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If you are fond of traveling and relaxing at unique places with finest natural scenery around, you must be aware of the 5 types of hammocks and their roles in making such places more distinctive and unforgettable.

This indicates that you are fond of lounging in the lush outside settings with a book in hand, enjoying the chirps of birds and admiring the beauty of mother earth. But, are you really feeling that comfortable in your hammock? It could be the case that your hammock is the only odd element amidst the calming getaway that is giving you a tough time tranquilizing. You might be accompanied by the wrong types of hammocks.

To solve this issue, we will enlighten you with some of the best types of hammocks and their features so that you can choose the ideal one for you according to your personality. So, let’s begin:

1.Brazilian Hammock

Starting the list with the most durable hammock, the Brazilian version of this comforting gear doesn’t disappoint from any angle. The hammocks comprise of a thick layer of weaving which is good for providing warmth in colder climates. These hammocks come with spreader-bars and designed as an in-line hanging system. Brazilian hammocks are usually characterized by bold colors originating from the country’s rich culture. Other trademark features of this type of hammock include:

  • Strong woven fiber
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Rich colors
  • Tight and durable weave
  • Added fringe embellishments

Brazilian hammocks often face wear and tear from outside climatic conditions. Since they are made up of natural colors they might face mildew and mould issues. Nevertheless, they remain a favorite choice for a calming outside lounging experience.

2.Rope hammocks

Hammocks with simple ropes are the most durable and easy to hang hammocks available in the market. Their different colors, varieties and affordable price make them a premium choice for outside sleepers. 

Summer garden and hammock hanging between trees, close-up

Typical rope hammocks are made up with cotton or polyester ropes. It also includes a spreader bar that prevents users from flipping on either side. 

Nowadays, cotton is used and preferred over polyester. However, polyester is still used as it’s more durable and is mold or mildew resistant. Cotton is softer but does absorb water that degrades the built quality of the hammock.

Photo Credit: dfohome

A typical rope hammock features a different pattern of rope stitching designs. Rope hammocks are mostly associated with beach or coastal getaways where you imagine yourself reclining between two palm trees. The spread bars are there to keep an easy dismount from either side while the rope stitching offers flexibility and support.

The rope hammocks are portable but not too sturdy. These are good for kids and teenagers while they don’t serve well for a full family need. Rope hammocks are ideal for picnic as well as traveling purpose. They are your ‘way to go’ gear for stealing the moment of relaxation at the end of your busy day.

3.Quilted hammocks

A quilted hammock is related to rope hammock but differs in the amount of comfort it provides along with sturdiness and durability. Quilted hammocks have two fabric layers with polyester filling between them. They are best suited for cold climates and works best in fulfilling your fantasy of relaxing in the lap of two beautiful plum trees. 

These hammocks can very well be used for indoor relaxation as well as outdoor comfort. They usually come in multiple colors on the outward and inner side and hence can be used either way. 

The quilted hammocks may not be the best in the list but is surely suitable if you wish to add an extra layer of softness to your experience. One can easily use a thicker blanket to turn this hammock into a reassuring comfort bag. 

4.Fabric hammock

If you love to go that extra mile in immersing in luxuriousness, you should give a thought to fabric or in common terms, the poolside hammock. These are the pieces of lessening where you get to lounge at a poolside on a soft hanging bed. The poolside hammock uses spreader-bar design with fabrics of different patterns allowing for a decorative comfort. 

Swimming pool Hammock

These hammocks also come with quilted materials to add warmth. The versatility of fabric hammocks remains in the different colors and type of material used. It is light and hence suitable for hanging alongside a pool or pond. Nowadays, fabric hammocks feature treated fabrics that provide protection from mildew and sun bleach. 

If you dream of hopping into a hammock and then diving into a pool instantaneously, this is the way to go. You can also use it at home for adding a great visual interest to your pool area. 

5.Chair hammocks

Chair hammocks are usually made to allow the user to either sit or recline comfortably. These can be used for single or two people and are ideal if you are not able to find two hanging spots as in the case of traditional hammocks. These hammocks can be hung with a single hook in the ceiling or a tree. 

Hammock hair hanging from a tree

Chair hammocks or hammock swings are family friendly and great if you wish to spend some quality time with your friends. These are made from fabric, cotton and polyester. Their base is either padded or woven net. These chair hammocks also come with vinyl and acrylic fabrics with different colors and patterns. With endless designs, these serve as a great addition to outdoor and indoor décor of your home. 

Here an instructional video on hanging a hammock chair.


No matter what your choice is, you should remember that different types of hammocks are built to lighten up your mood while offering a high level of leisure. They should always provide comfort and stay durable for long hours. Choosing the type of hammock for yourself can become simple if you know your requirements and choice preferences. So, gear up and start searching for your favorite one now.

Nature is calming and it’s always good to go out there and clear your head while watching it from a hammock. There’s no better place you could be at. Let me know about your views on types of hammock in the comments.


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