, the Zitrades fishing pliers is one handy tool to carry during fishing. With Special Deluxe aluminum made body, the pliers work like a charm in extreme operations.

Designed specifically to suit the needs of fishermen, the Zitrades pliers comes with high density and skid proof handle. With the operation as comfortable as slicing a fruit, the pliers can be operated with novice as well as experienced anglers. The holder of the pliers has a belt loop as well as lanyard feature so that you do not forget this essential tool at the shore.

Let’s take a glance at some of the highlights of this pliers:

  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Stainless steel jaws
  • 7.1 inch to 18 cm length
  • CNC mechanics to ensure reliable gripping and cutting
  • Anodized coated surface for long-lasting operation
  • Best for stripping, pulling, crimping gold and cutting

The pliers offer more grips while holding items and is ideal for removing hooks easily. The jaws made up of stainless steel provide extra durability and power. Different types of hooks can be removed using these pliers.

A slight disadvantage is that the clips can become de-shaped after some robust use. The bunting out of shape is observed usually during ice fishing.


  • 5 grip at handles
  • Stainless steel jaws
  • Sharp carbide blades
  • Aluminum coating
  • Corrosion resistance


  • Clips might bend

2.Piscifun Aluminium Fishing Pliers - the finest pair of multipurpose pliers

When you shop for pliers, you can’t avoid the fact that it has to serve more than just one purpose. Piscifun Aluminum is the most ideal option you can get when multi-functioning is your priority.

When it comes to features, the inclusions are great with this pliers type. The powerful and robust titanium coated stainless steel jaws make it super-easy to remove fishing hooks. Moreover, the stainless steel coating makes it a durable and life-long usable gear due to anti-corrosion property.

Unlike other pliers, the cutters here are fully replaceable. The high-quality tungsten carbide cutters make their way even though the toughest braid fishing lines. It can also cut through the mono line, fly line and backing line.

Keeping up with the reputation of Piscifun manufacturers, these fishing pliers also come with sheath and coil lanyard that is retractable. This makes this equipment sharp yet convenient and easy to carry around.

The overall grade quality can be judged from the fact that it comes with anodized aluminum and durable stainless steel jaws. Adding to the accuracy is the sharp tungsten carbide cutters. This pliers is an epitome of multi-functional use and is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

The main shortcoming of Piscifun Pliers is that sometimes pliers bend and that too in a way that cannot be retracted which sometimes make the pliers a worthless purchase.


  • Anti-corrosion aluminum
  • Spring-loaded pliers
  • Carbide cutters made of tungsten
  • Nylon sheath carrying case
  • Belt loop on the back of the sheath


  • Bends sometime

3.Booms fishing x1 aluminum plier- best for heavy duty usage

When you do not wish to compromise on quality even if you are buying a portable gear, set your eyes on Booms fishing x1 Pliers. With corrosion resistant and aluminum coated metal, the pliers are ideal for freshwater as well as the saltwater environment.

While being corrosion-resistant is its one cornerstone, the pliers perform the function of an efficient braided line cutter. It also comes with a 70+ HRC tungsten carbide cutters that are easily replaceable giving you a long usage at fewer prices. The blades are well sharpened and can cut through toughest braided lines.

Another highlight is the inset stainless steel jaws. These are coated and are durably strong. The serrated design allows it to grip tight that remove hooks while giving protection to your hand. You need not worry about getting hurt while enjoying fishing.

Booms fishing x1 is easy to carry. The handle is spring loaded and hence makes the tool usable with one hand. Also, there is an additional steel wire coiled lanyard along with a nylon holster that makes carrying and not forgetting this essential tool an easy task.

One disadvantage with this type of pliers is that the screws get to loosen up easily which cause wear and tear during usage. Also, the grip is a bit slippery observed during fishing.


  • Handle made aluminum construction
  • Spring loaded design
  • Nylon sheath
  • Braided line cutter
  • Stainless steel jaws


  • Loose grip
  • Loose screws

4.Ticoze Fishing Pliers - a must for versatile anglers

Dedicated to providing you with the best service and satisfaction, Ticoze present you its new Pliers with aluminum Lanyard. Used as a braid cutter for saltwater and freshwater, the built quality of this tool leaves no loophole in acting as a dream gear for any fishing enthusiast.

The Ticoze Pliers is rustproof and durable. It is composed of the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The tool is anti-corrosive which makes it a powerful and convenient tool. The jaws are highly curved with stainless steel material designed purposefully for removing hooks. It is also handy in splitting rings conveniently.

As with professional pliers, the braid cutters are replaceable and sharp enough to cut almost every type of wires. The overall design of the pliers is very ergonomic that makes it a good gear to be used during long sessions of different types of fishing. The grip is quite comfortable.

When it comes to safety, the Ticoze reaches new levels. You get to take benefit of a lock to avoid any injuries or cuts. The lanyard is protective and retraceable that helps preserve the pliers for a long time. The belt loop equipped nylon sheath helps you to carry the pliers with ease and effortlessness.

A minor con related to Ticoze Pliers is that the cutters on the side crack after few uses. This makes the product questionable when it comes to cutting wires.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Powerful stainless steel curves
  • Tungsten carbide braid cutters
  • Ergonomic design for better handling
  • Safety lock


  • Cutters are weak

5.Wolfyok aluminum fishing pliers - a combination of good design and agility

Next in the list is another exclusive entry from renowned manufacturers. The Wolfyok pliers are your way to go tool for the removing hooks as well as for cutting braid lines. The pliers represent best of both worlds through split rings, cut line function and crimp sleeves.

The built quality is superior as it is composed of sturdy aluminum metal used in aircraft. The non-rusting and non-corrosion property act as a cherry on top with features like titanium coated stainless steel jaws, split ring opener and super sharp tungsten carbide cutter.

This multi-tool is easy to use and even easier to carry. It has crimps and a flat jaw section that helps anglers crush barbs easily. Furthermore, the curved jaws facilitate hook removals while super sharp blade slashes down the braided fishing line. The pliers have been also used to cut down fluorocarbon and mono line. The backup tool comes handy in a great way even when indulging in activities other than fishing, like boating, skewing or kayaking.

A major problem that persists with Wolfyok aluminum fishing pliers is that the sheath is a bit wobbly. The parts also keep coming apart indicating a defect in the designing.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Split ring opener
  • Durable stainless steel jaws
  • Sharp tungsten cutter
  • Lightweight


  • Sheath is cheesy
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Parts keep coming apart

6.Madbite aluminum fishing pliers - lightweight and affordable

If you love to enjoy a glimpse of gadget-like features in simplistic tools, then Madbite has your wish fulfilled. Who would have thought that a LED light might come handy while using pliers? Well, you get what you wish for with this tool. It comes facilitated with a LED light glowing with 18000 Ultra Bright millicandela bulbs. The light focuses a bright beam right on the spot where you are working, making these pliers the first one to serve your needs even during the night. A simple twist will turn on the light and make things easier.

Next in the feature list is the durable aluminum clippers for pulling and cutting. The grip is strong and sturdy that provides additional force for cleaner cutting and easy clipping. The metallic parts are aluminum anodized that stay bright and are not prone to rust or corrosion.

The tool is strong yet lightweight. It represents 6.5-ounce aerospace-grade aluminum used to remove hook quickly from a fishes’ mouth. Adding to the quality is the 5-year warranty that comes with this tool.

Talking of cutters, the pliers are spring-loaded accounting for its superior construction. The sharp tungsten carbide blade does the right job during extreme operations. The grip is non-slip and made up of a stable silicon material. The grips are of superior quality as it does not retain odor or cause accidental slipping.

A minor problem faced with the use of Madbite aluminum Pliers is that it does not feel nice in hands. This makes the handling a bit complex task.


  • Ultra bright LED Light
  • Aluminum coating
  • Lightweight (6.5 ounces)
  • Spring loaded
  • Tungsten carbide cutters


  • Handling is not too good

7.Buck knives pliers - the lightest weighted and portable one

A Buck knife is small yet handy, gorgeous yet sturdy and cheap yet reliable. The buck knives splizzors is a type of multi-tool that can easily catch any angler’s eyes when it comes to being handy. The pliers is a multi-purpose fishing tool that can serve as the perfect instrument hook removal and bait or rope cutting.

Crafted essentially from 420HC steel, the pliers portrays features of corrosion resistance and edge retention. The grip is as reliable as the pliers itself. It is made up of the rubberized handle. Adding to the multi-functionality is the integrated bottle opener in the grip.

Pliers also feature crimping tool and lanyard hole makes this pliers an essential tool for the ultimate tackle box. The heavy-duty polyester sheath turns this pliers from ordinary to extraordinary as it helps to carry the tool conveniently. The integrity of the produce can be trusted on the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturers.

The major drawback of using this pliers is that it is kind of difficult to operate. It fails to cut hard wires effectively. It is apt only for normal fishing use.


  • Forever warranty
  • Dynaflex rubberized handle grip
  • Nylon sheath
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 420HC steel used


  • Difficult to operate
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Light weighed

8.P-line Adreo Pliers - good value for money

Established as the most popular and probably the most affordable pliers in the fishing world, the P-line is no new to experienced anglers. Manufactured in China, the pliers are made up of supreme grade material.

The machine cut aluminum offers reduced weight and a strong force function. The carbide cutters are made up of tungsten carbide that is specifically used for braided lines. Adding more strength and durability are the jaws of this pliers that are composed of tough carbon steel.

Carrying P-line Adreo is easy and so is forgetting or losing it somewhere. Keeping this thing in mind, the manufacturers have offered this product along with belt sheath and a plastic cord in the shape of a pigtail so that you don’t forget this superior tool during an adventurous fishing session.

The single major disadvantage of using P-line pliers is that you might face a wear and tear on applying force during cutting. It is applicable only for operations where much force isn’t required.


  • An ideal choice for fishing sports
  • Machine cut aluminum handles
  • Tungsten carbide cutters
  • Special use for braided lines
  • Strong and durable


  • Cant apply with force
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Only for light operations

9.Plusinno Fishing pliers - must have for a fishing toolbox

If you are looking for pointy and strong pliers to serve the purpose of unhooking more than cutting, then Plusinno Pliers is the ideal options. However, the tool can be used effectively for several purposes other than unhooking.

Available in a stylish army look, the Plusinno Fishing Pliers is made of super hard tungsten carbide cutter. It shows accuracy during cutting with stainless steel jaws that are 100% corrosion resistant. The handle is spring loaded for appropriate operation and the grip comes in the form of anti-skid handles that are comfortable to touch and hold. The size is convenient and a coil lanyard is featured along with a belt sheath for that prompt access.

The Plusinno is used widely for the purpose of not just traditional fishing, but wading, surf fishing, ice fishing and bank fishing as well. To improve functionality, there is also a provision for oiling in the rivet provided. This ensures that the Pliers work faultlessly when needed.

The main drawback of this pliers is that it has a very little flex which means that one cannot apply the required force due to such design of the tool.


  • Stylish army design
  • Spring loaded
  • Non-slip handle
  • 430 stainless steel material
  • Titanium coating


  • Little flex room

10.Entsport Fishing Pliers- a quality product with cheap price

With features similar to professional Pliers, Entsport is not an ordinary fishing tool by any means. Furthermore, the inexpensive price tag elevates its importance making it an ideal product to take along during each and every fishing session.

The structure is made out of high-tech aircraft-grade aluminum material which makes it light and durable while resisting corrosion. Available in hues of blue and red, the pliers have stainless steel jaw accounting for its strength and durability. The blade is made from high-quality tungsten material and is sharp enough to serve you for a longer time to come.

The pliers are also equipped with high-quality sheath and lanyard making it easy to carry and store. The pliers works wonder whenever you wish to easily and instantaneously remove hooks, hold fish, remove baits, cut lines or press lead.

The major drawback of Entsport fishing pliers is that it easily gets rusted at most important parts. This makes the product looks like an ordinary piece of tool.


  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Stainless steel jaws
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-slip handles
  • Multi-function design


  • Prone to rusting

Best Fishing Pliers buying Guide

Unlike any other tool accessories, pliers are something we can easily appreciate for their versatility and multi-purpose use. Being small in size, the handling and carrying of these genuine magical tools is as simple as ABC. And then comes the function of cutting, molding, unhooking, ripping, stretching and even more operations. Having such a tool in your bag can make you feel like you are equipped with a complete gear package. This further boosts confidence during the angling activity. 

But the question is – all are pliers serve these purposes? Probably no! While some are really built with the good quality material, other fails to withstand extreme condition from very first use. While some appear to be portable, others are heavy. Needless to say, it is important to have an in-depth knowledge of choosing the right pliers for you. Here is some relevant info that might help you out. Let’s talk about the various components of pliers you need to analyze before buying one for your fishing needs:

1.Line cutters

For cutting lines, you need to have one that has line cutters with it. This can be very handy when you look for a perfect tool to cut mainlines, leaders or tag ends. The line cutters of the pliers should be easily able to cut the braided line. It should also perform heavy duty cutting operations where you need to slice heavy duty wire or line without any injuries. Having cutters within the pliers can save you space where you would house a separate cutter.

The material of the line cutter should be composed of tough material and promise to be hard on the Rockwell Scale. The hardness also ensures that the blade stays razor sharp for a long time. Usually, tungsten and high carbon or stainless steel materials are the preferred choices. In premium pliers, the line cutters are located either at the top portion or at the lower end of jaws as a separate pair of clips. I normally prefer them to be on the side so that they do not interfere in the main operation. However, it is always a preference game you need to play when buying.


You can’t literally use pliers if you can’t handle or hold it better. As visible enough, grips are one of the most important facts you need to consider before buying these tools. Always remember that pliers don’t handle you but you have to handle them. Hence having a nice grip is always preferable. The ideal choice is something that is lightweight and comfortable. The handles usually make up the majority of the weight of the pliers. Usually, high-end aluminum is used to keep the handles light and strong.

When it comes to shape, the handles should have molded grips coupled with a rubber or plastic cover. While some prefer extra cushioning, others like to go minimalistic. Always remember that you apply force through handles and hence your gripping should be as close to perfect as it can be.


High-quality pliers come with dynamic jaws that offer nice grip and varied crimping sizes. The jaws come in shallow or deep variations and provide the right fit for various types of hooks, rings, wires etc. These are basically molded spots on the inner side of the cutters and are used for molding, unhooking, holding and stretching. Jaws are also made up of high-quality material. These are the parts that withstand maximum torque and endure tougher functions of the tool. They should be highly durable and should not rust or get corroded easily.

4.Split rings

Split rings are literally the nose of your pliers’ jaws. Shaped as the kype of Silver Salmon, this part acts as a nice addition to your instrument. Split rings are useful if you have a habit of working with smaller terminal tackle components. These come handy especially when you are planning to change hooks or making your own spinners and blades. I usually prefer pliers with split rings. However, there are fine pliers out there who do not have these sections. The choice always depends on your requirement and preferences.


Manufacturers who create some of the best pliers in the world don’t just concentrate on the operation of the tool. They also take into account the portability and ease of carrying the tool so that it stays and works for a longer time. Catering to this face, lanyards are provided with good pliers. These are nylon or rubber ropes that help the user in carrying the pliers in an efficient manner. You can think of it as a keychain attached to your pliers. You can simply hook or attach the lanyard to your clothes, bib or vest. While lanyard is an optional addition, it is really useful as it makes your tool easy to grab and store. Also, hooking up pliers and keeping it closer provides the agreeable feeling that you are never short of options while fishing.


Sheath also performs the function of helping users store the pliers in a better way. It is basically a holder for pliers in which you can store the tool and then keep it safe during fishing. Since pliers have sharp edges, it could cut your skin or cloth if it’s not stored properly. A sheath is a covering that protects unwanted cuts or scratches. You can connect the sheath easily to your belt and use it at your disposal.

To keep your interest going, here is a video about a unique Kydex sheath for pliers.

Features to consider

After knowing different parts of your pliers, it boils down to the features. While most of us will love to have as many features as we can, it is essential to know what suits best for your needs. Here are some features you need to consider:


Pliers that are resistant to corrosion or rust are the best ones in the market. Good choices normally come with stainless steel and stainless steel and aluminum. However, you need to make sure that the material used is not of bad quality as cheap aluminum can rust easily. Eminent material like stainless steel 420HC is the way to go when considering the material quality. Also, the poor material can easily bend and even corrode making your money go waste sooner or later.

b.Quality of the line cutters

Line cutters should not only be sharp but have a high tensile strength as well. If you are looking to cut monofilament of fluorocarbon, you may get along with normal cutters. However, if you consider using a lot of braids, you need to have sharp and fine cutters. Sharpened and hardened cutters usually meet the expectation of a professional angler.

c.Length of the nose

The nose length and handle length might not make much of a difference at first look. However, these are important to consider if you are looking for deep hook removals. The nose length also depends on which species you are planning to fish for. Usually, saltwater pliers have to have longer nose length as they are used for fishes with larger mouths and more teeth.

d.Better grip

When you are fishing, your grip might become doubtful as you are dealing with water and fish slime. To solve the purpose, you need pliers that do not fumble around. Molded grips usually make things much easier as you are able to hold and exert force in a better way. Also, molded grips are more secure in hand even during difficult situations.

e.Split rings

This tool acts as an added advantage to your pliers function. These are useful when you have to change or replace a treble hook of your lure. Split rings are a fine alternative as you no more need to fumble around changing hooks with your fingernails.


These are crimping notch in the jaws. These types of pliers are used for heavier tackles that usually require crimped connections.

The verdict - my choice

As you can observe, there are plenty of options mentioned that has already made the process of choosing the most ideal pliers difficult. Some contenders are out of the world with LED features like LED bulb while others serve the best purpose while staying simple and elegant. I believe that every pliers is good and unique in its own way. But, since I have to provide a verdict here, I will choose the Piscifun Aluminum fishing pliers

The popularity and genuineness of the brand act as the initial USPs followed by certain exceptional features. Considered as one of the most ideal braid cutters, the Piscifun Pliers is used for removing fish holder and unhooking baits. It comes with sheath and lanyard and has different color options. 

Moreover, it also comes with fish holder and has all features an angler wishes to leverage. Lastly, the number of purchases and positive reviews adds to the long life and reliability of this premium brand offering.

Check out the video to know more about the usage of Piscifun fishing pliers.


Pliers are magical tools that simply make the life of anglers easy. One could not simply have a good day if he does not include pliers in his tackle box. Be it removing hooks from fish mouth or body, cutting fishing line, removing barbs from hooks, replacing hooks, working with terminal tackles or cutting baits, these accompany you like your best friend. Additionally, holding a fish becomes easier when you have portable pliers along. 

With a hope that the above-provided information will give your brief insights into the essence of pliers, I would like to conclude this article. Always remember, staying safe is the way to enjoy the best thrills of fishing and pliers will help you in that rightly.


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