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What You Need To Know About Pros And Cons Of Pontoon Boats?

A pontoon boat is not difficult to describe because it is a flat boat that heavily relies on pontoons to float on water. Many people ask themselves questions like what are the pros and cons of pontoon boats or how much does a pontoon boat weigh?

This article will address all those questions including the different types or brands of pontoon boats. Boats are like cars on water and they come in different type and for those who prefer speed; they go for the speed boats however, for those looking for a nice, quiet, relaxing day on the water with loved ones opt for a pontoon boat.

Trabel with Family on pontoon boat

Trabel with Family on a pontoon boat. Photo Credit:

Benefits of owning a pontoon boat

1. Good for skiing and fishing

  •   If you enjoy the great outdoors and love skiing or finish as a hobby, a pontoon boat is just what you need. The boat has so much space for chairs you can easily sit back, relax and soak in the view as well as the air of the place you are doing your fishing. If you purchase one with a strong engine, it is perfect for skiing if you are into water sports.

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Photo Credit: benningtonmarine

2. Easy to maintain

  •  Dents and holes are part of owning a boat especially if you like boating around rivers and lakes. When you have a pontoon boat however, the chances of dents and holes are significantly reduced. The chances of your boat receiving huge amounts of damage are very slim and you can go on into shallow waters with a pontoon boat.Majority of the like new carpets and replacing furniture can easily be done however, for more complex duties it is advised to hire professionals. You don’t need to buy a new boat every few years because pontoon boats give you longevity and you can have one boat for many years.
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2. Longevity

  • There are no better boats out there when it comes to longevity like pontoon boats. If you buy a used pontoon boat or happen to have yours for many years, the carpet will show signs of tear and there will be holes in the furniture. All this can easily be replaced and you don’t have to be an expert at DIY. Majority of the like new carpets and replacing furniture can easily be done however, for more complex duties it is advised to hire professionals. You don’t need to buy a new boat every few years because pontoon boats give you longevity and you can have one boat for many years. 
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3. Comfort

  • This is one of the top benefits of having a pontoon boat. It has plenty of space providing comfort for the people onboard because you can take a couch with you that has enough room for 7 or more individuals. The comfort that you get on a pontoon boot is absolutely unrivalled, you can go swimming all day, have a barbeque all while making you feel like a king. The ride is always very calm and smooth especially if there are no strong winds around.

Photo Credit: suntrackerboats

4. Good for storage

  • For those new to boating, storage is not a big deal to them however, those who have been in the game for a long time know just how important storage can be. If you have family and friends over and they each bring their own coolers, food, clothes, blankets, all of this will not fit on an average boat. On a pontoon boat however, you will have plenty of free space to be able to fit everything that your guests bring.
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Drawbacks of owning a pontoon boat

1. Speed

  • Majority of pontoon are not really fast boat however that does not mean you can’t find one on the market. Problem with that is if you find a really fast pontoon, it will drain your bank account or pockets because they are not cheap. Pontoon boats and water sports are made for each other and if you are one who wants to be the star of the show and turn some heads because of how fast your boat is going, this is the wrong boat. Majority of pontoon boats have a speed of around 28 to 35 miles per hours. 

2. Pontoon boats can’t handle rough waters

  • Everyone who owns a pontoon boats knows full well that these are some of the safest boats out there however, they can only handle small waves but if they waves get big, things can get messy. When the weather is bad like during a storm or heavy rain, it can be dangerous driving it compared to V shaped boats. The chances of capsizing are very high because pontoons tend to dive on the wave and not get over them.

Pontoon boats can’t handle rough waters

3. Handling can be an issue

  • Since pontoon boats are a bit heavier and wider than V shaped boats, most people might have problems handling it. Majority of the problem most owners experience when it comes to driving a pontoon as far as handling is concerned is when it comes to turning. It can be very tricky to execute the perfect turn due to the size of these boats even if you are a seasoned professional and it can be extra tricky if you are a newbie. There are a few guides online from experts who explain in great detail how to overcome any handling issues with your pontoon.
Turning a pontoon boat can be a problem

Turning a pontoon boat can be a mess. Photo Credit: pontooners

4. Pontoon boats can be noisy because of the outboard engine

  • If you are buying a pontoon boat for the very first time, it is advised that you avoid any boats with outboard engines. That is because outboards engines are very loud; in fact they are very much louder than engines that are found in board. The latest models that are found on the market now have improved this noise problem massively and if you are looking to part ways with your hard earned money and investing in a pontoon boat just make sure that your look at the latest models because they make less noise.

Noisy is a problem

Driving a pontoon boat

Pontoon boats come in different sizes and shapes in this day and age. These boats thanks to the technology we have these days are more powerful than ever and some of the best pontoon boat money can buy will be listed below. If you own a pontoon boat, there is no point just looking at it, you have to be able to drive it and question now is how does one go about driving a pontoon boat?

  • Step 1: Leave the dock is the first step you need to take however while doing so always make sure that you are aware of your surrounding and have everything set to go.
  • Step 2: Once you leave the dock point the drive unit first before you shift.
  •  Step 3: Ensure you use short applications of power, then redirect the drive and apply power again. Repeat this process where necessary.
  • Step 4: When you find your way in open water, ensure that your engine is trimmed down to mitigate bowrise which is the fourth step.
  • Step 5: Apply power to the boat slowly and smoothly ensuring you keep on an eye out for the bow to level out as the pontoon boats breaks onto place.
  • Step 6: Change direction when you need to while always checking six. Last thing you want to do is crash into a pile of rocks or another boat.
  • Step 7: Avoid making any sudden turns while on the water because a boat of this size is not designed for fast sharp turn. Drive slowly and steadily make your turns.

Popular Pontoons and how much they weight

Pontoon type




G3 Suncatcher 22” X22RF


•Has plenty of room to fit items
•Can hold plenty of people
•Family friendly

•No engine and hour gauge
•Not the most comfortable captain seat

Sweetwater SW 2082 22”


•Excellent for water sports because of its speed
•Very comfortable seats

•Minor durability concerns
•Lack of speed

Suntracker Regency 254XP3 27”


•Very spacious
•Excellent for fishing
•Easy to maintain

•Noisy engine
•Poor manoeuvrability 

Lowe SS2010 20” Pontoon boat


•Comfortable seats and easy to maintain
•Very safe
•Fantastic layout for both skiing and fishing

•Not the best looking captain seat


Many people see pontoon boats as small sized ferries which can be used to cross lakes and rivers. If you are thinking of purchasing a pontoon boat, consider some of the pros and cons that have been mentioned in this article before making a decision.

You have to know exactly what you are getting yourself into when it comes to these boats but the general consensus is pontoon boats are a great investment suitable for water sports, relaxing with family/friends and fishing. If you have found this article helpful, do leave a comment and share it.

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