How to get Campfire Smell out Of Clothes

Having a regular concern about my personality , I know how important it is to keep clothes nice, clean and fresh. However, keeping clothes free from smell entails challenges and complexities. The problem arises during the aftermath of a campfire party when you are bound to solve the question of "How to get campfire smell out of clothes"

The concerning issue of getting the smell out of clothes can be solved by the regular washing task. However, whenever I have dealt with campfire odor in the clothes, things usually doesn’t happen as easy as we think. 

This calls for effective measures, techniques, tips and ideas on removing such odors effectively. So, let’s find out more about this issue while revealing some of the useful methods to resolve the concern.

Tips on how to get campfire smell out of clothes

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There are plenty of things you can try to get the smell of smoke out of your  clothes. While some are hit and try methods, others prove to be result-driven. Some methods depend on the amount of smell in the clothes, whereas others may be applied to all types of fabrics with less or more odor.

So, diving deep into the pools of insights, let’s start the list with our first method:

1.The vinegar method

Removing odor doesn’t necessarily involve washing clothes. You can simply use vinegar to keep your clothes odorless. Due to the highly acidic property of the vinegar, it is used in various household tasks for removing the smell. The process includes few steps as follow:

  • Place your smoke filled clothes over a hanger
  • Hang them on a cloth hanging rod or on a hook in the bathroom
  • In a bucket, add hot water and then ad four cups of vinegar into the tub
  • check
    Allow the mixture to set for almost ten minutes
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    Rinse and wash the piece of fabric softly in the prepared mixture
  • check
    Hang the cloth and let it dry 

Check out this video that shows different ways to get rid of smoke odor from anywhere using vinegar.

2.Using anti-bacterial enzymes

The odor is usually a part of the secretions produced by bacteria. Using an anti-bacterial enzyme kills the bacteria and avoids the smell of smoke from fabric. Follow the steps to get underway:

  • In a bucket, take a fair amount of warm water
  • Let the mixture stay for few minutes and then add few spoons of the enzyme
  • Allow the water to settle for 2 hours
  • star-o
    Put the solution in a usual detergent wash and rinse the clothes as usual
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    Let the clothes dry for few hours in the sun
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One can easily purchase a bottle of digestive enzymes available in the market. Some of these are perfect for producing deodorants properties while digesting campfire smell in the clothes. Here is a popular natural and non-toxic enzyme solution which is used widely and has good reviews. 

3.Try things out with Vodka

Vodka is widely used for freshening fabric and providing a unique fragrance to the clothes. Due to its colorless properties, it has fewer chances of fading or bleaching the clothes. I advise you to try this alcoholic drink as it has resultantly solved the problem of how to get campfire smell out of clothes for me as well as many others.

Close-up view of bottle of vodka lying on ice on white

  • Start by simply mixing equal amounts of warm water with vodka.
  • With the solution prepared, fill in a normal plastic bottle with spraying handle.
  • Now take the clothes you intend to treat and flip them on the inside, exposing the interiors
  • Spritz the solution all over the clothes, especially the parts that discharge maximum odor
  • Repeat with every cloth and then move them out while letting them dry

4.Use baking soda as a washing agent

  • Use few spoons of baking soda in the normal tub of the washing machine
  • Fill the washing machine with water
  • Start normal cycle as you would do with regular clothes
  • Dry the clothes

5.Lemon spray method

If you are unconvinced about foreign ingredients being used on your precious fabrics, you can simply take help of lemon, a natural acidifier. If you have ever wondered why the best smelling clothe boasts of a lemon-like fruity smell, it is probably because they have been treated with the freshness of lemon juice. The same can be implied on the clothes having campfire odor. The steps are:

Lemon can be useful

  • Take a spray bottle and will it with one part lemon juice and 8 parts warm water
  • Mix the solution well and start spraying the solution to your reeking clothes
  • Spray until the clothes are damp
  • Hang the clothes in sun and let nature soak all the odor

6.Some other methods

I have used, implied, tested and practiced several methods for soaking odor from my clothes. All of these works well for me and the mode of application are as easy as ABC. In addition to the methods described above, you can try these as well:

  • Washing with hot water
  • Soaking directly in good sunlight
  • Washing with vinegar and lemon
  • Using a cloth softener
  • check
    Alcohol spray
  • check
    Using activated charcoal

I could not resist but mention this amazing video that shows ways of getting rid of smoke not only from the clothes but everywhere.


I usually love when going outside and exploring the world in the unknown. What I don’t like is the smell of fire and smoke my clothes bring along. This might be the issue with normal modern day adventure seekers. With the help of certain inexpensive ingredients, you can easily solve the problem of how to get campfire smell out of clothes.

As per my observation, the best method remains the use of lemon juice. Not only this is a natural way to go, it is effective and the fragrance of lemon is quite mesmerizing as you get rid of the smoky odor. Here is more info you need to know about cloth treatment with lemons.

If we think of it, it doesn’t quite make sense to stop yourself from luxuriating in campfire parties just because you are worried about washing your clothes. It is advisable to adopt the best washing method and enjoy the sheer pleasure and goodness of memorable bonfires, barbeque parties and campfire sessions.

Let me know your comments about your experience with the washing methods…


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