how to hunt coyotes at night

How To Successfully Hunt Coyotes At Night?

In order to hunt successfully, you need to understand how the animal you’re hunting behaves, where it’s found and what it eats. This is important when it comes to Coyotes. This article will provide a detailed guideline on things of your question: how to hunt coyotes at night? However, before touching on that, key questions need to be addressed like where it’s found and what it eats. All those key questions and much more will be addressed and by the end of this article, you will walk away with plenty of knowledge that will aid you in a hunt for Coyotes.

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Coyotes are the cleverest of the dog family and can be found in mountains, forests, desert regions as well as in cities and towns. They enjoy hunting deer, fish, rabbits, snakes, rodents and frogs. They are also known to eat carrion and fruit. Hunting coyotes at night is both rewarding and exciting however safety must be priority when it comes to dealing with wild animals. On top of your safety, it is also important to understand the laws that govern the area you live in, hunting seasons/times as certain places don’t allow hunting at night and permits.

What to carry with you when you’re hunting Coyotes at night

Gets the right weapons: The gear you take with you when you are out hunting can be difference between coming home with something or empty handed. Hunting weapons vary from animal to animal and any experienced hunter knows that taking the right tools while hunting is very important. As for hunting Coyotes at night, the weapon of choice for many hunters is the AR 15. Others prefer the .223 bolt action rifle while a selected group of hunters opt for the short gun but you can never go wrong with AR 15 rifle as seen in the picture below.

Bolt-Action vs. AR. Photo Credit: gameandfishmag

Coyote call: Investing in a mouth or electronic call is a good idea. The electronic call is the best option because your hands are free while you hunt and when you spot a coyote, you can easily take a shot. These predators are not to be underestimated, they are very smart creatures. Always be clever with your position while using the electronic call and make sure the coyotes focus on the sound more than you. As far as a mouth call is concerned, there are so many of them on the market however, you need to buy one that emulates a distressed fawn. This will always attract coyotes easily and also using howl calls has proven to be successful for many hunters. Examine your location and pick the right call product as they are many of them on the market.

 Primos 3756 Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos 3756 Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Out of sight

Staying out of sight increases your chances of getting a kill at night. Coyotes are very sharp creatures and if they hear or see something suspicious, they will take off. On top of wearing the appropriate clothes, many hunters who are light skinned for example cover their hands because they can easily stand out to animals with good eyesight.

Gloves that provide a good grip and are light are highly recommended on a coyote hunt and if the temperature does drop depending on the time of the year you are hunting, you might want to buy cold weather gloves and a face mask. Although camouflage clothing is not must, some considerable thought must be put into the clothing you wear so that you are not easily spotted by the coyote.

Other useful pieces of equipment to help you on a coyote hunt

Shooting sticks: This is optional and something that most hunter do without however, if you are one who has decided to bring shooting sticks along, make sure that you pick a stick that has a V-rest that can easily fit on the weapon you are carrying. Come night time, shooting sticks are the best.

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Decoy: Coyotes are very intelligent and smart creatures, attracting them with a call come sometimes be tricky however if they see something they are accustomed to, it increases your chances of getting a kill greatly. If coyote sense that they are the only predator around, they will go after your decoy.

Cotoye Decoy

Cotoye Decoy. Photo Credit: wildernessmastery

Shooting chair: This should only be taken if the weather is ideal because sitting down in snowy or rainy conditions is a terrible idea and can result into illness. With a shooting chair around, you have a choice on whether to be sitting or standing while you shoot Coyotes.

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How do you go about hunting coyotes at night?

Location is very important when it comes to hunting coyotes because certain areas may be over hunted and since this is a very clever predator, it will move on to other places if it senses that its current location is full of hunters. As pointed out before, understand the behaviour of the animal to ensure you are successful with your hunts.

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Do not rush, make some time to scout the area and gather as much information as possible before you begin a hunt. Since Coyotes are known to be very stealthy, you need to adopt the same tactic as well. If you pin point a good location, make sure you are as quiet as a mouse while there. Laws to do with hunting at night do vary from place to place and it is important to consult the relevant authorities or get all the paper work in order before beginning.

What are the drawbacks?

If you have a hunting party with you, make safety your number one priority. Seeing at night can be challenging and you need to be sure of your target before pulling the trigger. Do not mistake one of your hunting partners for a Coyote. Always shoot the Coyotes at a shorter range just to be extra sure because shooting from a distance at night is a risky move.

Wrapping up the hunt

Most hunters like to call and shooting coyote while in a standing position which is an excellent idea if you possess a solid shooting stick. Despite the drawback mentioned above, hunting at night does have a positive. The coyotes are not able to see past a light source which is you. You need to stay as invincible as possible while using all the hunting skills you know to get close enough to get a shot.

Overall hunting Coyotes at night can be a great and enjoyable experience if the right steps and gears are taken. If you are new to Coyote hunting and follow the points that have been highlighted in this article, there is no doubt you will be happy you bumped into article because your chances of success will be very high. Be clever and carry the right equipment with you before beginning your hunt.

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The key for every writer is to produce a piece of work with detail instructions that readers can easily follow and hopefully this article has managed to do that. If this article has been enjoyable, helpful and shaded some light on a few things that you needed clarification as far as hunting Coyotes is concerned, please leave a comment below and share this.


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