Chacos vs Tevas

Are you looking for a perfect footwear to make your summer outdoor activities more fun? Chacos or Tevas sandals are the best you will ever find in and beyond this universe. They are much similar and have slight differences. If you are wondering about the best one between Chacos vs Tevas, then this article is what you need. 

It is a masterpiece providing you with all the relevant features, as well as the pros and cons of either brand. The mission here is to enable you to easily distinguish the two brands and get your perfect match for your outdoor activities. 

Comparing chacos and Tevas

Whether chacos or tevas, you got surprisingly the best pair of sandals for most of your outdoor activities. Below is a simple table that will enable you to distinguish the two for easy and a calculative choice.




Best purpose of use

Best for flat terrains

Best for hiking, trailing, kayaking, rocky terrain and playing games in the water

Soles design

Thin Soles

Thick soles





Quite cheap

More expensive

Break in period

Just a week

Approximately one month or longer

Making repairs

Difficulty to repair

Easy to repair, any part and anytime


Polyester and durabrassion rubber

Polyester made


Best for wider feet

Best for narrower feet

What do Chacos and Tevas have in common?

Both sandals are designed to be lightweight for enhanced walking comfort. They have free open spaces to let your feet breath sufficiently. The spaces allow even circulation of air in between the toes and the soles that provide a cooling effect letting you enjoy the walk no matter how hilly or far it could be.

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The two types of sandals are designed to float in water, hence you should not worry of sinking whatever reasons as long as your type of shoe is either chacos or tevas. Both sandals originated from the efforts of backpacking lovers, who were trying to make the best trailing sandals as the existing ones were uncomfortable and of poor quality. 

Detailed information on major differences

As seen in the table above, Chacos and Tevas are two different sandals with different specificities and varying designs. This detailed information will enable you to get in-depth differences between the two.

differences between Chacos vs Tevas.

What you have in mind on the type of a sandal you need will help you to make come up with a good plan in distinguishing these two sandals. The Following features will help you to know what Tevas as that may be lacking in Chacos and vice versa:

  • Purpose of use
  • Durability and quality 
  • Fitness feeling
  • check
    The weight of the sandal
  • check
    Material used

Chacos reviews  - hiking sandals.

I find Chacos sandals the best for classic travel and river sandals. They are amazingly comfortable as soon as its soles start molding with my feet. When you put on the Chacos hiking sandals, they feet so well and stay intact with your feet. These are the kind of the sandals that you can comfortably wear at any place and at all times.

Chacos hiking sandals come in varying styles, both designed to be durable heavy duty sandals for any sort of adventure. Its commonly noticeable features are burly soles, Z- strap patterns and single buckle.

With a heavy use plan in mind, Chacos are made of high-quality materials and made to be very comfortable and highly functional. Those straps run in a single continuous band, directly through the sole to enhance longevity and the shoe's adjustability.

Chaco Classic Z1 can be won in the sea, on the sand, and on rocks. Most Chacos sandals are designed and rafted for use in rivers among other wet places. After walking in wet places, they dry so easily and in good shape. Chacos soles are anti slippery, they float in water and their foot straps make them stay strongly attached in the strongest currents. 

Tevas sandals reviews.

After a long search for the best sandal model with a long-lasting service, I came across Tevas sandals and my dream became a reality. These are great backpacking sandals, designed with a Velcro system that makes the straps tight and intact, making the shoe durable and of good quality. If you have wider  feet, the Tevas sandals will suit you best.

Tevas footbed is extremely soft, keeping your leg comfortable and blister free even after hiking for the whole day. Tevas have a thinner footbed making your feet very intimate with the ground. Therefore, you get to enjoy the under feet trailing bumps, as well as the rocks and the branches.

Teva sandals are made of polyester webbings that are water friendly. They are designed with durabrasion rubber and high tech composites of nylon for enhanced durability.

However, in case the Velcro is not well designed and it’s left to wear out, the straps loosen and the sandal is not comfortable anymore. Therefore, they can only be thrown away though they can be repaired. Repairing some parts such as the Velcro system is difficulty hence, after such an occurrence, you can only get a new shoe


Tevas are most soft and lightweight hence highly preferred if you love long day hiking or backpacking. The Velcro system makes strapping faster and quicker to get moving.

Use Chacos sandals in case you are going to trek on wet places or during a rainy day. With the Chacos anti-slip footbed, your feet will stay intact even when your foot is entirely wet. They are the perfect anti-slip solution when moving down a hilly place.

If you need Chacos sandals for your next trekking trip, then this video will offer you all the additional information that you will require to effectively use and maintain them. This is the Tevas video too. Get Chacos vs Tevas sandals to optimally enjoy your outdoor adventure!


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