Gregory Vs Osprey

Which backpacks have you tried so far? What can you say about Gregory vs Osprey brands and their products? Well, I have used both Gregory and Osprey backpacks, throughout the US and so many times to and from Europe and I will share both experiences with you

Even after many years in outdoor activities, through trains, and airports, these two types of packs are in their best shapes; they could not breaks even at the most challenging weather

Comparing Gregory and osprey backpacks

Well, it is true that both backpacks super perform. However, after a keen observation and a thorough research, you will realize which one has the best value for money, which performs best, which is durable and more so the most affordable among other features. To enhance clarity of ideas, I will discuss the similarities between the two brands and their products first.

Gregory Mountain Products Stout 65

           Gregory Stout 65
Osprey Kestrel 68 Hiking Backpack


           Osprey Kestrel 68

common history

Gregory and the Osprey Packs were originally founded by two young men; Gregory and Osprey as these brands were officially called. These young men started making the packs for themselves with a common interest in getting the best pack. Gregory used his first backpack in a boy scout school project while Mike of the Osprey made a  pack that could comfortably fit his demands has he couldn’t find one in the existing pack stores.

The brands have a common mission

EBoth Osprey and the Gregory brands have grown with a mission of providing lovely and comfortable outdoor packs that are well fitting.  Today their products are a true reflection of the great characteristics that stirred them to start providing these incredible packs to all.

Gregory and Osprey backpacks are the best you will ever find

The two brands are reviewed the best among those who love outdoor adventure. Whether hiking, mountain or rocks climbing, as well as trail running, you will realize that a thousand plus people use products from either Gregory or Osprey brands. This is because their packs are not only of good value but are also best fitting. More so, these companies work to ensure great ethical practices and outstanding customer support.


As discussed earlier Both Gregory and the Osprey backpacks come with great features, good quality, and values. Therefore trying to choose amongst the best of the two may not mean getting the best from the worst but trying to go beyond what is the best for the most fantastic. In order to keenly distinguish the features of the two, we are looking at reviews for traveling backpacks, commuting backpacks as well as backpacks for any sort of an outdoor activity. 

Our key concern is to find out the backpack which possesses the following features:

  • Greatest monetary value
  • Cheapest price; affordable to all
  • Best in terms of the value for money
  • check
    Excellent performance
  • check
    Best looking
  • check

This table provides you with a simplified version of what to go for depending on your need:

Type of the backpacks


Greatest money value

Excellent performance


Best money value

Best Looking

Best looking

Gregory border 35

Gregory border 40

Gregory border 65

Osprey Atmos AG 65

Osprey Far point 40

Gregory June 30


Osprey Mutant 28

Osprey Quasar Daypack 25

Gregory Baltoro 75 

Gregory Zulu 55 

Gregory Baltoro 65 vs Osprey Atmos AG 65 trekking backpacks

Most trekkers prefer the two due to their enormous storage space and durability. To find out the major differences between the two, we need a keen discussion of the following features.

Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro 65

Gregory Baltoro 65

 Osprey Men's Atmos AG 65 Backpack (2017 Model), Graphite Grey, Medium

Osprey Men's Atmos 65 AG 

  • Weight

With its dimensions of 4.56 lbs, Osprey backpack is twice the weight of the Gregory Baltoro 65 backpack. The weight difference is basically as a result of padding materials used, the strappings and the extra backing materials for comfort. In case of a lighter bag, then your choice will be best if you go for a Gregory Baltoro

  • Strapping and suspension

Osprey harnesses and suspension are a mesh of lightweight back panel for enhanced breathability. The harnesses are extended to the hipbelt for adjustability and a comfortable fitting.

Gregory backpacks are made of A3 suspension response with a vented back panel, a lifespan form and an added lumbar comfort enhanced with a silicone grip. To get a customizable contouring, the Gregory has a lumbarTuner insertion. For additional comfort, a lifespan Eva is used on the hip belt and the harnesses. 

  • Storage and organization

The Osprey and the Gregory 65 liter packs have a single main storage section for the largest gear. However, these parks have additional storage parts that you may need for extra storage.

Atmos 65 AG is ranked among the best osprey backpack with pockets that have dual zipping on the lid top and stretched pockets on the front for storing the rain gear any sort of a wet clothing. The bottom compartment provides a space for the storage of the sleeping bag while the water bottles are kept on the dual pockets found on either side of the backpack.

The features of the Gregory Baltoro have fewer features to choose from those of the Osprey. In addition to an underneath placed security pocket, they have dually placed zippered pockets on the lid top. The hipbelt has a PU coated pocket where you can store anything you need close while traveling, as well as a bottle pocket that is ergonomically placed for easy access.

  • Materials and durability

Gregory Baltoro 65 is coated with a nylon on its outside and a reinforced base with a thickened 630 diameter of a high-density layer for protection against tear and wear that might be caused by rough terrain or the heavy loads. The backpack has a rain cover for use during damp weather and should be stored on its handy pocket when not in use.

The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is made of various types of nylon with a different density that varies depending on the part of the bag. The bottom is made to be the strongest to be able to support the gear inside and the lower part coming into contact with the rough surfaces. After removing the lead cover Osprey has an integrated flap jacket to cover your belongings.

  • Size

Though they have the same carrying capacity of 65L, Osprey is backpack is larger with 34.25 x 15.35 x 16.14 inches while Gregory backpack has 25.2 x 15 x 9.5 inches only. Extra features and storage cause the difference to the outward size.

Gregory vs Osprey traveling backpacks

Travel backpacks will serve you best during shorter trips. Today, they are best in modern over wild trips and yes, they should be able to accommodate all the necessary gear. Their main compartment is easily accessible and they do not have the heavy suspensions or straps as of the trekking and the hiking backpacks.

Gregory Compass 40

         Gregory Compass 40
Osprey Farpoint 40

          Osprey Farpoint 40

Both have a capacity of 40 liters though their size is different due to the difference in design and materials used. Gregory is the largest with 23.25 x 14.5 x 9.75 inches while Osprey backpack is smaller with 21 x 14 x 9 inches.

  • Storage and organization.

Just like the rest of backpacks, they have a single main large compartment, with the Gregory model opening from behind and Osprey opening located on the upper part, close to the back straps.

With the Gregory Compass 40, you will get a padded compartment for the laptop with a sleeve for a tablet.  Besides, this pack has a meshed internal pocket organizer, a top pocket for the accessories and a meshed internal pocket for security. At the bottom is an extra extended compartment that can be used for other items such as the shoes.

Osprey backpack has a sleeve for the laptop and the tablet, a slash scratch-free pocket that is zippered and heat-embossed, dual pockets front pockets and zippered front flap mesh pocket.  

  • Weight: Gregory compass 40 is the lightest with 2 lbs while the Osprey Farpoint 40 is a bit heavier with 3.17 lbs.
  • Materials and durability

The Gregory compass 40 has entirely used nylon for all the main areas. To increase durability on the highly stressed areas, the packcloth is made with ballistic polyester; 840D thicker

 The main material used to make the Osprey Farpoint 40 is ripstop of nylon mini hex diamond. The bottom is reinforced with a thick packcloth layer to enable it to withstand the weight. 

  • Straps and suspensions

Gregory Compass 40 uses no form of a suspension system. In fact, it has only the backpack straps and a back panel and the front panel that is added for greater stability.  For easy lifting, the bottom and top have grab handles.

The Osprey hipbelt, back panel, and the harness are padded for enhanced comfort. The pack uses a framed light wire suspension system for even distribution of the load, hence less body straining. All the padded areas are also messed for increased ventilation. Both the sides and the tops have padded handles for easy lifting when necessary.

Gregory vs Osprey traveling backpacks

Just as the name suggests, daypacks require you to park what you will need for a daily adventure or a day hiking. This includes; snacks, water, some clothing and any sort of modern essentials like a tablet or a laptop.

 Gregory Mountain Products Compass 40 Liter Daypack

Gregory Compass 40

Osprey Packs Fairview 40 Travel Backpack, Rainforest Green, Small/Medium

Osprey Packs 40

  • Weight

Osprey is the lightest with only 1.69 lbs though its dimensions are bigger and the capacity is larger. Gregory is pretty heavier; weighing 2.45 lbs even when empty.

  • Suspension and traps

The Osprey has harnessed shoulders, ventilated and padded back panel for enhanced comfort throughout the day. The pack has a grab handle at the top for easy lifting and adjustable hipbelt and the sternum strap for a perfect fit.

Gregory Border 25 uses an EVA form type of padding and contoured harnessed shoulder to enhance comfort. Though it lacks a hipbelt, the pack has sternum strap that can be adjusted. Besides it has the top handle grabs and additional side ones.

  • Size

Osprey Quasar can hold a 28-liter pack while the Gregory Border 25 can hold only 25-liter pack. More so, the dimensions of the Osprey are bigger than those of the Gregory hence it is larger in size.

  • Storage and organization

Osprey has 4 pockets at the exterior part for storing snacks and water bottles. It has 2 zippered interior pockets and 7 slipped ones for a perfect organization. The main compartment has well-padded sleeves for holding the tablets and laptops. 

Gregory has a single main compartment divided into few interior organization pockets. The pack has less exterior pockets compared to the Osprey hence fewer storage options. It has a larger outer pocket with sleeves that are fully opening to hold a tablet and 15-inch laptop.

  • Materials and durability

The bottom parts and main areas of the Osprey Quasar are made of nylon packcloth of high density and a 420D for increased durability with no abrasions and tearing

The body pack of the Gregory Border 25 is made of 420D nylon though not high density. The material will enable it to withstand pressure but not as much as the Osprey.


While comparing the Gregory vs Osprey, be sure to go for a backpack that can comfortably store all you may need for the trip as well as the extra essentials. Making the right choice will give you a long-lasting and a sturdy backpack, able to distribute weight evenly while carrying for enhanced comfort. 

While choosing Always consider:

  • The price of the backpack
  • The level of performance
  • Type of the backpack basing on your need

Save your energy and promote comfort during hikes, trekking and traveling by going for a backpack that suits you best!



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