the most important reason to know basic first aid is

Do you know why basic first aid skill is necessary? If not, One of the most important reason to know basic first aid is that it can help you in a long run, for instance, imagine being at home, and your child gets injured, probably a razor cut or a bone fracture, what would you do if you had no knowledge or experience in giving first aid to a person?

What Is First Aid 

In case we don’t know what first aid is, first aid is the immediate help given to an ill or injured person before proper treatment is done.

First aid helps to prevent a person’s condition from getting worse, thereby giving them a higher chance of recovery.

Most times first aid can be made easy if you have a first aid kit with you.

A first aid kit holds almost all the tools or equipment used in giving medical treatment such as plasters, bandages etc.

First-aid kit and hands with gloves cutting the bandage

So it is advised that every school, home, workplace and even vehicles should have a fully equipped first aid kit and experienced personnel. The need for first aid can come at any time especially during outdoor activities such as climbing etc can be very dangerous and require the assistance of an experienced person with basic first aid skills to help prevent further harm until medical help is available.


  • First aid saves lives

According to St John Ambulance, approximately one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) people die each year in situations where first aid could have made a difference. It has also been recorded that many lives have been saved due to quick response and CPR aid given during accidents. 

  • First aid brings different people together

Saving someone’s life can bring two or more people together by creating a bond between them afterward either as friends or as lovers and can also create unity within a group of people, enabling them to work together as one in helping others.


You can be a hero

  • It gives confidence and self-control in case of accidents

First aid training not only teaches people how to treat patients who are in need of medical attention, it also helps them build confidence in case of an emergency and effectively manage any emergency without being afraid or confused.

  • It can minimize casualties

With this basic training, you become aware of your surroundings and can easily spot potential accidents before they occur. You become more alert and these can help you minimize casualties in your home, workplace and even on the road.

  • First aid skills can boost your CV

First aid skill is valued by employers because of countless workplace emergencies. When applying for a job, having experience in the medical field can increase your chance of getting the job because workplaces are also required to have certified first aid personnel.


  • Can lead to loss of lives.
  • Lead to pain and suffering of the victim if he/she is not properly attended to before more help arrives.
  • Create fear because of lack of experience in handling this kind of situations.


First aid training can help you learn all the necessary skills that are useful in emergencies, you can choose to study basic first aid courses and then move to the advanced courses by enrolling in classes. Medical groups such as the Red Cross and other private organizations are also good options that can help you gain more experience.

But keep in mind that practice makes perfect, in order to be good at it you have to practice a lot with a partner or a human shaped doll. There are different situations that require first aid such as, choking, heart attack, bone fracture, hypothermia, seizures, stroke etc. Every one of these situations requires specific skills in order to carry out a successful aid.

First aid for nosebleed

Press the bridge of the nose where cartilage and bones meet for about 10-15 minutes or you can apply an ice pack to soothe the area.

First aid for dog bites

1.Stop the bleeding from the wound

2.Wash bitten area with soap.

3.Apply topical antibiotics to the bite then dress it.

4.If the dog is wild or domestic but not vaccinated there may be a concern about rabies


We should know that accidents can happen anywhere at any time and we should always be ready to be of immediate assistance and even save a life or more in some cases. Research shows that most accidents tend to happen at home or the workplace, and if you have the skill of a first aider, you will be able to be of assistance to your loved ones easily. When there is an adequate certified number of first aid personnel in a community, the safer it becomes.


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