Have you ever thought about making an ice fishing gear list? If yes, then you will be confronted with lots of options within this piece of writing. Read on…

If different types of fishing are compared to different rides in an amusement park, then ice fishing is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling. For those who think that simply sitting on a shore and waiting for a fish to lure your bait is too cliché, Ice fishing serves the purpose of filling your adrenaline meters.

By ticking each box in your ice fishing gear list, you can simply go out on a freezing day, start digging a hole in the frozen lake, put your chisel in and start ice fishing.

But, before you take on this audacious fishing task, you need to have a sled full of relevant ice fishing gear. Choosing and not choosing an appropriate ice fishing tool can make the difference between catching fish and sitting idle on a cold freezing day. Hence, I have prepared a competent ice fishing gear list to help you kick off this risky yet rewarding hobby in a good manner. Let’s begin:

1. Reels - the base for your fishing session

Fishing is almost impossible without a modern-day reel. But since its ice fishing in the scene, an advanced version of traditional fishing, you need a reliable and freeze-resistant reel. While there are plenty of options waiting for you to get hands on them, I suggest picking those with a teardrop model. 

Some of the features you should look for in a perfect ice fishing reel is the oversized line window and an inline system. The window helps in reducing the ice buildup and inline help in achieving zero line twist. There are different types of reels you can explore:

Inline vs. Spinning Reel Photo Credit: fishusa.com

  • Spinning reels: these are ice spinning reels, designed to handle light lines. These usually work together with short rods
  • In-line reels: these are traditionally styled reels that can handle light lines without any twist in the line.
  • Combo reels: these are rod and reels sold together. Often provided as a set, these reels are ideal for entry-level or beginner anglers.

When buying reels or rods, you need to consider buying ice fishing lines. You can go with mono stretch or a braid with no stretch.

If you are considering choosing a combo or a separate reel or rod, do check out this helpful guide

2.Augers- to reach the water and start ice fishing

Ice fishing is like extracting gold out of the earth. You have to dig and drill in to get access to the desired results. For this, you need equipment that will help you dig a hole and set the bait for catching the fish of the day.

Similar to rods and reels, you have certain options in augers. You can go to the traditional way by using hand augers which are light and easy to use. Hand augers also warm you up before the fishing task.

Ice fishing on thick ice with hand ice auger in front

In contrary to the hand augers, some experienced experts chose gas-powered augers. These come with a gasoline engine at the top of the shaft which drives the shaft on the press of a single button. These are good when you are tired of fishing in a single spot and wish to try different areas by drilling several spots in one session.

Then there are electric augers that attempt to serve best of both the worlds. Electric augers either run on a lithium battery or direct electricity. These are ideal as they are lightweight and provide a sufficient amount of power. 

3.Shelters- protection from winds and breezes

If you are planning on staying out on the ice for a long angler session, you need to be equipped with proper shelters. Here, portable shelters are the best option. You need to amongst different options like hub shelters, flip up shelters and cabin shelters.

Night ice fishing. Yellow fishing shelter on the ice at night Nida Lithuania

4.Portable heater - to keep yourself warm at all times

Ice fishing is not for the soft-hearted. Leaving aside the hassle of drilling holes and the risk of sitting on ice-covered lakes; you need to cope up with temperature almost close to zero degrees. Hence, having a heater close at hand makes total sense. The portable heater can protect you from freezing winds. Ice fishing portable heaters work on liquid propane and come in different size options.

5.Ice fishing clothes - for avoiding the cold from destroy your ice fishing experience

Since ice fishing is done in the extreme temperature, your body has to endure the cold by all means. To make things easy, you should always be equipped with ice fishing clothes. Starting from waterproof and insulated boots, your attire should include flipping open gloves, warm inner wears, windproof jackets, head wears and hand warmers.

While fishing is an enjoyable hobby, it can be enjoyed most if your body is active. The ice fishing clothes will keep your body warm and comfortable so that you can concentrate exclusively on catching the best fish.

6.Ice fishing equipment- for finding the fish quick and easy

Those days are long gone when anglers used to imagine the story going on beneath their foot while sitting on the ice. Today, fish finders give you exact view of the scene going on beneath. With a scrolling picture mode, the fish finders help you to identify fish tons of feet below in the water. They also give day and night displays with digital depth layout. In addition, there are several ice flashers that help you by telling exact water depth and depth of your bait. 

The equipment can also show the location of the fish when it rises up to catch the bait. This equipment helps in making the hobby more interesting while providing more productivity. 


The ice fishing gear list can continue with more and more products. Since the ways of pursuing this unique fishing hobby different; the options of gears are varied. Here, the most ideal and important gears are described without which it is merely impossible to go ice fishing.

While some experienced enthusiasts like to go hard way by carrying simple a rod reel, some others like to make things comfortable by carrying a huge amount of gear.

Whatever your style is, the choice depends on your perception. The gears mentioned above are created to protect you while you enjoy ice fishing. Hence, these should never be left out.

Always remember, fishing is a great adventure and you should come home safe with a smile of satisfaction on your face. Let me know how you liked the article in the comments.



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