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When ice fishing sessions are planned and taking place in extreme climates, you can’t do without a proper gear including best ice fishing bibs.

Be it a chilled morning or a freezing night, the ideal circumstances embracing an angler during ice fishing are almost always same. And these are no sinecure. An ice fishing angler has to deal with the quandary of breezes, the risk of losing balance on the ice, the hassle of digging the ice sheet and probably the concern of sitting over the frozen ice sheet for hours.

One such essential gear is the ice fishing bib that covers a human body and protects it from outer climatic factors.

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10 Best ice fishing bibs explained


Product Name

Insulation type

Materials used

175g Thermadex insulation

600D Endura 3000

150g insulation

3M Thinsulate material, 230T Tafetta lining

85grams insulation

600D Denier Ballistic Nylon, 100% Nylon Thermalock fabric


100% polyester material

Taffeta inner linings

600Denier woven, Oxford finish

10,000 mm 2 layer with the breathable liner

500 Denier Exterior Linen, Waterproof and windproof

150g Thermadex insulation

320D Tussor Shell with Hydrapore 5000, 5,000mm/5,000gr Rating, 210T interior lining

Normal insulation

500D ballistic nylon

60g Thermodex insulation

600D polyester outer shell, 210T internal lining,

2-layer laminate fabric

Waterproof and breathable fabric

1.Striker Ice SI Hardwater - a budget-friendly option

Starting the countdown with probably the most budget-friendly bib, Striker Ice can make your trip to the frozen lake a pleasure rather than an ordeal. The Bibs is adequate for medium to small sized individuals and portrays great quality fabric through its 600D Endura 3000 waterproof and breathable outer shell.

Famous as one of the warmest ice fishing bibs in the market, Striker Ice dares to stand out from the rest with features like beverage holder, 100% seam taped structure, 175g Thermadex insulation and a triple-play leg cuffs. Being inexpensive doesn't mean that this Bib falls short on comfort. The additional padding in knee and seating areas provide the comfort of a high class.

Besides comfort, the Striker also displays functionality as it comes with 3-way waist height leg zippers on front and back with length adjustments. It also has exterior pockets with d rings for accessory attachments. The suit is also capable of providing flotation protection making your ice fishing session a treat to enjoy. 

Here is a detailed video of a generous review of this bib.

The main disadvantage of Striker Ice Fishing Bibs is that it can be really bulky. Also, the number of spaces can be confusing to use somehow.


  • High-quality material
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Beverage holder
  • check
    Sureflote buoyancy
  • check
    Legs cuffs for length adjustments


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Confusing layout

2.Frabill I3 Bib - a combination of resilience and warmth

Being tough is the foremost function of an ice fishing bib. The Frabill exceeds the expectation of a professional angler with its durable 500 denier nylon with extra padding on knees, pant cuffs and seating areas. The quality continues towards its outer shell which is composed of breathable 300 Denier nylon shell. The bib protects you from all elements including water, bitter winds, freezing cold.

With 100% sealed seams, the Frabill I3 is certified with 10,000MM Hydrostatic resistance. Some of the other features include:

  • 3M Thinsulate material
  • 230T taffeta lining
  • 150G insulation
  • chevron-right
    Elastic shoulder straps with cam lock buckles
  • chevron-right
    Zipper Vents

The interiors are made in such a way that you get insulation without feeling how cold it is outside. While elastic straps add to the comfort of wearing its suit, the zipper vents help regulate the temperature effortlessly. You can simply adjust the seams deciding on the temperature outside. The zippers are good quality with YKK heavy-duty branding.

A major disadvantage of this bib suit is that it do​es not have the ability to float. Hence, if in a worst case scenario, you have to dive into the water, you can only depend on your swimming and surviving abilities.


  • 100% seam sealed
  • High insulation inside and outside
  • 14 PSI hydrostatic resistance
  • check
    Nylon reinforced pant cuffs and knees
  • check
    High-quality zippers
  • check
    Internal and seat padding


  • Non-floatable

3.Arctix Tundra Bib - a bib proving to be a value for money

Enjoy the effectiveness of this smart and affordable bib set that celebrates the look of an explorer more than a fisherman. Constructed from 600 Denier Ballistic Nylon, the Arctix is a perfect combination of high performance and superior built quality. The imported suit is made up of 100% Nylon Thermalock fabric. 

It's time to live fearlessly with Arctix Tundra performance outerwear. The bib is a lightweight solution to your ice fishing insulation concerns. With heat-trapping microchambers, the technology used in Arctix Tundra bib is on another level. While helping you stay calm is its one cornerstone, the breathable material is another highlight. The laminated material helps wicks body moisture so that you feel most comfortable outdoors.

The seams are tight and make this suit a water and wind repellent. You also get to enjoy safety webbing during the night and the quality material keeps snow out all day.

Do take time to check out this video elaborating Denier Ballistic Nylon features.

The major drawback related to Arctix Tundra Bib is that the crotch might split without any vigorous use. Also, seams appear to be wearing off which poses a question on its built quality.


  • 100% seam sealed
  • High insulation inside and outside
  • 14 PSI hydrostatic resistance
  • check
    Nylon reinforced pant cuffs and knees
  • check
    High-quality zippers
  • check
    Internal and seat padding


  • Week seams
  • Week seams

4.Stormr Strykr bib - the perfect warming black beauty

If you are on a quest to find the best protection for winter weather, then rest your eyes on Stormr Strykr. This is a perfect protection bib that provides head-to-toe coverage while you confront the harshest cold temperatures during ice fishing. The abrasion-resistant material helps anglers in easing out in high contact areas while fleeced lining and splash proof pockets provide immense water-proof functionality. 

The Stormr suit is made up of 100% polyester material and comes with adjustable shoulder straps with the black-vented panel for better ventilation. It also has double fleece-lined chest and hands warmer sets.

When it comes to warmth, the Stormr provides sheer satisfaction. The inherent flotation does magic with the increased flexibility you get to experience while wearing this bib. The interiors are made up of moisture-wicking fleece helps you keep warm and waterproof exterior repels water splashes.

The major shortcoming of Storms remains its doubtful water repelling ability. The material seems to malfunction when it comes to being waterproof.


  • Nylon Thermalock fabric
  • 85 Grams insulation
  • Polyester Ballistic fabric
  • check
    Boot Gaiters with Grippers
  • check
    20-inch boot zipper
  • check
    Articulated knees


  • Low-quality material
  • Week seams

5.Rivers Kokanee Bib - portable and sturdy gear

Do you care for looks along with functionality? If yes then this two-toned upscale European look bib will be the perfect fit for you. Boasting of an exemplary woven Oxford finish, the 600 denier woven exteriors gives it a flagship look. The inner Taffeta lining accounts for a cooling comfort.

The main unique selling point of this bib is that it can be converted into pants. The Rivers West reversed adjustable buckles that are suspendable work wonder to convert the Kokanee bib into a pant. You need to simply unbuckle and fold the chest down. Wrap the suspenders like a belt and you are good to go with a converted pant. When the fishing action gets hot, the conversion function helps you cool down.

Another unique feature is the 2-way zipper that is crafted in addition with a double storm placket to keep the wearer dry. The zipper can be operated from top to bottom or the other way round. The pockets are hidden Sherpa-lined and placed just behind chest part. There are also pockets on the interior of the bibs providing an additional functionality.

A single drawback of Kokanee bib is that it fits a bit tight around the chest part, besides, that it is almost a perfect bib for ice fishing.


  • Convertible to pants
  • Woven Oxford finish
  • 2-way zipper
  • check
    Sherpa-lined pockets
  • check
    Suspender reversed buckles
  • check
    Elegant 2-tone design (black and green)


  • Fitting issues

6.Frabill F2 Surge - a bib for all weathers

If you are looking for a bib that serves a various purpose and still doesn’t cost you a fortune, then set your eyes on Frabill F2 Surge. At first, you might Frabill F2 Surge. At first, you might think of this bib as an expensive one. However, it is not that expensive and suits your purpose effortlessly.

Starting with the feature of 10,000 mm 2 layer waterproof material, the bib has features found in a great suit. The outer shell is composed of a breathable liner with windproof and water-resistant traits that doesn’t seem to disappoint ever. The seams are 100% sealed and you get to feel the advantage of elastic shoulder straps with cam buckles.

Other few of the superlative features include ergonomic articulated knees with internal pads. The rugged 500 denier exterior nylon will keep you warm while adjustable pant cuffs will help use this bib for multi-function.

The major disadvantage of Frabill F2 is that the seams are quite weak. They can reap off with few washes which are disappointing.


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • 10,000mm Two-layer shell with liner
  • Elastic shoulder straps
  • check
    Convertible design
  • check
    Adjustable pant cuffs
  • check
    Leg zippers


  • Weak Seams

7.Striker Ice Prism Bib - an ideal choice for women

Related to its elder brother Striker Ice Hardwater, the Ice Prism is a specifically built to be the ‘way to go’ bib for women. Being made for women means it is lightweight yet performs the functions of protection from extreme weather superbly. As with all Striker Ice bibs, the list of features is long and acts as a dream bucket list for any ice fish angler.

Starting the catalog, the first ideal feature is the waterproof and breathable 320D Tussor Shell coupled with Hydrapore 5000. The material has got 5,000mm/5,000gr Rating. The warmth of the suit can be felt thanks to its 150g Thermadex insulation. The interior lining is made up of 210 T Interior Lining along with Sureflote Flotation and adjustable cuff assist with inseam function. The suit also comes equipped with 1600D Snakeskin Knees. The drop-seat design is a revolutionary invention that helps ladies sit easily when tired while ice fishing.

Some of the other unique features include reflective elements for safety and fast-drain Hems. The bib is available in medium gray color and is perfect for women ranging from sizes 6 to 18.

A bit lightweight and the size sometimes doesn’t fit as it should be according to the description.


  • Adjustable seem/cuff
  • 1600D Endura knees
  • Full-length leg zippers
  • check
    330D Tussor Shell
  • check
    Drop-seat design
  • check
    Floating function


  • Too light-weight
  • Fitting problems

8.Ice armor extreme weather Bibs - a heavy duty bib for every purpose

Presenting one of the most heavy-duty armor in the list, the Ice armor extreme weather bib is sure to impress every ice fishing professional. It is made with a 500D ballistic nylon which does wonders in protecting from water and cold. The effectiveness of this bib lies in the fact that it is a really warm suite. It keeps you insulated even in the coldest nights and can be worn during long ice fishing sessions. It is your best coverage against ice.

The features include two zipper pockets, including one passing through hip and another inside. It also has a reflecting piping that ascertains added safety. The zipper is a rubber cat tongue styled. As with all premium bibs, the knees section of this bib is padded and contains pads at rear ends.

The pockets of Ice Armor can be used to warm your hands when you face difficulties in handling your ice fishing rod. The quick release adjustable nylon suspenders help to keep the suit in place all the time even during vigorous fishing activities. The main zipper is long and reaches towards the lower hip with easy on and off function.

There are few shortcomings related to this bib including leg zippers stopping near the knee area, and a dull fabric over the knee area which makes it a light-duty section.


  • 500D Ballistic nylon
  • Two zipper pockets
  • Insulating inner pockets
  • check
    Long zipper
  • check
    Padded knee area


  • Inconvenient leg zippers
  • Light-duty

9.Eskimo lockout ice fishing bibs - suitable and durable bib

The Eskimo Lockout is famous for providing company’s trusted technology that keeps anglers warm and cozy during ice fishing. It features a rugged 600D polyester outer shell that repels the hard icy environments. On the inner, the bib provides a pleasant experience, thanks to its 210T internal lining along with a 60g Thermodex Insulation.

This bib is a not an ordinary piece of the fishing suit when it comes to quality. It boasts of Sureflote technology that accounts for added buoyancy. The easy to access zippers are styled in a crisp manner to stay active all the time during harsh freezing environment.

The major drawback of this bib is that it is a bit lightweight. Also, it does not feature some as its competitors that come in the same price range.


  • 600D Polyester
  • 60g Thermodex Insulation
  • 210T lining
  • check
    Sureflote Technology


  • Lightweight
  • Lacks features

10.WindRider Pro Foul Bibs - affordable and portable altogether

WindRider Pro bib is a gem of a product for those who are looking to wear it on light attire while fishing in the ice. The suit is portable and can be carried easily. It does compromise on weight but never negotiate on quality and features.

The outer lining is breathable and waterproof, making this ice fishing as well as a rain gear. The material is made up of 2-layer laminate fabric which will keep you dry all day without allowing your body to get too hot during activity.

The cup holder-like pockets help you to place and warm your hands when you are tired of exposing them in the freezing cold. The zipper is double and contains storm flap. The suit also displays comfort and fitting that is hardly found in any other bib. There is also an addition of elastic near the waste under the arm to ascertain that the bib doesn’t slip when outside. There is also a Cordura enforcement tucked the hem, the knees and the butt regions.

Wind Rider does not float. Also, the outer shell is a bit thin as compared to other contenders in the list.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Waterproof and breathable fabric
  • Cup holder like pockets
  • check
    Elastic on the back for added fitting
  • check
    Double zipper with storm flaps


  • Thin covering

Ice fishing bibs buying the guide

If you explain to anyone the idea of ice fishing, he might scratch his head in bewilderment asking how come such activity is even possible. Ice fishing is a process where you get to the extremes; sitting on the ice sheet of a frozen lake, digging a hole in frozen water, lowering down bait in cold water, setting up some finders to locate the fish and then doing the hard work to gather your catch.

This is not a normal activity by any means. Hence, when you plan on acquiring gears to help you out in this adrenaline-filled fishing activity, you have to ensure that the gear supports you all the way through. Such is the case with ice fishing bibs.

When you are looking for the best ice fishing bibs in the market, you can’t leave any loophole as it can make a difference in surviving and not surviving the frozen climate. To help you out in selecting the best ice fishing bibs, here are few points you need to keep in mind before you spend your money for this helpful gear:


To be safe during ice fishing, you need to consider the best and worst case scenario. This also includes drowning in the cold water beneath your field. If you have a floating bib on your body, you can float and reach to the top of the layer, thereby surviving the incident. Hence, it is imperative to buy a bib with a good floatation. The well-insulated bibs that float when you submerge them into water are the options to put your finger on.


The bib that is perfectly-insulated usually provides a peace of mind while ice fishing. To gather the energy to play with your bait, you need to stay warm and cozy every time. A well-insulated bib will help you out in this. Not only will it prevent your body from the cold, it will also provide warmth through insulation. A bib without insulation is more like a car without tires.


Waterproofing is as essential as having an insulated bib over your body. When your body is wet, you tend to feel more lethargic and try to focus your energy on getting dry. By keeping you dry all the time, the ideal bib will help avoid cold and retain your stamina. Also, being wet all the time can prove in dangerous health consequences. Waterproof bib will keep you warm and cozy all the time. Water repelling bibs are also self-sufficient in keeping our body dry and active all the time.


Usually, the waterproofing ability of the bib is judged on a specific meter scale through the Hydrostatic Head Test. This test indicated that a bib with a 0-1500 mm waterproofing can keep you dry during a warm drizzle. A bib with a waterproofing scale of 10,000-20,000mm keeps your body dry even during stormy rain showers. Hence, these scales give you the idea of how to choose the bib with the most powerful waterproofing abilities.

Check out the video to know this test better.


When you fall on ice, you get bruises mostly on your knees area. To cater to this purpose, the bibs come with padding around the knees area. Reinforced and padded knees are an excellent feature when it comes to safety especially during the even when you fall on ice.

5.Reflective tape

This is a part of the bib that reflects during the night when a flare of light falls on it. This is a must-have in any bib as it will protect you by keeping you visible when you are ice fishing at night.

6.Fitting and layering space

When looking for an ideal bib, one thing to notice is that it is not a replacement for your clothes. It is a covering that you wear over your normal fishing attire. Hence, the fitting of the bib deems consideration in this regard. You should look for a bib that fits you well and has layering space so as to allow your clothes to be worn comfortably beneath.


A bib that makes you stiff or immovable is of no use. Having mobility is an important trait of a good bib. It allows you to move freely when fishing. For mobility, the bib should have proper chains, zippers and flexible seams.

Other Features To Consider

1.Fishing environment

While most of the ice fishing bibs should be custom made to suit you in cold climates, there are some that are built for extreme situations and some others meant for milder climates. In this case, the environment where you plan to ice fish makes a big difference. Ice fishing bibs are suits that can be used for colder conditions without involving snow and ice.

They can also be used in chilly air and even during the raining season. Before deciding on the best ice fishing bibs, you should access the climate around your region. You may also take note of the terrain type where you will be fishing. Only after getting a bit more specific with the selection process, you can make a good choice and avoid the guessing game.

2.Build materials

Fishing gears are made up from different manufacturers that include different technologies and materials into their products. Same way, ice fishing bibs come in different varieties and is composed of different build materials. When making a comparison, you might want to have a sneak peek into the materials the bib is made up of. The tough and durable bibs normally are made up of nylon materials as the primary choice of manufacturers. This is because, unlike any other materials, nylon is tough, lightweight and most importantly waterproof.

Some bibs come with reinforcements and some are even made up from Cordura or Kevlar. These materials are strong and provide sturdiness to the function of the bib. If you look to subject your bib to wear and tear, these materials will stand their ground for a longer time. These are ideal for professionals as the bibs will be used without ripping your knees seams apart.


Bibs not only provide insulation but comfort as well. This is evident from their pocket designs and styles. Usually, the ideal options include hand warming pockets as these can act as a blessing in winders. When you spare your hands from freezing cold, the bib can actually help you comfort your hands by warming them nicely. You may also look for bibs that feature cargo pockets as they allow housing every handy tool you are going to be used during angling. The cargo pockets are usually large and deep. These also save time as you don’t have to go on digging for the right gear in your bags or gearbox during fishing.


Bibs that usually come pre-loaded with ankle cuffs are more comfortable than the others. This is because they allow you to adjust the entire suite on your legs while keeping cold air from going out. Bibs that have elastic straps allow for a snug fit and prevent time-consumption as you don’t have to adjust again and again during the fish catching process.

As you can imagine, the comparison list we established makes it a bit tough to choose the most ideal fishing bib. But, if I have to choose a winner from all the exceptional ice fishing suit listed, I would go for Striker Ice SI Hardwater Bib. The first reason remains in its high-quality material that consists of a generous quality material along with 600D Endura 3000 waterproof and breathable outer shell.

The Striker Company is always famous for providing impeccable fishing gear and it remains no exception. The trust of an ice angler further develops in this bib as it has remarkable features like beverage holder, and adjusted legs cuffs. It also features the ground-breaking Sureflote buoyancy that makes it a floating bib. With high-quality material and functional design, the bib ticks all the right boxes that makes it better than all other contenders. It is an almost perfect ice fishing bib you can buy right now.


If you are trying your luck in the ice fishing hobby, you can’t do it without the right ice fishing bib. And when you search for the best one and don’t have a single idea of which model to prefer, this guide will be really useful. For the professional players of ice fishing, I hope and assume that the insights listed here will assist in pursuing this magnificent hobby with great care and knowledge.

Ice fishing on thick ice with hand ice auger in front

All of the bibs listed above are unique and classy in their own way. They are in their true sense, a fishing gear that focuses towards your physical health so that you can enjoy on your desire of catching the biggest fish.

With a hope that the listing and tips on buying the best fishing bibs will solve many questions you had in your mind, I would like to conclude this piece of writing. Always remember that the real pleasure of ice fishing can be felt when you are active and healthy. If your health is not up to mark, you can neither enjoy neither cherish your rewards.


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