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Best Spincast Reel 2019– Buyer’s Guide

Did you ever think of buying a Spincast Reel? The Best Spincast Reel will complete your gear to make fishing an exciting game and astonishing leisure. 

While this tool is handy, finding the best reel out of many is a bit challenging. So, I have narrowed down ten best choices to help you make a decision.

10 Best Spincast Reel 2018




Weight (Oz)


All metal




Stainless steel




All-metal body








Rugged metal body


9.25 to 10


All-metal gears




Aluminum or Stainless steel




All-metal construction




Has a thin plastic button

3.4:1 to 3.8:1

8.6, 11.2, 12.96


Aluminum frame, cone, and handle




1.Zebco Z03, 10, BX3 Omega Z03 Spincast Reel - Perfect for Starters

Zebco ZO3,10,BX3 Omega Z03 Spincast Reel

This Zebco provides you with smooth and reliable performance. However, its drag adjustment wheel is extremely sensitive. It quickly bumps off that results in a lost bite, so, at times, it causes problems.

Still, it’s a good choice when you are searching for a reel that features durable construction that lasts for a few years.

It is effortless to use, especially for beginners who do not want to spend too much time making adjustments. They can use this reel to the cast a line to the water immediately. Its multiple ball bearings and high ratio of gear ratio help deliver a smoother performance in casting and retrieving.

This product has efficient pickup pins, triple-cam, ceramic line, multi-disc (drag), and the oscillating spool for wind.

The most excellent attribute of this reel is the space that it covers during casting. It can include a distance of 85 yards.


  • Has aluminum covers
  • Anti-reverse action mechanism 
  • Has pick-up pins, easy to change spool system, and ceramic line or guide
  • check
    Good performance in casting
  • check
    Features a unique, sealed rubber button
  • check
    Smooth retrieval process


  • Sometimes, the line does not come out smoothly because of the contact between the line and the line aperture.
  • Reaching the complete drag is impossible. Drag adjustment wheel is too sensitive that causes some problems occasionally.

2.Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel - A Baitcasting Reel

Zebco ZO2PRO Fishing Omega 2 Pro Spincast Reel, Black Finish

Last season, I fished using the Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel. It is equipped with power and speed handles that gave me maximum leverage in hard-pulling lure as well as in heavy fish.

The recovery of the line is a bit slower compared with other spincast reels. Its drag adjustment is very sensitive, making it easy to lose bite when fishing. 

Despite its cons, the Zebco Omega Pro is an optimal choice for a fishing reel because it can be set to either right-hand use or the left-hand recovery for better comfort. The Zebco Fishing Reel also has a ceramic line or guide as well as a triple-cam multi-disk drag process to makes your hook smooth. These features provide durable aircraft-grade aluminum covers, a 7-bearing system, and an ergonomic design.

The built quality and versatile design of spincast reel make it stands out from the rest. It is correct to say that the optimal functionality renders by this reel is as the best baitcasting reel that appeals to the committed anglers.


  • The versatile and sleek design of this spincast reel makes it an excellent choice. It also adds to the smooth performance.
  • Being lightweight adds to the smoothness of the reel.
  • It is made with aluminum covers.


  • The recovery of the line is a bit slower than other spincast reels.
  • The drag adjustment is very sensitive. It‘s easy to lose bite when fishing.

3.Zebco 33KPL, 10C, BX6 33 Platinum Spincast Reel- Cast Using One-Hand

Zebco 33KPL,10C,BX6 33 Platinum 5 Ball Bearing Spincast Reel

This reel is a fantastic version. It is effortless to use that’s why it is perfect for casting using one-hand.  It lasts longer because of its metal body-built. Its bearings are also advantageous for casting and retrieves because five bearings are good enough.

Although it includes plenty of advantages to using this reel, still, disadvantages exist. This reel can slip or grind. If you will notice, its drag contains an extensive impact on the length of the cast. However, despite the mentioned problems, this platinum reel is an excellent choice.

When you buy this reel, you may notice some which are not assembled correctly. At this time, you have to replace the spindles in the store. On the other hand, one thing I notice, when I bought one, the drag is made from a gentle pull. Because of this, there is a precision and accuracy in its flexibility. Both sides have that contribute to the reliability and durability.


  • The 4:1 ratio of the gear assists in reeling the catch quickly
  • The knobs are comfortable to touch when fishing because it is smooth.
  • Simple design but with durable construction and solid feel
  • check
    Its retrieve is changeable. It offers flexibility.


  • The drag has an extreme version that is not good for some users
  • Not as stable and smooth as the other versions

4.Zebco ZB310BX3 Bullet Spincast Reel - For Long-time Use

 Zebco ZB310BX3 Bullet Spincast Reel

The Zebco ZB310BX3 Bullet Spincast Reel is a fast and tangle-free version. In every revolution of its handle, the bullet gets a unique number of the line (29 inches). The handle also pads with a new grip that feels good and comfortable.

It’s heavy and heavy when reeling. It can be a bit difficult to set drag at the first time. Hence, it is advisable to set a couple of times before you set out for fishing.

Still, this spincast reel an excellent choice. It is highly durable. In fact, you can continue fishing with it for years after years since it’s forged aluminum and double anodized front cover. Its light left/ right-hand retrieve is convenient for both left-handed as well as right-handed people.

The 9 bearing system makes it performs smooth, while the dual-bearing supports the pickup pin and eliminates line friction. Its high-strength brass drive makes fast retrieves. Its body is durable because of its all-metal body. It also consists of the oscillating spool. The handle knobs allow for a firm grip.


  • Great for casting
  • Casts smoothly
  • Performed well
  • check
    Can be used conveniently by both the left handlers as well as the right handlers since it features a changeable retrieve.


  • It is heavy when reeling.
  • Setting the drag for the first time can be difficult. Hence, set the drag first before you set out for fishing.
  • List Element

5.Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel, GC100- For Heavy and Professional

 Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel, GC100

This reel is an excellent choice, although, when you operate it, it is quite noisy. Still, you can overlook that minor flaws because its benefits still dominate. One of the weaknesses is regarding adjusting it. For instance, it’s weak drag compared with other products.

However, it works well for some users because it can withstand the harsh conditions. In fact, it can address any users’ needs in their fishing activities. Many professional fishers prefer to use Goldcast because of the output it provides. Besides, it works well for heavyweight fishing.

Other features that make this spincast reel distinctive are the line aperture that is optimized to help you cast more effectively. Then, the disc drag and the rugged body. The metal-body survives the harshest storms. Its ball bearing is also excellent. The oscillating spool improves the accuracy in level-winding.


  • Durable and will hold up better against the test of time
  • Works well with low braid
  • Reduce line digs when it operates
  • check
    Its 12-ounce capacity, boosting its strength for heavyweight fish
  • check
    Its rotating carbide line pickup for smooth casting


  • The metal body reels add advantages in durability, but you have to clean them thoroughly after each use.
  • The graphite reels are not as durable as ones with metal bodies, but they never rust.
  • Produces sound when it operates

6.Zebco 888 Spincast Reel - Easy-to-Use Option

Zebco 888 Spincast Reel

This spincast reel is more significant than typical coils. It is a powerful reel that can assist you in handling monster cats, salmon, snook, and others.

Most of the parts of this spincast reel are durable and made from stainless steel while the foot is made from solid metal. It uses metal gears for heavy-duty function and performance that is hassle-free.

Despite the good things of a the spincast reel, there are some cons. One of which is being heavy. Besides, I find it very bulky because it almost doubles the typical coil in size. Hence, if you are not familiar with a big version of the loop, then, you may think it is difficult.

Although there are a few disadvantages, I am sure you will like the features. Its 3-bearing is not that smooth. Then, its power knob is oversize.

The handle is made from stainless steel. It gives a firm and stronghold. The ball bearings improve a much smoother line movement. It is well-crafted using stainless-steel materials that provide a super-durable front cover that protect the inside spool and its working parts.

To get started with this product, make sure to take the consequences like its heavy and bulky characteristics. This way, you will not get disappointed.


  • The fish-fighting torque makes the reel easy-to-use
  • Rugged and solid construction
  • Constructed by metal that lengthens the lifespan
  • check
    Features a solid T-handle that makes your hold stronger and firmer
  • check
    The dial-adjustable magnum drag helps in dealing with the hard-pulling power of a big catch


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Because it is different from the typical reels, it requires time to be familiar and comfortable

7.Pflueger Trion Spincast Reel - Best for Novice

 Pflueger Trion Spincast Reel

This Pflueger Spincast Reel is available in aluminum and stainless steel. Because of this, this reel is light, durable, and robust. At the same time, lightweight lures can be attached to attract fish and trap them.

Graphite and aluminum are most of the material used to make the spincast reel, it is light and can resist the corrosion.

One of the essential features of this spincast reel is the ratio of the gear at 2.9:1. On the other hand, having only two bearings are not suitable for casting massive catfish.


  • Made of sturdy aluminum metal
  • Handles are switchable
  • This reel comes stability
  • check
    The font cone and body of graphite makes the reel light to be used along with the rod


  • Do not work if heavyweight lures are attached.

8.Zebco Omega ZO2 Spincast Reel -Useful Functionality

Zebco Omega Z02 Spincast Reel

In my opinion, the Zebco Omega ZO2 is also a good choice of fishing reel, primarily because of its higher-quality performance and appealing design. It is durable because of the solid construction of framed materials.

The way that the components are fitted is untidy, and the position where the drag wheel is located is poor. In fact, the drag action is unreliable. The retrieve is very slow, and the fishing reel is only designed for handling light tackle fishing.

This spincast reel comes with a spinner head constructed by aluminum and worm - drive while it operates on a 3.4:1 ratio.


  • Smooth and comfortable casting
  • Its spool changes quickly compared to other spincast reels.
  • Can be utilized over far distance because it is an 85-yard line and achieves precision over these distance.
  • check
    Excellent for average and small weight fishes such as sand bass and striper fishing.


  • Its oscillating spool is nothing level winding about.
  • The way that the components are fitted is untidy.
  • The position where the drag wheel is located is poor.
  • exclamation-triangle
    It is designed for handling light fishing.

9.Pflueger President Spincast Reel- Reliable and Lightweight

 Pflueger President Spincast Reel

Like other spincast reels, this has some negative aspects. One of the most known is the plastic thumb button that causes it a bit hard to use. Its hinge pin easily breaks. It also put a strain while using it, feeling some pain.

 However, despite the issues mentioned above, it’s still an excellent choice for many because of the features it bears. One of which is being reliable and having a lightweight performance. The number of bearing guarantees a smooth performance which helps promotes consistent casts, as well as, retrieves.

There is also an improved fish fighting power in using this steel because of its carbon drag.

The aluminum frames on President spincast reels protect the insides and keep the weight down. Looking at the underspin model, it weighs just slightly more than its spincast counterpart at 9 ounces. The smaller spincast model weighs 8.6 ounces, nearly the same. The heavier spincast moves up slightly to 11.2  to 12.96 ounces.

This reel has a decent retrieve rate. It is neither fast nor slow side. The gear ratio of the smaller models is 3.4:1. The larger has a ratio of 3.8:1.


  • Durabilty.
  • Lightweight because its shaft is made of aluminum.
  • Can cast in a mile.
  • check
    Excellent for making an action and for throw


  • The plastic thin thumb button hampers its performance.
  • The line will need replacing, and chances are it will need fixing when a beginner uses it.
  • Once you learn the bail button and use it correctly, the reel will perform.

10.Daiwa Silvercast Spincast Reel - For Recreation and Sports Fishing

 Daiwa Silvercast-A SC100A-CP 10Lbs Test Spincast Reel, Silver

The Daiwa Silvercast also delivers quality and efficient service to the anglers. From recreational to sports fishing, it is always handy. It’s appropriate for both average and light fishing activities.

However, if you will notice, the drag decreases after weeks. Its line tangles easily, especially during the retrieve. Moreover,  because its cast button is plastic-made, it may not last with regular use. The drag is not durable and feels like it will break if used always.  This reel is not smooth, and sometimes, the line hangs when casting. With all these, the reel wore out too fast.

Still, this Spincast reel, for many is a good choice. It is made with a rigid aluminum alloy with three ball bearings, along with a Titanium Nitride pickup line. It protects the line from the wear and tear and ensures of very smooth operation. Its casting is very well done too.

Spincast angler like me appreciates the soft handle that enables better comfort and safe hold. It is lightweight. It’s bearing on both of the main shaft keeps the spool in place and both sides of the main gear. This is not found on the Daiwa Gold Spincast Reel.


  • Appropriate for freshwater activities
  • Having a gear proportion of 4:3:1 increases the efficiency of the reel.
  • Smooth and comfortable casting.
  • check
    Easily fit with your hand.
  • check
    Easier adjustment.


  • The drag decreases after months of used or sometimes weeks.
  • Its cast button is made of plastic, so, it may not last with regular use.
  • The drag is not durable and feels like it will break with every use.

Advantages of Spincast Reels

Whether you are a beginner or professional caster, you probably need a spincast reel.  It is an excellent reel for all ages; children, young people, and adult.

Aside from the fact that spincast reel cost lesser than spinning reels and baitcasting, it is relatively an excellent choice because of the following advantages:

  • The lure is ready to attract fish when it is in the water, and it requires just a flick and push.
  • Retrieving the line is relatively easy.
  • This reel is smaller than other reels
  • It eliminates tangled lines, backlines, and fatigue.
  • Lightweight, making it easy to use for practicing and professional fishing.
  • Works perfectly for catching a fish in a fixed spot.

Buying Guide for Spincast Reels

Now you already have some ideas about the best spincast reels available at the market. Study the specific features you are looking for before you make your decision.

Below tips to follow in looking for spincast reel that is most suited for your needs. 


Most people struggle with deciding the rate of the gear.  So, I will give you brief information.

The ratio is expressed in numbers found on the left portion. It shows how many times the line wounds around the spool while the number located at the right displays the complete handles necessary to achieve the number found at the left.

Remember that the line to be retrieved after your cast is slow if the ratio is low. Thus, lower gear ratio means cranking power to the reels. Note that the range of the rate translates to fast-retrieving speed.

Ball Bearings

Check the number of ball bearing the reel has because it shows how smooth your spincast operates. Remember that if you have a high number of ball bearing, the more likely it will rotate smoothly. Look for at least a spincast with five balls.

Line Capacity

The line capacity of the spincast reel is small. Many reels can hold between 80 to 120 yards line. The exact amounts vary depending on the diameter of the front and the size of the coil. The advanced units have interchangeable spools to quickly switch from one to another depending on the fishing conditions.

Reels Design

Reels have different designs. The majority of the reels fluctuates between closed-face or open-face. Choosing which design is the best for you means taking a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of the design.

An open-face design makes you quickly identify the tangles and snags in the fishing line. With an open-face reel, fishers may stop the line from “bird’s nesting” in the housing of the coil. It increases efficiency in using it over time and can keep a close eye on the fishing line. On the other hand, a closed-face spincast reel makes maneuvering easily. It is a popular option for contemporary reels. Using this design has fewer complications.


It essential to look for spincast reels that are made of high-quality materials for top-notch performance.

Always look for metal-made spincast reel because it guarantees that the product will live longer. Besides, if the material is high-quality, the coil is mostly reliable. It becomes advantageous for casting both large fish and small fish.

Drag System

There are two types of drag when it comes to spincast reels. The start drag is mounted externally. It is located on the side of your reels. It is right between its body and the handle. It is usually large, quiet, and comfortable to operate with just two fingers.

The other type of drag system is internal, It is controlled by a tiny wheel which has one protruding edge going through the cover of the reel. You will be able to see a + and a - on both ends of the pull control wheel which enables you to tune it if you want less of more drag.

Make sure that the drag system is a highly efficient tool for pulling the line quickly in case this reel is under pressure.

Editor’s Choice

Among the ten reels above, I think the Zebco Z03, 10, BX3 Omega Z03 Spincast Reel is the best spincast reel among the other products. It surpasses the other fishing reels given the fact that it has optimal functionality. It is very easy to use, especially for beginners who do not have to spend too much time making adjustments. They can use it to cast a line into the water right away. It also features multiple ball bearings, as well as high gear ratio, which helps deliver a smoother performance once you cast and retrieve it.

This reel has useful pickup pins and ceramic line or guide. It consists of triple-cam, multi-disc drag, and the oscillating spool. However, other spincast reels listed above are also an excellent choice depending upon your purpose that will match their superb features. 

Your choice does not have to be expensive, but it must be durable, responsive, quality, highly-functional, and reliable. It should meet your needs and requirements. 


Fishing is an enjoyable experience and using excellent equipment can enhance your skills. Spincast reel makes fishing sports more accessible for people with different levels and ages. Besides, it allows anglers to fish without frustrations in managing the complicated reels.

By evaluating these top-rated spincast reels thoroughly, anglers like you find the excellent reels since awareness of the above specifications allows you to choose the best one quickly.

Being said the information above, I genuinely hope you find it valuable. Feel free to share it with others. Write your comment below.

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