How To Kill A Hog With One Shot?

Have you ever tried killing a hog with just one shot but failed? Do you think it’s possible to kill a fully grown hog with just one shot from your bow? Yes, I said it, a bow, well the answer is yes. Some of the best places to shoot a hog is no secret and if you keep reading this post, I will list and explain some hog hunting tips for beginners with instructions on where to shoot a hog with a bow and you will be on your way to bag your first hog kill as a hunter using just a bow and arrow.

Wild Hogs In The Forest

Wild hogs, sow and piglets rooting for food

Hogs are very intelligent animals with a keen sense of smell and poor eyesight, According to the Humane Society; they are believed to be smarter than children from the age of 3 and below. They have a layer of thick fat and skin that protects them from inflicted injury from hunters or other competition. Through my extensive research, I have discovered the difficulty and struggle first-time hunters and some other professional hunters who aren’t familiar with hunting hogs go through, so I put together this informative article to guide them.

Where and how to find Hogs for beginners

  • Location and Timing: Hogs can be found in large numbers in different states in the United States and Canada, central Florida, Missouri, Texas (2.6 million) and Louisiana (500,000). Hogs are known to be active early in the morning and late evening, gathering around sites with enough food and water. They survive in bottomland hardwood, farm areas, and riparian areas. They have the ability to adapt to their environment and reproduce consistently which keeps their numbers soaring.
  • Signs: Much like deer, hogs often use the same trail when they go to feed on eggs, insects, worms, corns, sometimes even dig up holes on the ground with their snout and feet to look for food, this is known as (Rooting).
Wild Hogs In Sludge

A group of wild boars searching for food in the mud with their snouts in the forest.

Hog toes are rounded in general, so whenever you see a thick trail, examine it to know what kind of animal was there. They like shallow wet areas to enable them to roll around in the mud in order to cool down and free them of bugs. Finding well-used hog trails is good progress because those trails will likely lead to a hogs bedding area, they like bedding near logs, near the base of large trees, and oval-shaped areas in thickets.

Hog foot print

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  • Bait: If you can’t find hogs, then make them come to you. Hogs focus mostly on two things, breeding and eating so you can use this to your advantage. Track their trail and place a reasonable amount of corn where they can see it, and wait for them to come to you keeping in mind that the wind should be in your face to prevent the hog from picking up your scent, so stay on the correct side of the wind. You can also get a wind checker just to be on the safe side.

  • Use calls: Since they are aggressive, using predator calls to draw hogs out is a very effective and a dangerous way to draw hogs out and it is advisable to stay at a safe distance, preferably higher ground. Hogs have killed over 4 people and attacked 3 hunters in the United States since the late 1800. So keep a safe distance from the charging hogs when calling out. Or you can play a recorded sound of piglets in distress; this will draw them out of their hiding spot into the open.
 FOXPRO Inferno American Made Electronic Predator Call

FOXPRO Inferno American Made Electronic Predator Call

How to position your shot (precision and accuracy)

First of all, you have to understand the basic anatomy of a hog and secondly, get yourself a strong bow that has great accuracy you are comfortable with like the Leader Accessories Compound Bow 50-70lbs 25" - 31" Archery Hunting Equipment with Max Speed 310fps, right handed, and then carefully select heavy arrows like a fixed blade broadhead like the Carbon Express Nativ 100 Broadhead, 100 Grain Weight, 3-Pack.

 Muzzy 4100 Bowhunting Phantom 4 Blade 100 Grain Broadhead

Muzzy 4100 Bowhunting Phantom 4 Blade 100 Grain Broadhead

 Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow

Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow

Heavy arrows are good for penetration but a light arrow is built for speed and long-distance travel and cannot easily penetrate a hogs tough skin.

Finally, a good camouflage would add to your advantage when bow hunting for hogs. It can cover both human and animal smell. You can also find these gears on Amazon.

Now that we are geared up, we still need some important skills such as patience and good archery skills to make your shot count, because if you fail to hit the right spot you will end up trailing a hog for a long distance.

Anatomy of a Hog

Anatomy of a Hog. Photo Credit: bowhunting

Their digestive organs are big and their lungs small, so you can locate their vital organs between the shoulder blades. If you understand where to shoot a hog with your bow, it will increase your chance for a quick and clean kill. For smaller hogs, aim at the mid-point of the chest following the front legs; it should pierce both lungs killing the hog almost immediately and sometimes immediately. But for the bigger ones, you should target the opposite shoulder, and your arrow will hit the chest cavity, moving towards the far leg, damaging vital organs. 

You can also severe the hogs spine by shooting at the neck, this will bring the hog down and prevent long trails which can be dangerous. I advice shooting at hogs from a distance of 20 yards or less, it creates a higher chance of penetration and accuracy within the shot.


And there you have it, Bow hunters find it appealing to hunt hogs with a bow and chasing these wonderful animals is one of the most heart-pumping adventures a bow hunter can embark on and they also make for good meat. Always remember to keep shot placement in mind while hunting, and you will find out these animals are not as difficult to kill with one shot as people say.

You can share this article if you enjoyed it and comment if you have any questions or tips to share with us, and don’t forget that the more you practice, the more experienced you become.



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