Best Thumb Release For Hunting

Are you a hunter? You are probably aware of the devices that you can use to improve hunting. If not, you will find it here. Choosing the best thumb release for hunting is essential in your sports shooting. 

In this review, I have selected the top 10 best thumb release in the market today and I hope you’ll find the difference it can make in hunting.

10 Best Thumb Release For Hunting 2018

Thumb Release


Noise Level


 Carter Enterprises Wise Choice Release 3 Finger(Colors May Vary)

A bit loud

4.8 Ounces

 Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release, Black

Low noise

3 Ounces

 Carter Chocolate Addiction 4F Release

A bit noisy

4.8 Ounces

 Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release, Black

Not loud

6.4 Ounces

 Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Aluminum Hand Held Camo Archery Bow Release

Very Loud

4.8 Ounces

 Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release, Black

Zero noise

1.6 Ounces

 Scott Caliper Release

A bit noisy

1.2 Ounces

Tru Ball Max Hunter Release 3, Black

Utterly silent

2.4 Ounces

 Stan Perfex Thumb Release 3 or 4 Finger Silver, Medium

Zero noise

6 Ounces

 Tru Ball Archery Fang, Black, 4 Finger


3.2 Ounces

1.Carter Enterprises Wise Choice 3 - Professional Quality Release

 Carter Enterprises Wise Choice Release 3 Finger(Colors May Vary)

Carter Enterprises Wise has a very professional quality of thumb release. This model features all the functional attributes of the thumb release. It comes with index finger hole which allows you a stronger and a better grip on the release.

You can focus have an excellent focus to your anchor point and give less the moment that the arrow will fly. This is made possible because of the caliper jaw that’s characterized as self-closing as well as the excellent sensitivity trigger.

Besides that, I like that it is effortless to adjust the tension of this thumb release. Not only that, I love the fact that each of the packages of Carter Enterprises Wise Choice 3 includes Allen wrench. 

The Allen wrench can be used to stick inside of the key and then, wind it in or out, based on your preference.

Although I like this thumb release for hunting, I also find out it’s a bit loud, and the keys can catch dust easily which results to malfunction. Hence, I highly recommend cleaning it regularly to avoid the dirt getting stuck in the holes. Then it may not be appropriate for hunters with hands bigger than the average.

Go ahead check this video for more information about this thumb release.


  • Self-closing caliper jaw
  • Great sensitivity trigger
  • Lightweight
  • check
    The index finger hole gives a firmer grip
  • check
    Easily accessible


  • Not advisable for hunters with large hands
  • Prone to dirt and a bit loud
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Expensive compared with other brands

2.Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 – For Perfect Hand Shooting Angle

 Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release, Black

The Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 is perfect on your four-finger because of its groove design. You can position your finger on it properly, and does the thumb release quickly result in improved shots.

This model of thumb release is compact. Besides that, it is lightweight and sensitive. It is not needed for you to exert your hand too much to make a shot. Then, the jaws of this gear can revolve at 360 degrees that makes it easier for you to adjust your shooting angle.

On the other hand, I notice that the jaws of this thumb release tend to stiff and if you did not put oil to it, it might remain open. Because of this, it may result in misfires. To avoid it, apply lubricant to the release before you use it.

This video will give you more information about this thumb release.


  • Solid and compact
  • Swivel at 360 degrees
  • Sensitive and easy to adjust
  • check


  • May cause misfires if stuck open
  • Not recommended for bow hunters with concerns of grip strength
  • Exclamation Triangle
    If not lubricated, it can stiff

3.Carter Chocolate Addiction 4F - Long-lasting Performance

 Carter Chocolate Addiction 4F Release

The Carter Chocolate Addiction 4F Release offers long-lasting performance and durability. It has unmatched features and design as well as the performance at a reasonable price.

One of the excellent features of this thumb release is its rotation at 360 degrees. It has a perfect position setting for your thumb and adjustable trigger. You can adjust the trigger using one of the three holes situated at its trigger base, making it vary significantly from other releases. Then, the other two holes help customize the tension.

I also do not struggle with positioning using this thumb release. In fact, it only takes a quick spin to get the perfect position of the thumb. Using this release is utterly remarkable. Just attach the hook to the string, then push cocking lever so that the hasp will close the string.

Whether right or left handed, this thumb release provides ease of use making it comfortable. Besides, the metal parts and the over-all materials impress me

However, this release has also its cons. The color is not specific, and it needs the lanyard to carry it quickly and put it safely. If there is none, you may promptly drop it.


  • Highly customizable
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Has an excellent finish
  • check
    Very comfortable and easy to use
  • check
    Durable and highly reliable


  • Not color specific
  • Needs lanyard for carrying easily and safely

4.Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Revolution - Great Starter 

 Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release, Black

I find the Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Revolution Archery an excellent starter bow especially if you are shifting from strap to handheld release. What I notice about this thumb release is its hook mechanism. It is similar to the wrist strap release that makes it easy to adjust.

This thumb release also features the four-finger grooves making your fingers comfortable. It also gives you a good grip on the release. Besides, it also rotates at an angle of 360-degrees. That’s why you don’t worry about committing awkward draws.

The lanyard of this thumb release is pleasant to touch and allows you to hang the release on the hook quickly. By the way, be mindful not to leave it dangling because it may distract you before making the shot. But then, this release gives you convenient access to this release.

It is too small for some hunters with huge hands. Then sometimes, it snags making the cord thinner. When it does that, it becomes prone to snapping.

Check out the Tru-Fire Hardcore review on YouTube.


  • Rotates at 360 degrees
  • Features a single claw design that makes it easy to loop the hook up
  • check
    Perfect for starters
  • check
    Easily accessible because of lanyard


  • The hook snags and snaps the shooting cords
  • Thin string retainer making it bent easily
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Too small for some hunters

5.Tru Fire Edge 4 Aluminum - Highly Versatile

 Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Aluminum Hand Held Camo Archery Bow Release

The True Edge 4-Finger Handheld Bow Release is very versatile. You may attach it to the string loop, and you can use it to your compound bow. It is reasonably priced taking into consideration its performance. I also consider this release a reliable asset of every hunter. It has a dual caliper release with the spring-loaded trigger.

Release jaws are very easy to open; all you need to do is pull back the trigger and let it off by closing the jaws. The head rotates at 360 degrees with trigger travel that is also adjustable. In fact, the barrel rotates just smoothly.

Another feature of this release that I like is that it’s effortless to use. It’s effortless releasing the arrow. Then, the thumb knob is entirely adjustable to the way you want it while its aluminum handle is long-lasting. This helps shooting with more accuracy.

In spite of the advantages of this release, I also note some disadvantages. This release is making a loud sound or noise while you are using it. Then, I may not recommend this for hunters with large hand because it may not fit.


  • Versatile and reliable
  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • The CNC aluminum handle gives comfort and durability.
  • check
    It is easy to use. 
  • check
    Highly accurate


  • Creates noise
  • May not fit large hands

6.Hot Shot Vapor 4 - Price Friendly Thumb Release

 Hot Shot Vapor 4 Release, Black

The Hot Shot Vapor 4 is a thumb release that offers a quality function even though it is the cheapest in the market. Its price is not an indicator of how it functions. Aside from being very affordable, it is easy to clip it on its loop because it has an automatic closing jaw.

I am astonished because contrary to being hushed, highly comparable to other thumb releases that are expensive. It is easily adjustable because of its tension built. Aside from that, like other releases, it has four finger grooves.

Then, it is a bit cold to hold during low-temperature weather. At times, there is a tendency for this release to fall while it’s hanging because of its heavy weight. So, it will help if you will not leave this thumb release hanging on the loop.


  • Features a caliper jaw that automatically closes
  • Zero noise
  • Easy to adjust
  • check
    Cheapest thumb release


  • Stationary which means no 360-degrees swivel head
  • Exclamation Triangle
    It’s cold to touch

7.Scott Caliper Release - For Instantly Taking Shot

 Scott Caliper Release

The Scott Caliper Thumb Release is excellent for hunters who want to take shots instantly. Using this device will give you a privilege of attaching it to the D-loop of your bow string while waiting for your subsequent prey. You just have to pick your bow then release to take your shot.

Moreover, this thumb release has four finger grooves that give you a comfortable feeling since you are holding into something hefty. It has a dual caliper construction where both calipers open when the trigger is activated, and you can release the string more.

Aside from that, I like the fact the small loop behind this release makes me hook it on my wrist. Hence, there is no tendency for me to lose it.

However, this release also has its drawback. The finger slots will not fit the hunters with large fingers. Then, the draw length is not adjustable. It’s also a bit noisy during operation.


  • Gives easy access for instant shots
  • Features dual calipers
  • Great for left and right handed hunters
  • check
    Comes with head swivel
  • check
    Easily attachable to the string


  • The length is not adjustable
  • Noisy
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Small finger slots which won’t fit large hunters

8.Tru Ball Max Hunter 3 - Consistent and Accurate Release

 Tru Ball Max Hunter Release 3, Black

The Tru Max Hunter Release 3 has a hardcore feature that hunter demands. Because of this, it gives consistency as well as accuracy on target release. This is possible because of its smaller heads that make you shoot to a more draw length and allows you to get maximum performance from the bow.

Aside from this, another thing I like about this thumb release is that it is completely quiet. Max Hunter Release 3 also features a comfortable open jaw that connects you to the moment of truth. It has head swivels that rotate to 360 degrees.

The only con I find out while using this thumb release is that its neck is quite long for some hunter. There is also a chance of having a premature release while in the position of having the release draw near on my body. So, to avoid this, you have to make a little adjustment during your draw cycle. 

Check this video for more information about the Tru Ball Max Hunter 3.


  • Compact and highly adjustable
  • Makes no sound
  • It’s easy for the jaws to open and close
  • check
    Head swivels at 360 degrees
  • check
    Sensitivity screw is adjustable


  • Requires adjustment during the draw
  • The neck is slightly long for some hunters.

9.Stan Perfex – Smooth Functionality

Stan Perfex Thumb Release 3 or 4 Finger Silver, Medium

The Stan Perfex Thumb Release offers an exceptionally smooth functionality. The design fits your hand because of its fantastic handle design. It features a design of no look, open hook. It has 3 or four interchangeable extensions.

I also like the fact that this release has a lanyard boo. The knob has infinite adjustability, hence helping its release flawlessly. Moreover, aside from the fast speed, there is also an excellent tension trigger.

However, there are also drawbacks to using this release. Its neck is shorter so it may not be suited for other hunters and may affect their anchor point.


  • Very smooth and quick
  • Comfortable to the hand
  • Has interchangeable three and four finger extension
  • check
  • check
    Very adjustable
  • check


  • The neck is short that can affect the anchor point.

10.Tru Ball Archery Fang - Perfect for Smooth Release

 Tru Ball Archery Fang, Black, 4 Finger

The Tru Ball Archery Fang has an excellent Full Containment System (FCS). This helps make its hook-style of jaw release smoothly. It’s also lightweight.

Aside from that, it gives freedom adjustment during your hunting situation. Then whenever I need my hands to go freely, I just slide the FCS to lock the release to the loop. At the time that I need to shoot continuously, I only slide the FCS back releasing it. 

However, I also find some issues with this product. This thumb release is somewhat hard to grip, and its finger grooves are very shallow. Hence, after several hours of continuing to hunt, I already feel uncomfortable. I also notice that the grooves are lined at the center that can make my fingers hurt if I did not wear gloves.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with Full Containment System (FCS)
  • Quiet during operation
  • check
    Very adjustable thumb trigger


  • Not recommended for a hunter with large hands
  • Too much sensitive jaw that if not used properly can create a misfire
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Jaws can twist the D-loop
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Finger grooves are not comfortable

Advantages  & Disadvantages of Thumb Release

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
High Level of Sensitivity

Based on my experience the thumb release gives a high level of sensitivity. In fact, many hunters at the beginning and advanced level agree to it. The high level of sensitivity allows hunters that are using this tool to shot more precisely. 

Then, it is easy to hang this tool to the string loop making it easier for you to take a shot quickly and unexpectedly.

Anchor at Full Draw

One of the benefits I get from using a thumb release is to anchor at a full draw with greater consistency and comfort.

Before I started using a thumb release, my anchor point varies wildly. I would have to adjust the wrist strap release many times in a week to find a natural, repeatable, and comfortable anchor point but it changes when I shifted to a thumb release.

Using the thumb release gives me a more defined space to work with. I see that the interface in between the sides of my face as well as my jaw makes a stable connection with the upper side of my hand.

Since there are more defined points of contact, I can easily tell this point in each shot that results in a greater anchor consistency.

Then, it is easy to hang this tool to the string loop making it easier for you to take a shot quickly and unexpectedly.

Very Accessible

I consider the thumb release very accessible because it is not worn on my body. It’s hassle-free because I have eliminated many annoyances that I can get if the release is directly attached to my body.

Because of this, it becomes very accessible for a moment’s notice if necessary. I don’t have to grasp or fumble during the unexpected encounter because this set-up gives convenient access during impulsive shots.

Besides that, if your worry is getting lost, it’s not anymore a problem. Nowadays, many thumb release for hunting can be easily attached to the loop of your bow.

Highly Adjustable

Almost all thumb release in the market today is well adjusted for you. The high adjustment range allows you to customize your release the way you like it.

For example, you can adjust the trigger tension to an extensive variety of pulling-weight. Then, you can change the trigger travel as well. The trigger travel pertains to how much a trigger moves ahead before releasing the jaw. Then you can adjust the size, trigger position, angle, and many more.

Remember that these adjustments may seem simple; yet, it plays a significant role in squeezing the most comfortable, accurate, and consistent set-up.

Buying Guide For Thumb Release

To get the best thumb release available on the market today that will be ideal for you, consider some crucial features below.

Finger Grooves

There are two primary types of thumb release that comes with the finger grooves in the market today: the 3-finger and the 4-finger grooves. 

Though we have our own preferences of what type of finger grooves do we need, it is worth noting that these two differs. The 3-finger groove of thumb release is comfortable to hold while the 4-finger groove is firm and stable.

Choosing which one is best suited to you requires you not only to pick from the two types of the finger grooves but also look at the size of your hands and fingers. Thus, when you go to the store to purchase your thumb release, fit them and have the gut feel if any of these two will suit you.

Then make sure that the groove track won’t cut your skin or else using this thumb release will make you suffer from blisters and irritation.


Based on my observation, many people ignore the weight of the thumb release when buying. However, you have to take note that weight thumb release can give you a burden especially if holding your thumb release for a long time. 

Not only that, the weight of the thumb release can have an effect on the angle of your shots and the torque of your arrow. So, if you are aware that you cannot resist handling a weighty thumb release for a long time, look for a lightweight.

On the other hand, make sure that your thumb release is in between 4 to 8 ounces. If you go lighter than 4 ounces, there is a possibility that it's not strong enough to give you reliable and powerful shots

In the same manner, the thumb release weighing higher than eight ounces may give you a hard time. You may find difficulty balancing your bow while holding it.


One of the things that hunters also consider when looking for thumb release is its noise level. There is a thumb release that produces a clicking sound during the process while another release is zero noise.

I think that it is worth considering a release that does not make a clicking sound or if it does, as little noise a possible because the high level of noise can spook your target or startle your animal that will cause your misfires.

String Style

The string of the bow gives a flexible way for set-up. T can be made of D-loop, metal fastener on the string, or metal nock. Some of the releases do not fit a particular style of the string. So, one of the things to look for is to make sure that your potential release is well-suited to the string set-up.


Thumb Release with different features varies significantly on prices. However, it will help you to narrow down your searches if you already know how much you plan to spend on this thumb release.

Think of setting your price line based on two important things: how much can you afford and how long will you go hunting?

Remember that a thumb release made from high-quality material may be more expensive than not. On the other hand, if you will hunt for a long time, it’s worth investing in high-quality thumb release material.

If you don’t think of long-term hunting, cheaper thumb release with the decent quality available on the market would be perfect.

In the end, always look for high-quality thumb because by that time you will see the positive effect of it on your shots. 

Editor's Choice

After scrutinizing the various thumb release available on the market today, I am confident that the Carter Enterprises Wise Choice 3 is of professional quality. That’s why it’s our Top 1 pick. It is very easy to adjust and have a very comfortable feature because of the index-hole design.

Moreover, it is weight is just perfect at 4.8 ounces. This means that it’s not too heavy to hurt your hand for an extended period of time nor too weak to make it break easily. Although it creates a bit loud sound, it does not matter at all considering the rest of its features.

You will also imbibe the greatness of having a 360 head swivel for more accurate shooting.

How to Efficiently Use Thumb Release?

For you to be able to get the most benefit of thumb release, you should know how to use it efficiently.

Whenever you have already spotted your target, and you are aware that you are about to take a shot, the tension in between your shoulders builds up. Around this time, you may have a target panic. That’s why you have to stay as calm as possible.

All you have to do is use your release hand in pushing the trigger against your thumb. Here you have options of either rotating or twisting the release hand. Then, once the trigger comes into contact with your thumb, the arrow has to be released.

Note that using a thumb release does not help if you have a target panic. This means that even though you have the best thumb release available on the market today, you have to deal with this problem on your own. 

Another thing that you can do to be able to use effectively use your thumb release is to enhance your skills by improving to get calmer whenever you have to take a quick shot in an unexpected situation. Thus, eliminating target panic.

At first, you may find it a little challenging to use thumb release, however, a few times of practice will make you better in using your thumb release in shooting at a very natural way and get the advantage of natural shooting. 


Thumb Release is a vital component of your hunting gears. Thus, it is best to invest wisely in your release to get the excellent performance. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just needs to be high-quality for professional performance.

I hope that by examining the multiple thumb release on trend, you’ll be able to get the best one for your hunting bow.

Take advantage of the information discussed and be a wise buyer.

You may share this post to help others be guided. Good luck on your next thumb release purchase.


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