How To Heat Up Your Tent Without Electricty

Are you tired of being cold at night due to lack of electricity in your tent? If yes, then here we will teach you different methods on how to heat a tent without electricity.

Before we get down to this, we have to put in mind that safety comes first. Every campsite always build a fire where they cook and it can also serves as a heat generator to keep them warm outside their tents, So if you are having any thoughts of making fire on the inside of your tent, you are putting yourself and others at great risk.

Here is a top 5 list of ways how heat up a tent without electricity:

Heat up your tent with a well-heated fire cobblestone

To do this, you will have to heat up the stones or one big stone in the fire until they are very hot, when you notice the color of the stones change, you gently take it out of the fire and allow it cool down a little before taking it inside your tent, then when you want to sleep you place the stone inside the tent but this technique only last for about an hour.

heated fire cobblestone

heated fire cobblestone

But to make it last longer, place the stones inside a pot with lid and you will get an extra 3 hours of sleep. Then another technique for getting up to 8 hours with the heated cobblestone is to wrap the heated stones with simple aluminum foil, this will prevent the stone from cooling down fast. But this method won’t take you through the night.

Don’t forget to place the stones on a pan or a pot to prevent burning a hole in the tent floor.

Use heaters to warm your tent

In order to avoid the stress of building a fireplace from one place to another, special tourist heaters can provide heat for a long time. This heater is very popular among tourists with different types in the market to suit your specific need.

This kind of heater can also serve as a tile for cooking and sometimes can illuminate the tent. These reliable burners are quiet and safe; just make sure you buy a heater that is certified for residential use. For example, a catalytic heater which is specifically made to be used inside a tent. Many of these heaters can be found on Amazon.

Using a carpet

Yes, I said it, a carpet!!!

Cold can come in through the floor of your tent and another advisable way to reduce the cold is to use a thick carpet or rug to cover the tent floor, preventing cold from passing through. If you feel it is too heavy or you don’t have any of these then you can share a tent with a friend and put your sleeping bags together so it can fill up the tent room and spread across the tent floor.

Kampa Studland Carpet. Photo Credit:

Candle Lanterns

This kind of heater uses an open flame covered with glass to heat up your tent 10-15 degrees that is if the cold is not extreme, this will do the trick. It is advised that you shouldn’t sleep while the lantern is on, instead place it in your tent for hours before you go inside to sleep, then turn it off before you fall asleep.

The use of hot water

Boiling hot waters can do the trick of keeping you warm for hours, just pour the water into a water bottle and keep it at your bedside. Make sure to close it tight because of the burns hot water can cause on the skin.

There are other ways you can stay warm for example

Get a Sleeping bag: We all have to sleep at some point, so spend money in getting a very good sleeping bag that fits your size. If you can’t get your size, then stuff the one you have with cloths to cover up that extra space where cold can get in from.

Heated Clothing: These are one of the first things to pack, warm clothes like a thick sweater can go a long way, same with thick socks, hand gloves and head warmers to keep you warm and comfortable.

Photo Credit: sneakersnewua18

Eat lots of warm food and stay hydrated: It is advisable to drink lots of water in cold temperatures because the body produces heat when hydrated. Also choose food that allows your body provides energy especially protein (eggs), carbohydrate (breads and oatmeal) foods are great energy builders.

Dehydrated food

Dehydrated food. Photo Credit:

By exercising: This is an activity that requires physical efforts done in order to stay fit and healthy, doing this on your own or with others can be very effective in staying warm and can also heat up a room because of the heat the body produces during this activity. But be careful not to sweat and dampen your clothes.


The fear of the winter during camping prevents lots of people from going out to have fun, but if we pay attention to any of these methods, you can increase your camping experience and this will help you and your family stay warm, comfortable and safe just by figuring out which one works best for you.

By following these guidelines, you can sleep comfortably without stress or struggle.


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