Before initiating your new adventure, whether it is tracking on a high hill, walking on an unknown terrain or camping amidst a forest land, there are lots of things to consider. With your sole concentration on requirements of clothes, camping gear, traveling tools or tracking equipment, you can easily forget the importance of vegetarian backpacking meals.

Your appetite and hunger can easily demolish your dreams of adventuring on uncharted lands even if you have the most beautiful view in front of you. And if you have a box overstuffed with the ideal food items, things can easily become pleasurable.

Needless to say, even the pickiest explorer loves to snack up items at the end of a long strenuous day. And if you are into greens, you tend to have even fewer options. Your group might catch up on a fish and enjoy its delicacies while you wait for a vegan dinner. Hence, for vegetarians, it is imperative to learn about some of the handiest and appetizing vegetarian backpacking meals. There are lots of options but only a few are ideal in practicality. Let’s know about these in detail: 

1.Granola and cereal

Before you kick off your aggressive morning exploration, you need to take up a quick breakfast that can warm you up and provide ample energy. The granola and cereal are the preferred ideal breakfast mostly used by hikers and explorers. Granola literally provides you with 140 calories as well as 7 grams of fat. Fill in a bowl with packed Granola and add your favorite cereal to scarf down as much as 500 calories. The high-calorie breakfast can be further made richer with the addition of nuts and dried fruits. You can easily buy granola and cereal available as packing from different reputed grocery brands. They are found in medium to large sized packing and are organic. Hence, you simply have to spend less and gain more.

Healthy breakfast super food cereal concept with fresh fruit, granola, yoghurt, nuts and pollen grain, with foods high in protein, omega 3, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, on rustic white wood.

2.Strawberry almond oatmeal

This is yet another admired and widely accepted breakfast recipe for giving a good boost to your day of adventure. Almond provides instant energy while oatmeal is a source of fiber that helps lower down cholesterol levels while stabilizing blood glucose levels. The preparation of this exquisite breakfast vegetarian backpacking meal is a piece of cake and can be practiced easily during camping.

Baked Strawberry-Almond Oatmeal. Photo Credit: Williams-sonoma

Simply take 1 and a half cup of water and pour in rolled oats, freeze-dried strawberries and chopped almonds. Add sugar and salt to taste and cover the pan to bring it to boil. Let it sit for a few minutes and consume when oats are softened to your liking. The best part of preparing the strawberry almond meal is that you can participate in a typical camping cooking session and enjoy the tantalizing taste right in the morning.

3.Vegan Bacon Mac

When you are working hard the entire day, you just want to relax and eat at the night. Hence, a filling yet delicious dinner menu is on the cards. The option described here is Vegan Bacon Mac. The bacon bits in this recipe add a salty crunch while ingredients like pasta, olive oil and nutritional yeast add to the dietary value. Start preparing by boiling pasta and water in the cookpot. Stir fairly and continue boiling until pasta softens. Drain off water and leave about half a cup of water in the bottom. Now, add oil and all dry ingredients including bacon bits, garlic powder and salt plus pepper. Serve and eat.

4.Cashew noodles

Ideal for those who love catering more to their taste buds than diet, the cashew noodles is a popular choice amongst kids. Well, you can’t leave the younger generation hungry as they do most of the work during an outdoor adventure. The recipe involves boiling and softening noodles in a cookpot and then adding cashews.

You can also carry packed curry powder that adds to the flavor of the backpacking meal. A packed bottle of mild curry paste can also be carried and used. The best part of cashew noodles is that you can mold it by adding healthy veggies which can be collected in the wild. Nothing is better than having a vegan meal with ingredients from around. It is somewhat the same as catching a fish and enjoying it in dinner. A total satisfier for a pure vegan!

5.Butter mix with honey

This is one of the simplest and easiest backpacking meal you can carry and make. The two main ingredients peanut butter and honey can be carried easily. And you need trail with lots of dry fruits or nuts. You can get these easily in the packing of various sizes. Mix all three ingredients together and enjoy this meal as a light lunch or brunch. The recipe provides dense nutrition and value. One can also make a past of honey, nuts and peanut and prepare sandwiches.

6.Nutella wrap

I could not conclude this list without mentioning one of the most consumed hazelnut food-Nutella. This makes a great addition to your backpack and can be easily consumed during any time of the day or night. You can do with this option by simply making Nutella wrap. This doesn’t require any cooking or boiling. The sweat and chocolate version of peanut can be applied on bread and served as rolls. You can also add banana chips or raisins to elevate the savor of the dish. This dish provides nutritional value while filling your appetite quickly. And you hardly lounge for more so the Nutella wrap keeps a check on your fat consumption



Besides the above-described options, you should always take care of choosing eatables that are nutritionally dense. Also, the items should be non-perishable as you have to store them for a long time and you won’t be able to provide them the accurate conditions. The best ones to go for are light weight and have acceptable flavors. The unsurpassed vegetarian backpacking meals don’t spoil your taste, provides energy and most importantly never spoil your trip.



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