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Going fast is cool but concussions are not. If there’s something you should never skip looking over or spending bucks, it’s probably safety gear for your head.
Though you are less likely to develop an injury during longboarding, it makes sense to invest in a good and ideal longboard helmet that will safeguard your head during a fall.When it comes to buying the best longboard Helmet, you will be startled by the choices available in the market.

It is important to take time and decide on the best one that promises to keep your head where it belongs. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry!

10 Best Longboard Helmet 2018

Longboard Helmet



Material used

ASTM F1952 

CPSC & EN1078

Hand-laid fiber glass with shatter-resistant shield

CPSC 1203

CE EN 1078

Gloss black fiber

CE EN1078

CPSC Bicycle

Hand laminated fiberglass shell


CE EN 1078

Multi-impact resistant fiberglass


Rubber coated abs shell



CE EN 1078

Light-weight fiber



 Pro-Tec - Classic Skate, Gloss Black, XS



 TSG - Pass Solid Color (+ Bonus Visor) (Acid Yellow, S 54-56 cm) Helmet for Skateboard


EBS foam liners


ASTM F-1492-08

High density ABS

Now let’s dive deep into the pool of insights and knowledge about these safeguarding beasts one by one.

1.Triple 8 downhill racer - one of the most popular and a best seller

I believe that this beast is one of the finest if you have a downhill speed demon inside you that unleashes as you go on a longboard adventure. The Triple 8 Downhill racer is the father of helmets when it comes to almost perfect protection and modish style. The hand-laid fiberglass shell is accompanied with robust shatter resistant shield. 

Unlike many other helmets in this list, the color choice of Triple 8 downhill racer is limited to only black and white. Also, you get to chose from only a few sizes options for this product. Another bad thing is the lack of ventilation that often fogs up its visor. 

Triple 8 downhill racers come with an additional set of cheek pads and have velvet lined EPS inner. The highest speed action can be experienced as you don’t have to worry with its aerodynamic styling that limits wind resistance. 

The helmet portrays awesome quality and can be considered worthy of the price. It comes with a protective drawstring case. It is ideal for downhill longboarding and is ASTM F1952, CPSC and EN1078 certified.

An important disadvantage with this helmet was that there is less room for ventilation as compared to others. Also the sizing options and colors provided are less.

Another thing I noticed is that the outer look of this bad boy is really unsurpassable. The sidelines on this helmet are gorgeous and give it a streamlining look. The helmet looks sleek and refined with a great finish. The field of view you get after wearing the helmet is perfect for seeing cars even from the side. In my opinion, the black version of the Triple 8 Downhill looks more ravaging and in true senses a beast. 


  • Good quality material
  • Full face protection
  • Multiview flip-up visor
  • check
    Front vents
  • check
    Tinted visors available


  • Less room for ventilation
  • Fewer color options available
  • Less sizing options available
  • exclamation-triangle
    Might fog up inside

2.Predator DH6 - best in aerodynamics style

This is another full-face downhill helmet assuring to safeguard your face while you go on a longboarding escapade. If you are looking for the ultimate in style and lightweight protection, this is the helmet to look for.

The classic design of the helmets increases its appeal with aerodynamics shape and clean lines. The visibility window offers ample viewing space and is accompanied with ratcheting flip-up visor system. Furthermore, the double D-ring chin-strap closure is made specifically to add extra protection.

For vents, you get a single opening below chin that might not be just enough for all riders. As far as the size is concerned, the DH6 doesn’t disappoint as it comes with a fit kit of pads with 2 size cheek that can be used to customize sizes according to the need. What disappoints is the fact that there is only one shell size available in this piece of safety.

Some additional feature of Predator DH6 Include:

  • Light-weight
  • D ring fleece lines chin strap
  • 2 visors included one tinted and one clear which are easily changeable
  • Fleece carrying bags
  • EPS foam construction

If you love to go on for higher longboarding pursuits, I would encourage you to buy this helmet and experience positive results. But before doing that, here are the pros and cons related to Predator DH 6 you should be aware of:


  • Offering peripheral vision through wide-angle viewing
  • Resistant to hard longboarding impacts
  • Full face coverage
  • check
    Size can be altered by changing pads


  • Only one size is available
  • EPS liner can take only one impact and then has to be replaced

3.Bell Sanction BMX- A Budget-Friendly Helmet For Every Age

If you are keen on getting a low profile full face functional longboard helmet, this is the ideal choice according to me. The helmet is precisely aimed at dirt shredders and offer full face protection through a smaller sized and non-bulky shell.

For those who are willing to indulge in the pleasurable tricks of pedaling or jumps, the helmet serves you well. It features hand laminated fiberglass shell accompanied with an adjustable visor. The design is fully vented and offers premium functionality, thanks to its moto-inspired design. It comes in a plethora of color choices and different sizes options.

The helmet might be good for dirt jumps but isn’t suitable if you are looking for some serious longboard adventures or in case, trying to ride a chairlift.​​​​​

The main cornerstone of this helmet is that despite providing full-face covers, it is light weighed thanks to its light yet sturdy outer shell. It is suitable for even small aged riders and offers premium level recession busting. The helmet is fully ventilated with as much as 15 air vents. And plenty of color choices means that your little one gets to opt for his favorite shade. 

In a nutshell, I feel that the Bell Sanction BMX is a great conjugation of functionality and practicality. It provides certified protection while not acting as a burden to our head. And the fact that it is suited to everyone and is certainly multifunctional to an extent makes it at the top of the list. 


  • Light-weight
  • Inexpensive
  • Full face coverage
  • check
    Plenty of cover options
  • check
    Comes in different sizes


  • Might not fit conveniently to adults
  • Not so good side view
  • Compromised hearing

4.S-one lifer - a durable helmet with most color options

Standing tall on our list of best longboard Helmets is the S-one lifer that promises to assure safety while acting as one of the most durable helmets for adrenaline lovers. Certified with CPSC standards, the S-one lifer seems to be almost perfect as per my experience, thanks to its multi-impact body and an easy to wear structure.

For those who wonder about the size of this helmet, they can rest assured. With 6 types of sizes, the S-one lifer promises to fit almost every head. There are plenty of color options as well which can be opted to suit your personality.

An important disadvantage with this helmet was that there is less room for ventilation as compared to others. Also the sizing options and colors provided are less.

The helmet fits perfectly with a traditional safety guard and a soft foam coating present on the inside. Here is a list of features of S-one Lifer:

Available at a reasonable price range, the S-one lifer is perfect equipment and comes handy whenever I stop in between stretched longboarding sessions. The light-weight makes the helmet easy to keep and carry.


  • Light-weight
  • Inexpensive
  • Multi-impact body
  • check
    Multi-impact body


  • Too light to be durable
  • Reliability is compromised
  • No coverage for chin

5.Triple 8 Sweat saver - purposefully built for eradicating sweatiness

For those who are looking for a helmet to be used in everyday freeride, I assume that the Triple 8 sweat saver is an amazing choice. Pertaining to its name, the helmet comes with a terrycloth liner that absorbs sweat. What’s impressive is the ability of the helmet to keep sweat from running down into your eyes in a reliable way. So even if you are skating for a while in hot summers, you can rest assured that your sweat won’t be a bother in the adrenaline session you are indulged in. 

As far as features are concerned, the helmet is just the thing for longboarders. You get to experience safe riding with multi-impact design, adjustable strap, and triple eight customized logo rivets. 

The main highlight remains the moisture-wicking inner lining layer, offering an anti-bacterial treatment which literally makes the helmet stink proof. And what’s more? You get to have a 360 wrap-around design that ensures the absence of any sort of lining separation. 

Besides the entire features offered by Triple 8 Sweat saver, it is still cannot be regarded as one of the best helmets for Longboarding as per my experience. The reason is the lack of any certification with this helmet. Yes, you heard it right, the helmet does not hold any certification which is disappointing.

A major thing I noted on this helmet is that the size of the EPS hard foam is a bit smaller than Sweat saver. This might imply that the sizing issue persists especially if your head is on the bigger size. 

Due to the hard foam liner used in this helmet, it might act as a single impact safety device. Hence, if you take a spill and hit your head, the outer shell might compress or crack. This can make the helmet less effective for multiple impacts. 


  • Sweat resistance technology
  • Anti-stinking inner liner
  • Compact and easy to wear
  • check


  • Lack of certification
  • Small size

6.Triple 8 Racer II Full Face Downhill - an improved version of Racer 1

Carrying forward the legacy of Triple 8 Racer 1, the Racer 2 is a good choice if you seek full face protection and high impact absorption. At first, this helmet might remind you of an imperial fighter from a Star Wars movie. As you get used to the look, you start to notice that the bulky design adds to the safety of this helmet.

The front ventilation gives it a unique appeal while its aerodynamic styling proves that the helmet is made for thrill lovers. The helmet comes with the triple certification of CPSC, ASTM and CE EN 1078 standards. Adding to the attributes is the extra padded inner shelf and a shatter resistance visor. The outer shell is made up of tough fiber that can suffice multiple impacts. 

As per my experience, the helmet is ideal for longboarding, but is not suitable for everyday riding as you might just get tired of the weight it puts on your head. As far as the sizes are concerned, the Triple 8 Racer 2 offers plenty of options for small, medium, large and extra large sized heads. You also get 2 sets of fit pads to customize the size as per your need. 

This is not your usual daily life safety helmet. The Triple 8 racer 2 is a specialized piece of equipment. Hence, it might not be easy to carry it aside public parks or grounds. The helmet is best for longboarding Front Range trails requiring sphincter-control. Also, don’t forget that the helmet might be a burden if you are carrying it in direct sun.


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Can endure multiple impacts
  • Full face coverage
  • check
    Extra padding


  • Lack of good ventilation
  • Heavy for long trails

7.Sector 9 downhill – the best looking helmet for passionate riders

The Sector 9 Drift downhill full face helmet incorporates functionality an adventure longboarder expects in a modular safety helmet. This is a classy yet portable helmet which is perfect for adrenaline junkies. The timeless design and killer color range adds to the unique metallic finish of this helmet. Adding to the design is the stink-free lining. 

The helmet is certified with CPSC and CE standards and offers a multi-impact design which is due to the fact that its outer shell is not EPS. Hence, the helmet can take multiple damages with minor impact scars. 

The Sector 9 downhill helmet helped me in portraying not just safety but style as well through its mirrored tinted lens. The side air vents and sized fitting pads are sure to impress riders who are looking to up their adventure long boarding game. 

The only downside of District 9 downhill helmet is that it is bulkier when compared to other usual longboarding helmets. The heavy weight makes the safety equipment harder to use more occasionally.

The side air vents are ideal to keep the mirror from fogging. While most of the helmets are designed to tolerate only one impact, this helmet seems to have the ability to withstand multiple ones. But the heavy weight might just degrade is physicality for some user. Nevertheless, it is worth buying. Here is the summary of benefits and disadvantages of District 9 Drift Downhill full face helmet:


  • Extra padding
  • Can endure multiple impacts
  • Full face coverage
  • check
    Good visibility
  • check
    Tinted visor


  • Heavyweight

8.Pro-Tec Classic Cert - a helmet boasting of good reputation and reliability

Pro-Tec Classic Cert is in a true sense, a classic take on the modern yet functional helmets. When you start on longboarding with nothing but the best helmets, this can be a preferred choice. Often used by pro skaters, the helmet is certified with CPSC and CE standards. 

The Pro-Tec Classic Cert is a durable offering with light-weight ABS shell made to protect you once from an impact. The helmet also features 11 open vents and EPS foam liner that comes with compression modeled padding. 

With a minimal weight of 400 grams, the Pro-Tec Classic Cert can be carried along almost any types of trails. The soft foam liner is engraved with Dri-Lex moisture wicking material that is supposed to rebound to its original state after a low impact. 

Retention of this helmet is extraordinary. Straps are easily adjustable and are webbed with soft nylon that offers safety and durability. 

The stainless steel rivets are a highlight of Pro-Tec Classic Cert. The rivets come tied with ABS hard shell and EPS foam which makes it ideally one of the most durable helmets in the category.

The Pro-Tec company is world-famous for doing the safety science so that we don’t have to worry about it. This helmet is a great addition and by using Pro-Tec Cert, one can expect to ride the rails undamaged.


  • Light-weight
  • Durable
  • Good ventilation
  • check
    Multiple impacts
  • check
    Reliable manufacturer


  • No bottom face or chin protection
  • Non-sturdy
  • Suitable for slow speed impacts
  • exclamation-triangle
    Not certified for great impact resistance

9.TSG Pass helmet - a full coverage helmet with additional features

Gone are those days when only wearing the helmet was enough for protecting your face. Nowadays, full face helmets are preferred choice and TSG pass helmet needs no introduction in the category. The popular helmet promises to offer high-end built quality along with comfort. 

Riders gain access to an IDFC certified headwear with EBS foam liners giving added protection. The Aerodynamic shape of the helmet only increases your longboarding enthusiasm. Things get better when you realize that your cheeks are embracing those soft pads while wearing this helmet. 

The helmet comes with two visors with dark and light curves. It also has inner anti-fog lens while the screened video is scratch less. The helmet’s description is worthless without mentioning the scratch resistance property it comes with. 

TSG Pass headgear might appear bulky to some, but the inner comfort makes up for its weight. If you are preferring quality over portability, then TSG Pass helmet is for you. But be prepared as the chin area is al​so slightly small allowing for minimum air passage that accounts for the lack of ventilation.

As an owner of this helmet, you will also get washable mattresses cover with D shaped double closure ring.

The pad adjustable size of the helmet increases its practicality. For air ventilation, you get air holes for nose through which exhaled air is diverted to bottom. You also get an additional air vent for ears. The helmet is available in black, green, white and silver colors. 

Here’s a video of Kevin Reimer’s raw run where he reaches an exhilarating longboarding top speed of 85km/h. during this ride, he was being protected by the TSG helmet. 


  • Scratch-resistance, fog-resistance
  • Washable comfort liner
  • Exhalation fogging blocker
  • check
    Wide eye port
  • check
    Double D-ring closure


  • Heavy on weight
  • Chin area is slightly small
  • Somewhat lack ventilation
  • exclamation-triangle
    Single impact liner
  • exclamation-triangle
    Expensive as compared

10.Triple eight 3013 - light yet powerfully built

With a strong showing in the headwear security arena, the Triple Eight 3013 is a reliable helmet offering security amidst longboarding adventure. The helmet is a portable piece of safety gear complying with US CPSC standards along with additional ASTM certification. 

The Triple Eight 3013 might appear to be really light weight, but is strong enough to protect your head from heavy impacts. This is because the outer shell of the helmet is made with high-density ABS. 

The cost-cutting in the helmet is visible through its polyester lining which is below standard when we compare to other options in this list. This means that for serious riders, safety might no longer seem to be great as the helmet might feels lighter.

Each helmet comes with an extra set of fit pads. If you wish to acquire a look at a classic skater, this is the helmet to go for. The brain-saver boasts of a streamlined look where the inside shape is specifically altered to fit almost any head size. Hence, size remains no constraints with this piece.


  • Portable
  • Easy on the head with wide inner space
  • Proper ventilation
  • check
    Classic skater look
  • check
    Stylish Triple eight logo


  • Too light for intense longboarding
  • Non-coverage for face
  • Awkward sides
  • exclamation-triangle
    Lack of best fitting gear

Longboard helmets Buyer’s guide

The side air vents are ideal to keep the mirror from fogging. While most of the helmets are designed to tolerate only one impact, this helmet seems to have the ability to withstand multiple ones. But the heavy weight might just degrade is physicality for some user. Nevertheless, it is worth buying. Here is the summary of benefits and disadvantages of District 9 Drift Downhill full face helmet:

Things to look for while buying a helmet

As one can easily presume, the market is flooded with options when it comes to best longboard helmets. We often think that if a helmet protects you, it’s a great choice. But when you go on a longboard ride, you need to consider several aspects of the headgear including ventilation, certification, metal quality and above all, the design of the helmet.
To help you out in making this decision, I bring you our helpful longboard helmet buying guide:

  • Certific​ation

As per my preference, the first thing I look for while buying a helmet is its certification. This literally clears several doubts first hand and makes the process easier. Certification means that the helmet is tested for impacts and is reliable at its best. There are several certifications given by government authorities. The more the certification a helmet comes with, the better safety it provides.

  • Comfort

If you think that helmets are no brainers, think again! Besides looking for safety, you also need to assure that you are comfortable in your helmet. Since you will be spending outdoor hours inside an enclosed safety gear, it is important to look for comfort features in the helmet.

  • Padding

These include padding, inner lining and ventilation. In specific, the comfort padding is the layer of the inner shell of the helmet that touches your head. The layer should not only comfort your head, but should also ascertain that the helmet is fitting snuggly to your head. Another comfort derivative here is the chin strap of the helmet. It should not be too tight but should be held firmly. This ensures that the helmet stays in place during collision while providing enough relieve while riding. 

Padding makes wearing comfortable and also assists in absorbing sweat. Nowadays, helmets often come with removable padding which is a great way to replace them or even wash them to keep things hygienic. 

  • Visor

The visor shield should be comfortable to adjust while giving you a good peripheral view. This fact adds to the comfort of our eyes while riding. More advanced helmets with full coverage even offer double shields for better safety and enhanced the comfort of viewing.

  • Cheekpads and other features

Above all, look for things like cheek pads placement, gaps in your helmet and your face, neck roll and chin piece. Ensure that these are intact that will provide you the comfort you expect from a perfect helmet.

  • Overall look

I would never wear a helmet that is comfortable yet doesn’t suit my personality. I won’t be ever ok with a pink colored full face girly helmet while riding. And the reason I am mentioning these things here is that I wish to tell you that the overall look of the helmet does matters. Especially when you have so many designs and colors to choose from, and trust me there are, you can’t just go with a helmet that contradicts your personality.

For long riders, helmets with half face coverage suit best. For aggressive adventurous riders, full face helmets with streamlined body look cool. For kids, small helmets that are colorful fits best and for daily users, light yet stylish graphic helmets will do the job. While you can have your own preferences in this, appearance is something that cannot be ignored when you go on a hunt for a good longboard helmet. 

Characteristics of a good longboard helmet

  • Safet​y

A good helmet, according to me, doesn’t just safeguard your head, but does it in a proper way. There is simply zero and maximum protection in this case, leaving no room for an intermediate number. Hence, the helmet should not compromise on the safety features which are its primary characteristics. Here are different protection and safety features you should look for:

  • Outer shell quality
  • Comfort padding
  • Impact absorbing liner
  • caret-right
    Peripheral vision
  • caret-right
  • Retention system

A helmet with good straps and retention system is sold more often than others. The safety rules say that the buckle and chin area of the helmet’s strap should fit appropriately to the chin’s underside when fastened. The retention should be loose enough to allow you to open your mouth in case you need to take a sip of water. The straps fit best when they form a V like shape besides your ear lobe. As a part of a perfect helmet’s structure, the retention cradle lies around occipital bone and should be able to be adjusted precisely. General information about using your helmet can help you go a long way.

  • Built quality

I have often come across helmets that wear off from outer shelf with time. A helmet made with good quality material should not exhibit such property. In contrary to this, the reliable quality materials used in the outer shell of the helmet like ABS or EBS ensures safety during impact.

  • Ventilation

When talking about the characteristics, talking about the ventilation power is vital. Generally, it is easier to go on road if you have a cooler helmet around your head. A good helmet will have ventilation that will be designed to allow air to pass through the metal and exit through rear vents. Some helmets might differ in this as they allow air to escape out vertically. In any case, the better the ventilation, more suitable is the helmet. 

The helmet should fit your style of riding. The trick is to use your mind to choose the safest helmet that will protect it!


In a simple sense, longboard helmets save lives. But we have come across so many options that it was tough to choose the most deserving head safety gear. While all of the helmets have their own perks and disadvantages, it is important to choose one which is an all-rounder.

So, the verdict is Triple 8 Downhill Racer. The helmet seems to be almost close to a perfect longboard helmet in the market with premium certification, quality material, durability and soft padding. Triple 8 helmet leaves behind all others in the list as it is most convenient and offer full face protection which is suitable for maximum longboard riders who are looking for thrill riding. The fact that the Triple 8 downhill racer is most popular shows us that it is the most preferred choice and a long lasting gear. Whether you crash into something or something crash into you, this helmet will save your life and can do it multiple numbers of times. 

The Triple Racer was compared to other contenders as they too performed well on the scale of quality, durability and safety. In the end it was down to the fact that this helmet had more positives than negatives. Also, the special features like soft padding, affordable pricing and strong outer shell helped it made to the top of the list. The product clearly fulfills all needs of a faultless longboard helmet. 

If you consider a helmet to be the surest way of keeping your head intact, it is important to choose one like Triple 8 Downhill Racer to absorb high impact energies that could otherwise produce skull fractures and brain injuries.
Always remember Safety is always important than leisure

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