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Best rubber hunting boots are nothing like your ordinary trekking boots. If you are a hunting aficionado, you might have faced the situations where it becomes a quandary traveling with soggy boots after stepping into puddles of water especially while chasing down your prey.

If such things have happened to you, you might think of investing in a high-quality rubber boots. This is because rubber boots are your safest bet for almost all types of seasons and conditions. While rubber boots might give you the best of both the worlds serving as the ideal all-rounder, it is always good to look for boots according to your terrain.

This will help you get the best out of the bag which will serve you for many hunting seasons to come.

10 Best Rubber Hunting Boots 2018

Hunting Boots


Main highlights

Ideal climate or terrain

Waterproof, air mesh, lightweight, good insulation

For uneven and rugged terrain, colder climates

Molded boots, ideal for a colder climate, more warmth and better fit

Winter climate

EVA midsole shank inclusion, hand-laid premium rubber

All weather

Internal cushioning, highly insulated, 100% waterproofing

Hot weather

Cushion comfort tongue, ATB footholds

Rugged terrain

Water proof, adjustable snow collar, spacious

Rainy season

Footbed liner,pronghorn outsole, terra force platform

All weather

Airmesh lining

All-terrain outsole

Waterproof, removable insoles, light weight


100% waterproof, trendy pink shade

Snow and winter

1.Bog’s men bowman - ideal for mud walkers

If you are planning to go on a hunt with the unknown terrain, you might very well prefer the Bog’s men bowman waterproof hunting boots. While this is an ideal peace of marsh and mud lands, it serves best in almost any location.

The boots show signs of durability and protection even during most rugged hunting conditions. These are lined up with 6mm of New-tech features. The lining is made up of traditional Bogs Max-Wick technology and has Airmesh that keeps feet warm without attracting bulk. The insulation is superior and excels many other reputable brands. Weighing at only 2.6 lbs, these are never a burden to your legs.

Another major highlight of these boots is how they are comfortable to wear and the soul is flexible enough to make you move and run with ease. They stretch well and never cramp your feet like ordinary hunting boots.

An important issue that comes while using these boots is the quality of soul adhesion with the rubber part. These might get detached on hard usage which eradicates the waterproofing ability of this hunting gear.


  • 100% water proof
  • Retractable soul
  • Moisture wick lining
  • check
    Scent combat biotechnology
  • check
    New-tech insulation
  • check
    Light weight


  • Low quality adhesion

2.Baffin Men’s Wolf snow - best for hunting in cold weather

Good vision and easy location might make things easy while hunting in a tropical region. But the challenges put on by the cold and freezing weather are not ordinary. However, hunting in snow gives rewards like no other. And to help you in that, the Baffin Men’s wolf snow hunting boots are here that do not disappoint at all.

These hunting boots are a part of Baffin Reaction series where this particular addition is a lighter and more technical. It is suitable for every type of winter wear and is ideally fit to wear when the snow is deep. It is specifically made from lightweight synthetic rubber and has a flexible light midsole with integrated premium rubber compound outsole that provides arch support.

The boots are ideal for cold climates as they use their leading molding technology that comes with a foam-based interior boot system. This creates a hybrid style of high-performance and durability. The boots provide additional warmth, better fit and extra comfort while running or walking in snow. The boots differentiate themselves from other brands as their sole and midsole are both molded to the base in a continuous design feature. The sole is engineered with several thermo-set polymers that give the right balance of protection, warmth and grip.

The shoes have great traction but are not totally reliable on glare ice. Also, they might not perform too well when running in the snow. They are ideal only for walking.


  • Durable and light
  • Ideal for snow
  • Flexible and light
  • check
    Molded midsole
  • check
    Synthetic rubber
  • check
    Foam-based interiors


  • Not ideal for glare ice
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Not for running 

3.Lacrosse Men's Alphaburly Pro 18 - boots for professional hunters

Lacrosse Hunting boot raises the levels of hunting gear to an extent which is achieved only by reputed manufacturers. Available in different colors, these are professional hunting boots with strength, durability and ease of wearing.

Built from innovative Alphaburly Pro technology, these are an addition in company’s premium line up combining scent-free rubber with effectively insulating neoprene. This is a boot that fears no climate be it freezing or scorching. It also features nice cushioning EVA midsole that leaves no loopholes in offering comfort. The embossed liner is available for good air circulation. An added adjustable rear gusset is also given to incorporate a perfect fit.

The high-quality construction continues towards the overall structure of the boot which is crafted with hand-laid premium rubber placed over insulating neoprene. There are three layers or rubber across toe and heel and two layers of rubber instep for high-stress areas.

Some other remarkable features include premium hand-laid rubber, neoprene core, shank inclusion, footbed and premium-grade rubber outsole. You can even choose from insulated and non-insulated versions.

One major drawback related to these boots is that the inner material may get rubbed off with longer use.


  • Alphaburly Pro technology
  • From premium line up
  • EVA midsole
  • check
    Insulating neoprene
  • check
    Hand-laid premium rubber
  • check
    Shank inclusion


  • Low-quality inner material

4.Muck Boot Pursuit - reliable and affordable boots

If you are looking to buy hunting boots that are not just too high profile and still offers the best features while not loosening your pocket, then set your eyes on Much boot pursuit men’s hunting boots. Unlike most of the boots listed above, these are well-used for hunters who are fond of walking in snake habits while playing with natural risks of hunting.

The boots portray fine quality features as they are puncture tested with interior inflated balloons against a minimum of 12 Diamondback Rattlesnake Strikes. Well, nothing can go wrong when you are against deadly reptiles with these boots on. Some other remarkable features include an anti-microbial XpressCool liner. It also has Sockliner that keeps the feet dry and cool in the warmest weather.

Other main highlighting features include 4mm internal neoprene flexes so that you can adjust your walk to unique foot contour for exceptional comfort while reducing chafing. The lightweight EVA midsole combines with a tough yet lightweight rubber outsole. These make the Muck snake boots best option for summer and spring hunts when snakes are active.

One drawback related to these types of shoes is that the heel loop might tear off on the first few trials. This can be a defect in size and fitting as well


  • 4mm neoprene
  • High-grade rubber exterior
  • Snake-resistant exterior shell
  • check
    Anti-microbial Xpress cool technology
  • check
    100% waterproofing
  • check
    Internal cushioning for comfort


  • Poor quality loop

5.Irish Setter - trendy and stylish boots

These boots are ideal for those who take hunting seriously. The army looks of the boots serve as a well-desired wish for many hunters. After all, who doesn’t like to be in uniform while doing the hunting tasks? The Irish setter hunting boots fulfill your wish through its unique design and impeccable features.

Irish boots are snake resistant and keep you protected from the piercing fangs whenever you encounter something slithering. Though the protection is first-class, the shoe doesn’t feel bulky at all. These are actually 40% lighter than another category in the lineup. This relates to its RPM composite sole which is a strong synthetic material that reduces the weight by 40%.

Other features in the list include waterproof full-grain leather and nylon uppers. Snake guard material used is non-woven that impedes fangs and thorns. The shoes also have breathable Ultra dry waterproofing technology. You don’t have to worry about the odor as the shoe is equipped with ScentBan lining to control bacteria that causes strength.

The feature list continues with great additions like speed lacing system, abrasion-resistant Armatec toe and heel, ATB footholds, Cushion comfort tongue and wraparound instep for better gripping. Shoes also have dual-density footbed and rear pull-on tab. The overall material remains dry and moisture resistant most of the times.

The main issue with Irish setter men’s hunting boots is that the waterproofing ability is doubtful. You might notice leak here and there in few uses.


  • Imported rubber soul
  • Cushion comfort tongue
  • ATB footholds
  • check
    Armatec toe and heel
  • check
    Snake guard material
  • check
    Light weight


  • Poor quality water-proofing

6.Kamik’s men hunter boots - simplistic yet effective

If you are tired of buying showy and fancy hunting shoes, you can satisfy your eager with these Kamik’s men hunter boots. The boots are made up with a synthetic material which boasts of imported quality. The sole is also composed of high-quality synthetic material. The shaft measures approximately 13 inches from arch which makes it an ideal fit with proper foot setting. The heels are of an appropriate height that makes moving, running and walking a sinecure.

The overall boots are waterproof and have appropriate knee-height. It also comes with 8mm thermal-guard liner and adjustable snow collar. The shoes never hold you back with its elegant design and effective functions serving well in almost every season. The waterproof synthetic rubber repels all precipitation and the removable thermal guard keeps feet warm even in freezing temperatures.

The main highlight of these shoes is its size which is more spacious than the normal shoes. It is apt for people having a large size and could fit easily to those who have a small size, with the help of shoe socks.

An important negative aspect of these shoes remains its top foot portion. With vigorous uses, the part tends to get torn apart very soon than expected.


  • Minimalistic plain color
  • Synthetic and imported material
  • Water proof and rain persistent
  • check
    Spacious shoes
  • check
    Adjustable snow collar
  • check
    Thermal guar liner


  • Low-quality top foot part material

7.Danner men Pronghorn - most rough and tough addition

These boots are one form the fashion arena that is tough and hard. The hunters who do not wish to leave any loophole in the hunting trip will find these boots attractive from the first sight. The Danner men Pronghorn might look like normal shoes, but is, in reality, a tougher footwear ideal for hunting in extreme conditions.

The boots are made up of premium Camaohide Leather upper derived from full-grain leather struck through with high-class marbling. The CamoHide name is given as it is struck through the camo marbling which does not fade or rub off.

The GTX or Gore-Tex technology ensures that the boots are 100% waterproof and breathable. The liners of GTX ensure that no water gets in and moisture or sweat gets out quickly. The boots do not disappoint when it comes to insulation. It is equipped with 400G Thinsulate ultra insulation ensuring you warmth in the snow and rain without weighing you down.

Other features include Pronghorn Outsole which is extremely rugged and provides better grip, terra force platform providing support, fourth generation footbed with lighter weight and athletic feet ensuring great heel capture for best fitting.

The major drawback of these shoes is that they start leaking unexpectedly. While they can withstand extreme rain showers, they might question your trust by leaking at unwanted instances.


  • Camohide leather upper
  • Heavy duty hunting boots
  • Gore-Tex technology
  • check
    400G Thinsulate insulation
  • check
    Pronghorn outsole
  • check
    Terra force platform


  • Leaking problems
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Not for running 

8.The original Muckboots adult FieldBlazer -worth the money with great quality

When you look for the finest option in waterproof hunter boots, you will get amazed as soon as you come across this original Muckboots adult FieldBlazer. Established as first in class hunter boots, these are constructed with premium comfortable Airmesh lining and self-insulating CR flex-foam bootie. The boots can be worn by both man and woman.

The boots offer premium comfort range adaptable in temperatures and as high as 75 degrees and as low as -20 degrees. Needless to say, it is an ideal piece of foot coverage in extreme conditions. The pair is also equipped with the finest class MossyOak Break-Up camouflage pattern that acts as an all-terrain outsole. This also makes the gear perfect for hunting, fishing and camping.

The sturdy built quality can only be judged from the strength of these boots. And they do not disappoint the MuckBoots have durable natural-rubber shell overlays that protect the foot and avoid the boots from cold-cracking in freezing temperatures. These features make the boots an ideal take away asset on your hunting trips during the hunting season.

One of the major disadvantages of these boots is that it is subject to wear and tear. After using it regularly, you might even notice holes in the boots.


  • Rubber sole
  • Army-type pattern
  • Airmesh lining
  • check
    Self insulating CR flex-foam
  • check
    MossyOak Break camouflage pattern
  • check
    All-terrain outsole


  • The boots might get holes on regular use

9.ArcticShield men’s hunting boot - durable and all-purpose shoes

ArcticShield men’s hunting boots is another great addition in the lineup that needs merely no introduction. The boots are well known to be one of the most durable pieces of hunting gears you can have to protect your foot.

Whether you are progressing to find the ideal prey in snow, mud or sloppy conditions, these will give you 100% protection. The boots have 7mm Neoprene Rubber construction that can prevent any atmospheric condition from harming your feet.

These are heat-resistant and provide insulation that every hunter seeks for. The boots capture and return body warmth preventing radiated body heat from escaping cool external conditions. In addition to its remarkable features, the boots are also light-weight, water-resistant and comfortable. They are your best friends when trekking outdoors where wind and rain are shoveling your way out of next blizzard.

It also has waterproof neoprene uppers and rubber overlays with extra protection for forefeet. The boots also have added protection for arches and heels that ascertain that you stay protected from sloppy and wet conditions, ensuring a nice grip. The pull tabs on the boots provide easy on and off feature with removable insoles.

An important thing to note here is that these boots do have some shortcomings related to its soul being soaked in the wet and rainy season.


  • Rubber and neoprene
  • Waterproof neoprene
  • Light weight retain insulation 
  • check
    Removable insoles
  • check
    Durable outsoles


  • Shoes become soaked easily

10.Muck Woody PK - useful and up to the fashion

In the concluding phases of our list, the assortment cannon is completed without mentioning hunting boots that are specially made for women. While these leave no loopholes in acting as good as men hunting boots, their unique selling point remains the pattern and outer look.

The Muck Boot for women is an epitome of quality while acting as an element to up your fashion statement. The PK rubber women’s hunting boots are packed with features that keep you protected while on the move. The outsole is bobbed molded and reduce weight while improving stability during trek over uneven surfaces.

The flexibility in these shoes is of premium quality, thanks to its EVA midsole and 4mm neoprene bootie. While comfort cushioning is its highlight, it also has a breathable mesh lining. The boots are waterproof and circulate air well to keep water out.

With these boots, the fairer gender can enjoy the reward of hunting without having to worry about coming home with aching feet. The boots are coupled with Woody PK Mesh Lining that offers comfort for a long day

One thing that remains as a major disadvantage of these boots is that the fitting is not up to the mark. Most of the times, the boots keep on slipping and remain an oversized gear.


  • 100 % waterproof
  • 4mm neoprene
  • PK mesh lining
  • check
    EVA Midsole
  • check
    Molded and MS2 bobbed outsole


  • Size and fitting problems

Buying Guide For Rubber Hunting Boots

To pick the best pair of hunting boots, one needs to take into account his own personal preferences at first. After that, there are a few points one need to consider. This includes size, insulation, waterproofing, built quality, ventilation and many more. So, let’s start the journey of knowing the best way of buying the ideal hunting boots keeping in mind the following factors.:


Insulation is our number one and probably the most important factor when you are diving deep into the technicalities of the hunting boots. Better insulation means better warmth and protection from a cold climate. Here, the key issue is choosing the boots that provide the ideal level of insulation. To choose the ideal one, you need to examine and determine your body makeup. After that, you can start wearing the boot and look if it is apt to your requirement.

Most professional hunters suggest that insulation is a must to maintain the required level of comfort and it varies depending on the activity intended. For instance, sitting duck waiting for a prey in a 10-degree environment requires better insulation as the physical activity like running or trekking is minimized. 

Same way, if you are walking up to animals or literally hunting them on foot, you need better grip and comfort as the toes are moving. This also increases circulation while the body pumps up a lot of blood. Here, less insulation is required. In a nutshell, high level of physical activity demands fewer insulating and sedentary activity requires better insulation.

Another important fact to keep in mind here is that every being has a different internal thermostat. Several individuals have either hot or cold feet requiring drastically different boots. Same way, similar activities and conditions require a different pair of boots. To counter this, you should know your body’s tendency which remains an important factor to choose the ideal insulation type.

When it comes to insulation, the Thinsulate material serves as an excellent insulation choice as it provides a great deal of warmth without excessive bulk and weight. The factor relating to insulation is usually listed in grams. This serves as an actual measurement of the total mass of insulation. A shortened gram per square meter of fabric is also used. Here are some classifications in which the uti9lity is broken down:

  • Uninsulated - 200 gram - these boots are best for high activity levels in an early season
  • 400 – 800 grams- these boots are popular cattery of hunting boots having great insulation quality best for most of the fall hunting situations
  • 1000 grams and above- these type of boots are best for freezing climates and winter weather. They are used more for sedentary activities


When looking for hunting boots, you should carefully analyze your activity for moisture exposure. The boots made for the dry season are very different from the boots made for the wet or rainy season. The main difference here lies in the waterproofing ability of the boots. While this seems true, we also know that most hunts start out early in the morning which can matches you with wet grass that is heavily laden with dew. This can accumulate to soak through low quality leather souls of shoes. Hence, every hunting boots should be waterproof, whether it is required or not. No one can send you back to your tent faster than wet feet on hunting day.

When it comes to quality, a good hunting boot will have a waterproof membrane sewn into the lining present between the foot and outer shell. Another preferred method is using a full Gore-Tex bootie which acts as a premium waterproof and breathable membrane. Hunting boots also have taped seams surrounding the foot area which makes it waterproof in a reliable way.


As we can assume, hunting usually involves lots of physical activities. While running and trekking is a common task, you also have to indulge in climbing, chasing or even jumping. It doesn’t make sense to get indulged in hunting activities if your legs have to bear an extra load of the footwear. Hence, it is important to choose a pair of hunting boots that are lightweight so that you can hunt and carry them all day. Lightweight boots keep your legs free from pain and fatigue.

Tough and heavy – duty

Besides being lightweight, hunting boots should always be a tough and heavy duty. As visible enough, hunting boots are not for ordinary deeds. They have to withstand harsh climatic condition while staying intact, tough and unaffected all the time. The pair of hunting boots should be tough and heavy-duty. With such boots, you can make full use of the hunting gear while wearing it for long hours and even during nights. Getting hands-on hunting boots that allow for robust heavy-duty usage is something you will not regret at all.

Boot types

  • Upland 
  • High-country
  • Multi-purpose
  • Hikers

These shoes are included in the largest category of hunting boots available in the market. In these, every option is available depending on your specific needs and requirement. You can go for multi-purpose category either for a big hunting game or upland hunting. You can even select from options of boots covering almost all of the activities. The boots in this category are durable and long lasting. Additionally, they also provide excellent traction on different types of services. You can also make your way through options in which different types of insulation levels are included. You can easily obtain just the ideal combination for your all-around needs.

Other things to keep in mind

After you have narrowed down your options, there are few things you should keep in mind to ensure that you make the best use of these important hunting gears:

Ensure the fit

If you have acquired hunting boots that are best in terms of fitting, half of the job for selecting the ideal hunting rubber boots is completed. Most problems in the field leading down to a better fit. The boot you chose on getting must fit rightly to get the benefits of intended design. Everything else comes later. If it’s not fit, it’s not right.

Stay away from short sizes

You might think of getting one pair of small boot as the right fit which is ideally a wrong idea. When you get into action, your toe will press against the front portion of the boot and if there is no room, you might fact painful issues. This is true especially when running downhill. Getting one size large or fitting pair is the ideal way to go.

Take proper care

Once you have got a perfect hunting boot, you should not allow them to simply serve you without any maintenance. You should take proper care by changing the soul mats regularly, by polishing them, washing them and cleaning them whenever necessary. This ensures that the boot gives you back ease and comfort when it’s time to get indulge in action.

Don’t forget socks

If you have decided on a good quality of boots, you should never ignore the importance of socks. You should get a pair of moisture-absorbing socks designed to wick away moisture while allowing your skin to breathe. Skipping socks will not only subject your shoes to wear and tear but also reduces comfort level for your feet.

Editor's Choice

Since the inception of hunting boots, there have been lots of modifications and improvements in the quality of shoes. This relates to the outer shell, inner comfort, seams, mud flaps, meshes and even laces. As we can realize, the options are many yet only one boot can be your best frie3nd during hunting. As per my observance, the Lacrosse Men's Alphaburly Pro is one entry that serves best of both the world

The boots are ideal for any weather and boast of high-quality structure coupled with great aesthetics, not to mention the comfort it provides. The neoprene rubber is made to excellent use in building the boot’s soul while its durability and flexibility are second to none. 

Lacrosse boots also come with unique neoprene gusset that is hardly seen in any other boots in the lineup. The outsole is perfect for every season and if you invest in these boots, you will stay satisfied and relieved that you got the best from your money.


Hunting boots are one of the most important gears that run along with you and stick with you during extreme as well as ordinary hunting session. Without a doubt, the hunting boots remain your ideal partner for getting the best hunt during the season. Hence, it is always a good option to explore all your options before you spend bucks on buying this gear. 

By using the above-provided information and searching your own options, you can always devise a plan that will land you on the finest pair of hunting boots available. Always keep in mind your location and hunting preference before investing in these boots.

Questions & Answer

Q:Which size rubber hunting boots should be the best for me?

while it is best to go for the boots that fits your size, you should look for one that is average sized ranging between 11 and 14 inches

Q:Which type of insulation material should I look for?

when it comes to insulation, you should look for a good grams rating, the higher the weight of insulation, the better it performs

Q:How will I know that the boots are waterproof?

The best way to tell this is to look for specification and certification. A boot labeled as 100% waterproof will be your best option.

Q:Should I go for inexpensive ones?

Your hunting boots should be your reliable partner and hence you should never compromise on quality going for a cheaper one.


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