Best Monocular for hunting

Monoculars are a mix of a telescope and a pair of binoculars; they make use of lenses and prisms in order to reflect light to magnify images. Many monoculars can even surpass binoculars in performance tests. With extensive research, we have taken our time to provide you with a list of Top 10 Best monocular for hunting and other outdoor activities.

This will help you make the right decision for one that best suits your need and budget.

These scopes can vary in size, performance such as lens coating, magnification level and optical design, color, weight, and sometimes people find it difficult to make the right decisions and end up with a mono-scope that doesn’t perform well and will be forced to either return it or buy another.

Below is a table showing the basic description of each product.

10 Best Monocular 2018



Object Diameter 

16 x 40


12 x 50


16 x 52


12 x 50


12 x 50


6 x 30


20-60 x 60


16 x 50


10 x


8 x


Knowing your brand can be a bit tricky because many of these scopes give the same result, and at the same time many of them don’t. Their designs and attachment can provide you with extra comfort and increase performance a lot.

1.Outnowtech Titan 16 x 40 – Easy to use mono scope

The first product on our list is the Outnowtech titan, it is a high powered optical instrument built with compatibility and lightweight, at the same time providing high performance and allowing you to carry it easily anywhere you want without stress.

It can be used by both adults and children because of its super design and easy-focus eyepiece adjustment feature.

The Outnowtech Titan monocular has a large objective lens, allowing it to gather a lot of light better than a smaller objective lens, making the viewing capability during day and night (low light) time better and clearer.

Also included is a 16x magnification feature, which gives you a good view of objects at a distance, while still enabling use without much shaking as you zoom in, which means the telescope becomes difficult to hold steady the more or higher you magnify it.

The Titan is also built with tough rubber armor, making it strong enough to withstand hits, and at the same time has an easier to handle because of the anti-slip grip surface for a good hand operation.

With just one moving part, by twisting the eyepiece, you can adjust the focus at ease, easy enough for both adults and children to use and learn. This scope can also serve as a birthday or anniversary gift.

Outnowtech Titan cannot give you night vision, it requires an electronic light amplifying device which could cost you more. It is also not built to be used with glasses but can be managed by few.

Many people who bought this product said it comes in handy most times when they want to look ahead for street signs, while some others said they could see more stars with it when they look up in the sky.

This high powered monocular has left customers happy with its high-quality performance and I would recommend this product to anybody looking for a budget-friendly monocular telescope.


  • High Quality
  • Very portable
  • Easy to use
  • check
    Budget friendly


  • Does not have mounting for tripod stand
  • Field of vision is narrow

2.Cosbity Monocular Telescope 12 x 50 – best night vision scope under $100

The second on our list is the Cosbity monocular, if you are looking for an incredible view from a monocular, coupled with durability and very clear and bright images around you, then this is for you.

This Cosbity monocular telescope is designed to fulfill the needs of its users. It comes in handy when going bird watching, sports, hiking, hunting, climbing and other outdoor activities.

It has an advanced prism view optical structure that enhances your view when using it, and with just one hand, it can be fully operated by adjusting the focus wheel gently.

This monocular is built with enough friction on the surface to prevent it from falling from your hands, and with its small portable size and light weight, allows ease of movement.

I personally had an experience with this particular scope, when I used it for bird watching 30 to 100 feet away and also when watching games.

The designs are excellent, with smartphone mount adapter and a remote control to both I phone and android, you can also see the view from your cell phone. It is also capable of preventing water from getting into it and other elements too.

The outer edges of the image are always blurry but the middle is clear and also adjusting the monocular with a tripod stand can prove difficult. But on the other side, the scope works just fine.

Many hunters who use this monocular during hog hunting and other kinds of animals have praised the product for being extremely useful but with all the praise it is getting, this particular product still has its flaws.


  • Has a wide lens
  • Waterproof and Shock proof
  • Good quality
  • check
    Uses a tripod stand
  • check
    Budget friendly


  • Cell phone adapter takes a little time to set up
  • Outer edges of image are blurry
  • exclamation-triangle
    Phone holder is plastic and can break easily
  • exclamation-triangle
    Phone adapter does not work on some phones.

3.Miluo Tech 16 x 52 – Best dual focused mono scope

The Miluo Tech monocular telescope comes with the promise of providing users with an incredible view and also durability, and yes, they fulfilled their promise.

This product allows you to see what you want to see and much more, with high magnification capability, giving you a clear and bright field of view from 500 miles and above, making it a good tool for various outdoor activities – Camping, hiking, sightseeing and even concerts etc.

Miluo Tech will give you your money’s worth of performance, but it also comes with some flaws. It doesn’t possess a phone mount for those who want to take images with their phones, and also does not have a tripod mount. It lacks the design that allows it to prevent water from getting in, so it is not a wise choice to use it under the rain, and it does not come with a lens cap.

Its detailed build offers 16 x magnifications and also a 5mm objective diameter promotes the ability to allow you to see things in low light areas. The Miluo Tech objective 16 x 52 is dual focused, meaning there is an objective lens focus and an eyepiece focus.

Unlike some monocular telescope, this particular product can be used by people with or without glasses without interfering with their viewing, and can also be carried around in your pocket because of its small size and lightweight.

Be careful using this product to stare at the sun directly, it can cause incurable eye injury.


  • Has a dual focus capability
  • Budget friendly
  • Can be used with or without glasses
  • check
    Very portable


  • Not water proof
  • Does not have a tripod mount
  • Does not work in dark areas

4.Gosky Titan 12 x 50 – Best budget mono scope

The Gosky Titan 12 x 50 is a high powered prism monocular; it is designed with a fully equipped multi-coated green film lens and clear BAK4 prism, 12 x power and filled with 100 % nitrogen solid construction that prevents dust and debris from getting in. This product is my all time favorite for any outdoor activity, perfect for hunting, bird watching, and wildlife watching, and also sports games etc

You can also attach your smartphones to it, to help you capture and record your surroundings and share with family and friends.

With its 12 x high powered magnification, it makes sightseeing perfect, bringing you closer to your view. The 50mm fully multicoated green film objective lens allows 45% more opportunity to let light in than some other low-level monocular telescopes with a 42mm objective lens, allowing you see better and clearer details. Also, this monocular is equipped with a BAK4 prism which promotes light transmission and gains more brightness, making it better than the BAK 7 prism.

This particular scope guarantees a lot and they deliver, but not everything is perfect. It does not have a night vision feature installed, but aside that works like magic.

The Gosky Titan monocular has a strong rugged build; its durable framework allows it to withstand the toughest weather conditions, making it waterproof, fog proof, and dust proof and also shockproof. Its rubber armored body allows for a stronger grip, making it comfortable to use and prevents it from falling out of your hands and getting minimum damage because of the shock absorbed by the rubber armor. You can also connect it to a tripod stand at the bottom of the monocular with a binocular adapter.


  • High Quality
  • Uses a tripod stand
  • Easy to use
  • check
  • check
    Water, dust, shock, fog proof


  • Does not have night vision
  • Only Available in black

5.Wingspan Optics Explorer 12 x 50 – Best Dura Armor Protection mono scope

Introducing the Wingspan Optics Explorer, this high powered monocular is designed specifically for power distance and clear view during the day. It gives you magnification at a greater length and also a brighter and clearer field of view.

From up to 1000 yards, it gives you the best view for your outdoor activity.

Its quality is durable and rugged, built to withstand harsh weathers and also give you a firm grip, so you don’t drop it. With its 12 x 50 magnification, it lets you see things 12 x closer with a 50mm lens. One of the most powerful hand helps monocular telescope in the market.

Designed to prevent the elements from getting in and spoiling it, making it waterproof and fog proof, this makes it a handy tool for your adventures in any weather condition.

It lacks the night vision feature and so cannot deliver a clear view at night, so it’s best to try it in the morning or evening; the zoom is also fixed at 2 x and it does not come with a phone adapter, however, you can order the adapter separately.

Its lens is protected from scratches and scrapes by a special eye pierce and lens protection covers.

Many customers are happy using this product, the optics are great, light weight and small size making it very portable, its construction and form factors are also outstanding. The 50mm front lens allows the load of light, so even in low light conditions, the images are clear and crisp with little or no haze around the outside of the lens.


  • Budget friendly
  • Water and Fog proof
  • Dura armor Protection


  • Short eye relief
  • Does not have an adjustable zoom
  • exclamation-triangle
    Does not come with a phone adapter

6.Authentic Roxant Monocular – Best wide vision scope

The Authentic Roxant scope is gaining popularity in the market today because of the huge benefits customers get from purchasing and using it. There are several other spotting scopes in the market today that offers the same, lesser or even higher quality, but the Authentic Roxant stands out in so many ways.

It has a retractable eyecup that most monocular telescopes don’t have; this eyecup provides those who wear glasses and people who don’t equal opportunities to get the best view from their monocular.

The Roxant monocular comes with a high definition optical glass coupled with the premium multi-coated glass lens, promotes light transmission making it brighter and allowing you to get optimal clarity at any time of the day.

When it comes to harsh weather conditions, be it rain or fog, the Roxant grip scope cannot fail you, It is perfect for any weather condition because of its resistance to water and fog. It was designed, knowing that you may encounter rain or moisture at some point, unlike some mono scopes that are not element proof.

The scope can give you a magnification of up to 6 x, making objects 6 x closer to you insight, and also small and portable, unlike the 10, 12 x scopes.


  • Very High quality
  • Wide vision scope
  • Easy to use
  • check
    Water proof


  • Does not magnify up to 1000 yards
  • Does not have night vision

7.Emarth Spotting Scope – Best multi colored lens

Having a pair of good eyes can come in handy when going for outdoor activities; such include hunting, hiking, sports, concerts etc.

The Emarth 20 – 60 x 60 AE scope is designed to provide you with the best view any mono scope can offer.

It is equipped with multi-colored lenses that prevent scratch, fingerprints and other factors that can ruin the lens.

The Emarth spotting scope has a BK – 7 prisms, which provides a refractive index that stops images from shaking, this allows you to see clearly and get a good view of your environment.

The problem with this magnificent scope comes with the tripod stand which is quite flimsy, preventing it from having stable balance for the scope and will fail to give you the best view if not fixed.

If you are wondering about the strength of the material, then worry no more, because the body of the scope is covered with shock absorbing rubber, so when it falls, it won’t get spoilt.

Easy to handle features are also included in this high powered scope, with enhanced grip preventing it from falling.


  • Very durable
  • Water and Fog proof
  • Very portable
  • check
    Budget friendly


  • The tripod stand is not suitable for it

8.CINBOS Monocular Telescope 16 x 50 – Added 30% more performance power

The Cinbos high powered monocular telescope was created to give you the opportunity of having the best sightseeing experience, this specially designed monocular provides you with quality, reliability functionality, and powerful design in every aspect of this optics.

This 16 x 50 high powered mono scope incorporates the latest technology with 30% more performance than any other monocular in the market, allowing you enjoy a high level of detailed performance.

It enables you to see 16 x closer with clearer and brighter images because of its 50mm light gathering objective lens.

You don’t have to worry about water or fog from ruining it, because it is designed to prevent the elements from getting in. so if you feel the need to use it on a rainy day, then be rest assured it is waterproof.

Despite its clean fit and finish and based on rudimentary testing, it tends to curve the images all around the edges, the focusing wheel can be a bit stiff, preventing you from adjusting it with one finger or hand. So you have to use two hands when it is newly purchased but will loosen up over time when it is well used. It can also be a bit heavy.

This 16 x 50 high powered magnification will give you your money’s worth of performance and much more, so if you are thinking of getting yourself a mono-scope, then try this.

For you to take better pictures, using a camera shutter wire control for smartphones or the voice control functions of the phone and then mount it on a tripod to prevent it from shaking.


  • Budget friendly
  • Water and Fog proof
  • Has a phone attachment
  • check
    Comes with a tripod stand
  • check
    Reliable manufacturer


  • Can be a bit heavy
  • Tends to curve images all around the edges

9.Vortex Optics Solo 10 x 25 – Best light weight mono scope

The Vortex optics solo is designed to be compact and lightweight, this makes it easy to carry around when going on different outdoor activities without stress, unlike some other long range scope.

It offers a magnification of 10 x and features a small 25mm objective lens that promotes clear and high-resolution images. It is capable of picking out very little details from a far distance.

The quality of the monocular is well built that it can last for years, because of its rubber armor which provides a shock resistance whenever it hits the floor, most high falls only lead to tiny scratches, but will not stop it from working perfectly. It is equipped with a roof prism optical system which allows for durability and a more compact size. Water, debris, and dust are kept out with the use of O – rings, used in sealing the lens.

These wonderful optics face challenges with the eyecup, it cannot adjust it enough for use with glasses, and the focus wheel can be stiff for some time until constant use because of the lubrication used in the focus mechanism.

Also, the Vortex has nitrogen – purged, helping the image quality under any weather condition, be it rain or snow. For those who use glasses, this lens works well for them too because of the adjustable eyecup that can twist up or down for a custom fit but works better without glasses.


  • Very good in dim light
  • Very portable
  • Water proof
  • check
    High quality


  • Eye cup is not adjustable enough for use with glasses
  • No lens cap
  • Focus wheel can be stiff for some time until constant use

10.Vortex Optics solo R/T 8 x 36 – best light weight solo mono scope

This is another version in the Vortex family, the Vortex optics solo R/T. It has been able to draw the attention of countless others in the market.

Its design is so wonderful that it is hard to believe that an object this small could pack a punch, meaning it has a high level of performance.

The Vortex 36mm objective lens comes with a clip that allows you to put it on your belt, shoulders or in your backpack. Its light weight is achieved through the use of polycarbonate in making it, this tough plastic is used in also maintaining its durability.

The 36mm objective lens allows more light in than most lenses, 28mm or less. The brighter the image, the more clearly your viewing experience would be, and it also performs well in low light.

This product is good and recommended for outdoor activities, but the fast focus may limit its performance for stadium sports enthusiasts and others with similar uses like bird watching too.

Vortex optical monocular scopes are all made with BAK 4 prism, making them better than those with a lower standard prism. The BAK 4 prism does not possess a dielectric coating, but the 36mm objective and 4.50mm exit pupil combination provide a bright image with good contrast.


  • Budget friendly
  • High quality
  • Very portable


  • Fast focus needs upgrade

Monocular Buyer’s Guide

When selecting a monocular, it is important to put many things into consideration before making any purchase.

The level of magnification, lens coating, and the optical design all play a big role in making your monocular telescope perform well.

Level of Magnification

Determines how large the image you are looking at will be, there are lower and larger levels of magnifications which can be determined through use. These specifications will most likely has two numbers, 10 x 15 for example, with the 10 meaning the level of magnification.



4x - 8x

Monoculars with this level of magnifications are low, and the zoom for images is small, but possesses a very large field of vision. They are good for viewing an entire landscape rather than focusing on a single object. They can also be used as perfect hand tools for children.

8x - 9x

A little bit higher than the first, and is still considered quite low. Its field of vision is still large, and great images can be gotten from brighter areas and clarity. Can also be used for wide landscapes and for children.

10x - 14x

As it goes higher, the field of vision reduces, but these mid-range monoculars offer a good compromise between the two aspects. They are still a good level of magnification and are suitable for beginners.

15x - 19x

As the level of magnification increases, the probability of your monocular shaking increases too, so to ensure clearer images, a steady hand and tripod are needed.

20x - 25x

Built to view a specific object, like animals or birds. These wonderful high magnifications possess a low field of view.

Lens Coating

Different monoculars come with different lens coating, from the fully multi-coated, fully coated, multi-coated, and coated. They all play a big role in the brightness of images being viewed; coatings that are expensive produce a brighter and clearer image.

Lens Coating


Fully Multi-Coated

The most expensive coating, but works best in producing brighter images. Mixtures of anti-reflective coatings are used, and most times are waterproof, capable of preventing water from getting in to increase durability and long-lasting.


The Multi-coated lens coating is cheaper, and more reflective materials for the coating, they are still considered wonderful during performance. It has more quality than devices that are only coated and are a second choice after the Fully Multi-coated.

Fully Coated

Fully coated monoculars coat the lens with just a single material, which can reduce the image quality and can make the edges blurry because they are exposed to sunlight. These ones are cheaper and a good start for beginners.


Coated lenses are often budget models; they do not possess the same quality as the others, but can still deliver. Best used in non-direct light for optimal results.

Optical designs

Prisms depend on the level of magnifications of the monoculars, there are the roof prism, Porro prism, and the Galilean prism.



Roof Prism

Monoculars with this level of magnifications are low, and the zoom for images is small, but possesses a very large field of vision. They are good for viewing an entire landscape rather than focusing on a single object. They can also be used as perfect hand tools for children.

Porro Prism

A little bit higher than the first, and is still considered quite low. Its field of vision is still large, and great images can be gotten from brighter areas and clarity. Can also be used for wide landscapes and for children.


As it goes higher, the field of vision reduces, but these mid-range monoculars offer a good compromise between the two aspects. They are still a good level of magnification and are suitable for beginners.


A good pair of monoculars can give you the same or higher performance as a binocular, being only half the size. Monoculars are considered good if they perform well with a high-quality build and can be carried in your pocket, shoulder or backpack.

High magnifications bring the images closer, while low magnification allows for a greater field of vision for viewing landscapes. Fully multi-coated lenses can be costly but produce the best images, and also put lens diameter into consideration for those who want to look up in the sky at night, a larger lens of 35mm or above is adviced.

So for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts, get yourself a mono-scope and make your activities easier and better

My Choice: Gosky Titan

And after much comparison between all 10 mono scopes, I would say the Gosky Titan 12 x 50, and the Emarth spotting scope 20 x 50, because of their high magnification, strong build and design put it at the top of the list. 


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