Best Hammock Underquilt

There’s hardly a person in this world who hasn’t given a thought to immersing in a relaxation session in the lap of nature with a fresh breeze of trees and views of serene sea around. The vision seems possible only if you have a perfectly laid hammock tied at an immaculate spot from where you can enjoy nature at its best. But to make the hammock exceed the traditional luxury limits, you need to have it equipped with the best hammock underquilt.

And to help you out in the process, I will discuss the most ideal hammock underquilts you can buy. In the effort to help you chose the best product, I will also reveal different tips and methods under the hammock underquilt buying guide of this piece.

10 Best Hammock Underquilt

Product Name



Filling type


DWR and nylon





Down fill

Nylon shell

Nylon compression

Down fill, mega cozy Primaloft synergy

Ripstop nylon fabrics


Down fill




Micro Diamond Fabric

Compression stuff pack

Travelsoft filling

Pad attachment with 10D fabric

Zero PFC Down Tek

Down fill

100% polyester

210t ripstop polyester


Double external shell with DWR finish

Soft-touch interior lining


Nylon shell with DWR finish


Cozy Primaloft Synergy

1.OneTigris Hammock – perfect for all seasons

Whether you are planning to lounge in the middle of hills or looking to relax at the seashores, the One Tigris Hammock is made to add superior warmth to your experience while keeping you comfortable throughout the night. Available in a single and a double version, the hammock is perfectly laid with premium polyester filling, 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell and a DWR coating.

The durable, as well as wearable OneTigris, is a full length under quilt that sets up while adjusting thermal efficiency package. The hammock underquilt also saves room for you to relax. It is ideal in protecting you from the scorching heat of summer with temperature ranging from 40°F to 68°F. During winters, the underquilt provides enough insulation for temperatures between 10°F to 21°F.

The underquilt scores full marks when it comes to application and setting up in the real world. It is accompanied with hort bungee cord loops that make for an easy fix to your hammock. The fast and quick installation can actually make you fall in love with this piece.

The OneTigris Hammock might enjoy a good reputation amongst adventure junkies but does have certain drawbacks. The main shortcomings are related to its questionable insulating qualities. The quilt doesn’t seem to be too effective during cold winter nights as it lacks warmth.


  • Single and double version available
  • 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell
  • Water resistance
  • check


  • Questionable insulation during winters
  • Cheap synthetic material used

2.Outdoor Vitals Aerie 30°F Down – one of the best multi-functional underquilt

When you are looking for an underquilt that can serve the purpose of not just comfort, but function as well, there is hardly any other better option than the Outdoor Vitals Aerie. This ideal piece of fabric can be used and reused as a light quilt, a sleeping bag or even as a double bag. The versatility of the underquilt doesn’t compromise on its quality.

One of the salient features of Outdoor Aerie includes new Stormloft down insulation that comes with 800+ fill power down which is DWR treated and responsibly sourced. The underquilt is functional yet lightweight. It features one of the lightest fabrics in the market. You don’t need to worry about carrying weight for getting protection from high or low temperature.

Another USP of Outdoor Vitals Aerie is its lockdown feature. I have often come across underquilts that leave cold holes which makes the purpose of insulation totally worthless. Unlike those products, this underquilt comes with a unique Grid Baffle design which locks you down in the place leaving no cold spots.

Here are some other features of Outdoor Vitals Aerie 30 degree:

  • Zipper with a suspension kit
  • Hanging loops and drawstrings on both ends
  • Heavy-duty YKK Zippers
  • Unique grid design
  • VitalDry DWR
  • Double bag compatibility

Here’s a video you might like about sleeping bags and ways to store them effectively.

Besides all the advantage, there is an exception to this underquilt. Normally, you need to carry an additional blanket if you wish to explore the wilderness of extreme freezing conditions. Hence, this product is hard to be relied on for extremely cold conditions. Also, you get to feel an odor from the quilt that is hard to get rid of.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Can be used as a blanket
  • Act as sleeping bag
  • check
    Comes with a sleeping pod system
  • check
    Vital Dry DWR


  • Lack of proper insulation
  • Not appropriate for very low temperatures
  • exclamation-triangle
    Odor from the material

3.Eno Blaze Underquiltan offering from a reliable brand manufacturer

If you prefer brand over price, then Eno Blaze is a strong contender on the list. The Eno Blaze is a remarkable offering from Eagle Nest Outfitters who are renowned for their exceptionally high-quality camping gear.

The main highlight of Eno Blaze is to keep you warm. The quilt literally does magic in keeping your body hot under extremely cold and freezing climates. And it does it without any issue or loopholes. 

The full-length coverage of the quality provides top to bottom insulation with the help of 750 down filling. The quilt is tested to provide warmth in temperatures even below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The quilt is durable and features nylon shell. It is water repellent and can serve you well for a long time.

The quality of Eno underquilt does come at a cost. This is the reason that most campers and hammock lovers consider this piece expensive as compared to others.

Besides pricing, Eno Blaze hardly has any disadvantages. It is one of the most reliable warmth providing underquilt for outdoor adventure seekers. The mega cozy Primaloft synergy insulation makes this product a reliable deal. The model also adapts to our body contour and makes you feel cozy all the time.

The lightweight makes this underquilt easy to carry almost anywhere.


  • Lightweight
  • Good insulation
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • check
    Nylon shell


  • Expensive

4.Thermodown 15 Degree Down Sleeping Quilt – perfect for backpacking and hammocks

Thermodown 15 Degrees Down is a combination of comfort, warmth and versatility. Available in different colors, the underquilt is an epitome of quality as it acts as a completely insulated sleeping bag.
The underquilt has cinch cords and collar to keep it warm during coldest seasons. 

The functioning of Thermodown 15 Degree is not just limited to the winter season. When the weather gets hot, simply open up the quilt and enjoy the ease of uninterrupted ventilation. And this comfort comes with an adjusting gear itself for it can be altered with the help of backpacking trip. The underquilt can also be used as a plain blanket while enjoying the view of a majestic sea.

If you think that this underquilt is only for adventure seekers, you might be wrong. It is made to suit every individual whether he is going for a regular outdoor activity or an adrenaline-based adventure in the wild. This quilt accompanies you in almost every situation with its durability and portability.

The major drawback of Thermodown 15 Degree Down is that it is not as warm as its contenders. I normally use to add another heating pad to make the hammock apparatus ideal.


  • Act as an insulated sleeping bags
  • Color options available
  • Good for backpacking
  • check
    Comes with cinch cords and collars


  • Not as warm as others
  • Reasonably priced

5.Eagles Nest Outfitters Amber 2 – an ideal offering from the popular lineup

Eagles or ENO has always done its best in transforming the world of luxuriating with hammocks. Eagles Nest Outfitter Amber 2 is their marvelous offering in the lineup and doesn’t disappoint at all. The underquilt is made with precise quality and high standard material that makes it a must getter for explorers.

Developed by Eagles, the Amber 2 does not fail to impress. The ENO Company has long been trying to produce specialized product developed by experience and travel. Some of the best hammocks in the market are supplied by ENO and Amber 2 is no exception in this regard.

Coming to the features of this underquilt, you get protection for all seasons with polyester filling. The setup is as simple as ABC and carrying the quilt is effortless. The specific shape ensures the best insulation for your relaxation. The quilt works almost perfectly for double and single nest hammocks.

Since this is an affordable piece of underquilt, it comes with a sight substandard quality material without any coating technology. It can’t be used for heavy usage

The Amber 2 highlights compact camping with a nylon compression stuff sack that facilitates easy storage. The overall weight is only 25 ounces and unfolding dimensions are 7'11" x 3'9”. It is available in three colors.


  • Manufactured by a renowned brand
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Easy to carry
  • check
  • check


  • Light quality material used
  • Not for experienced campaigners

6.Snugpack Hammock underquilt – a product well-suited to all types of hammocks

Sungpack Hammock as one of the best budget-friendly options if you wish to keep your pocket intact while shopping for an underquilt. The underquilt serves as a good option for the weekend warrior or for a casual hammock lounger.

The underquilt comes equipped with a micro diamond fabric having a Paratex antibacterial treatment feature. The travelsoft filling provides immaculate insulation alongside incomparable comfort. The fabric reflects and traps heat which serves as two-way function in winters as well as summers.

The quilt comes with a complete compression stuff pack. It has the ability to fit almost perfectly in any hammock.

The Snugpack is a blanket type quilt that comes in your budget and lasts longer. However, when it comes to handling and durability, it is a bit on the heavier side. The blanket quilt is more heavier as compared to other quilts in this range which is a drawback that cannot be ignored.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Diamond fabric
  • check
    Good insulation
  • check
    Comes with compression stuff pack


  • Not so much durable
  • exclamation-triangle
    Hard to handle or carry
  • exclamation-triangle
    Comparatively heavier

7.Enlightened Equipment Revelation 850DT – a highly customizable underquilt

Do you fancy different quilt styles when lounging in a hammock? If you like diversity, you will love the styles that can be practiced by customizing Enlightened Equipment Revelation. When choosing this underquilt, you don’t need to consider the severity of the temperature you are going to use it in as it can be used almost under any environmental condition.

The underquilt boasts of robust built quality equipped with 20” zipper drawstring to operate the footbox when required. It also has snap and drawstring closure for the neck that fits nicely around shoulders to fine-tune the draft control.

The Revelation 850DT underquilt comes equipped with a special down insulation accompanied with highly respected company’s DownTek’s trademark. The lightweight down insulation is responsible for synthetic materials that absorb less moisture and provides dependable insulation.

The major drawback of Enlightened Equipment Revelation remains its price range. According to me, for the given price range, the underquilt seems to be a slightly lower in quality and function. Rest choice depends on you.


  • Highly customizable
  • Fitting for all seasons
  • U shaped baffles
  • check
    10D fabric
  • check
  • check
    Pad attachment system


  • Highly priced

8.Go Outfitters The Adventure – best user-friendly hammock

If you are looking for an underquilt equipment that quickly converts without any hassle, then Go Outfitters is the ideal fit. Serving as one of the popular user-friendly hammock underquilt, this product is easy to handle and even easier to set up. Even a kid can enjoy setting up this underquilt.

The design of Go Outfitters is in such a way that it keeps you warm at all times. The fabric snugs your body perfectly offering coziness and comfort. The greatest USP of the underquilt is its lightweight which makes it easy to be carried in remote places including hills and seaside shores. 

The hammock underquilt from Go Outfitters can be coupled with any and every type of hammocks. The way it is designed offers a unique diagonal body position which augments its functionality and practicality.

Some noteworthy features include:

  • 20-degree temperature rating
  • Easy to wash
  • Contoured design
  • check
  • check
    Available in elegant light color

Looking at the flip side, the Go Outfitters is not suitable for everyone. This is because it is a large diagonal underquilt and might act as an oversized resting place for kids or children. This also reduces the chances of perfect insulation.


  • Good temperature rating
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Lightweight
  • check
    Easily washable
  • check


  • Comes only in a single color
  • Oversized

9.Kindle under quilt – affordable and reliable underquilt

For those who wish to explore the enjoyment of lounging in a hammock while not loosening their pocket, Kindle Underquilt is the perfect option. The light, durable and budget-friendly quilt do wonders for those who wish to have fun using the hammock in their backyards or at a spot nearby.

The underquilt comes with a durable extra shell that constitutes a DWR Finish. It also has a soft touch interior lining which makes it an ideal fit for kids and children. As one can assume, the portable quilt is easy to set up or remove. It provides protection under the temperature range of 35 - 45° F.

The underquilt is best for infusing warmth into your chilled nights. It provides coziest outdoor lounging experience through thermal efficient zones. One can also adjust the size of this hammock with ease. And you don’t have to worry about wear and tear as it is made with superior quality materials.

There is a disadvantage of using Kindle underquilt that cannot be ignored. This quilt does not provide full body coverage and hence is not ideal for extreme weather. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Lightweight
  • check
    Comfortable and reliable


  • Small temperature range
  • Lack of full body coverage

10.ENO Vulcan – a premium offering from well-known manufacturers

If you love the work of Eagles Nest Outfitters, here’s another remarkable option for you. The ENO Vulcan is no short of extraordinary when it comes to functionality and endurance.

Made from the mega cozy Primaloft Synergy insulation, the underquilt literally prepares your hammock for all four seasons.

With a temperature rating of 35° to 45°F, the Vulcan can easily be compression in the nylon sack that comes with the quilt. While portability is its one cornerstone, its durability is another main highlight. Beginners and professional campaigners or hikers can easily use this underquilt. It is easy to setup and use.

The Vulcan provides a special comfort feature that is the trademark of its manufacturing company. It comes with a unique ‘cut construction’ design helping in contouring your body for that added comfort. The synthetic yet comfortable material adds to the calmness and rejuvenation one gets while lounging in this underquilt.

A slight con with the ENO Vulcan is that it works in accordance with an overquilt in order to deliver proper insulation. Also, this quilt is mostly used by experienced hikers and adventure seekers instead of beginners. This is because of its high price tag.


  • mega cozy Primaloft Synergy insulation
  • Can be used in all seasons
  • Synthetic material
  • check
    Water resistance


  • Hard to be used without overquilt

Buying guide

After witnessing the diversity of underquilts available in the market, it is common to get confused between options and brand choices. What follows is an informative hammock underquilt buying guide that will direct you towards the essential procedure of buying the best hammock underquilt.

Points to consider before buying

Whether you are trying to experience a wind-chill or just planning to enjoy a sunbath, a hammock underquilt should entail certain features that are appropriate for your usage and requirement. For first-time buyers, here is a presentation of critical factors that will help you out in choosing best hammock underquilt:

  • Insulation

The main aim of a hammock quilt is to protect you from weather conditions. After all, if it didn’t do so, everyone would have been good without a quilt. The insulation property of the underquilt is an important factor that needs consideration on top of others. For this, you first need to remember at the back of your head about the purpose of the quilt. 

You can choose from either down fill or synthetic insulation. Both insulation types come with their benefits and can be chosen on the basis of your preference. Nowadays, people like to choose down filled insulation over the synthetic ones because, in it, the weight to warmth ratio is perfect. 

Besides these two options, I believe that genuine quality polyester insulation is a great option as it can provide enough warmth during freezing weather. 

  • Material

Various underquilts are built to solve different purposes. The real difference, however, remains in the material used. For instance, a polyester quilt serves well for cold climate outings whereas a net quilt is good for summer afternoons. No matter what your purpose is, the quality of material should be pristine. The underquilt should also come with a durable ripstop fabric material.

A water-repellant feature is also a trait to consider in the best hammock underquilt. The water-repellent coating material, also termed as DWR comes as an added feature to water-proof underquilts.

The type of material also governs the durability of the material. Underquilts made up of nylon shells are more durable than others and are nicely protected from snags and tears.

  • Temperature rating

Temperature rating is like knowing the intensity of endurance for an underquilt. Needless to say, it is an important factor to keep in mind while shopping. A thumb rule is to get hands on the hammock underquilts that have least temperature rating. It does not mean that is less efficient, but shows endurance in the least temperatures, protecting human body effectively. 

You should also consider the time of year when you are making the purchase. The underquilt should be suitable for different temperature ranges with a less or at least a broad temperature rating. 

  • Fitting

After major factors like insulation and material, it is imperative to take note of the fitting of the underquilt. Many individuals usually ignore this fact and consider the underquilts to be of a standard size. However, buying a hammock underquilt is like buying a t-shirt; you have to judge it by its fitting. 

Most of the underquilts we see in the market are in the form of a rectangular shape. The shock cord suspension in those underquilts allows for adjustment that further forms a contour around our body. However, the most important fitting factor is the ability of the quilt to eliminate gaps between hammock and itself. A gap clearly degrades the insulating effect by creating a draft. 

It is important to note that not all underquilts show perfect fitting qualities. You should decide on your purpose and chose a hammock underquilt that fits your size and body. A general rule is to buy the best hammock underquilt large enough to embrace your hammock good enough to be able to be adjusted with your movements while in the hammock. 

  • Durability

Since hammock underquilts act as an outside gear, it is vital to test their durability. One should look for the most durable hammock underquilt out there. You should keep in mind that instead of spending on this product, again and again, it is best to buy a durable one that can serve you well for a long time. The quilts designed with ripstop fabric materials are usually the most durable products.

  • Price

Affordability plays a vital role in your pursuit for the best hammock underquilt. While it is the best practice to find out the ideal hammock underquilt within your budget, you can always explore options under that limit. Nowadays, there are various hammocks available that are durable and affordable. And if you wish to go for supreme quality professional gear, you can always look for expensive options. The main point here is that there are options in lower as well as higher budget categories and you can easily choose the best one you like.

What’s my pick

After getting an insight into the best traits of a hammock underquilt, I was able to choose the best one that is almost faultless in every aspect. According to my experienced and examination, I believe OneTigris Hammock is an idyllic choice. The hammock underquilt boasts of high-quality DWR coating and polyester fills. 

It can be easily considered as an ideal underquilt for experienced as well as entry-level campaigners. It can be utilized by kids and adults. It is perfect for all insulation during every four seasons and what’s more? It’s affordable and easy to use.

In its true sense, the OneTigris shows that it is made from those who have mastered the game of outdoor lounging. If you wish to see a visual review of this hammock underquilt, check out this video.

With some easy to use and revolutionary features, the One Tigris promises to become a mandatory essential in your camping bag. It is best to check out its reviews, learn more about its unique features and then carry on your lounging experience promisingly in the air with OneTigris.


Buying or choosing on the best hammock underquilts is not a one-step task. In this piece, I have done my best to describe options that can help hikers and campaigners make the judgment effortlessly. I have tried to list out products that are ideal for newcomers and old players in the game of adventure. While you can use many of these underquilts for several reasons, it is best to spend the money on one that seems apt to your requirements and purpose.

When you take time and decide on the best option, you are valuing your money and spending it to get a value in return. As an advice, I would also like to address here that it is not uncommon to get drowned in the pool of options. You should remember that there are always best hammock underquilts built for you that will serve your purpose in the best manner.

Decide on certain factors and then you can choose one from the best manufacturing brands.

Chose one with no regrets!


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