Why are yeti coolers so expensive

Do you need a cheap cooler or a yeti cooler that will last for all your days? Are you wondering why are yeti coolers so expensive? Why now, the high demand from customers? Well, Yeti coolers are the sturdy model for any outdoor activity. They have a distinguished modern design and sleek outstanding qualities.

Coolers are among the most vital, popular and cool items for the lovers of outdoor activities; fishermen, tailgaters, campers and the hunters. These ice buckets are designed to keep beverages and food at desirable low temperatures for an extended period of freshness. Getting the best cooler for your outdoor activities is a plus; yeti cooler is the most splendid brand regardless of their abnormal charges.

 YETI Roadie 20 Cooler, White

Why yeti cooler brand is so expensive and undeniably the best?

Yeti cooler brand is the Ferrari of all coolers; in terms of cost, quality and durability. Considering other cooler brands: Orca coolers, RTIC coolers, and the Pelican coolers among others, Yeti brand is the best and the most notorious when it comes to price. Yeti provides premium products, at premium charges.

Facts about yeti cooler pricing and marketing trend

Being the most trendy coolers brand, Yeti cooler companies sell hundreds of dollars daily, with the least expensive option going at around $349 while the most expensive ones selling at around $1,300. Every Yeti cooler has a particular price which is solely dependent on the model and the size. 

Yeti coolers will need you to dig a little bit deeper into your pocket since this is like making a life investment. According to Yeti, cooler website, Roadie 20 (20 QT) models are the smallest with a listed price of $249.99, Tundra is the most popular yeti model coolers, with the smallest sizes; 35QT selling at $299.99, while the largest sizes; whopping 350 QT sells at $1,299.99.

YETI Tundra 65 Cooler, Ice Blue

Yeti Tundra 65, yeti hopper flip 12, yeti hopper 20, yeti tundra 35 and the yeti roadie are among the most yet used coolers. There are alternatives depending on your pocket. Cheaper similar coolers are available from other brands at relative fairer prices, though their services are short-lived.

Why do yeti coolers cost this much?

Price is a determinant of the value we get, hence the lucrative features of Yeti coolers are relatively worth the high prices charged. Being the best recognized and trendy cooler brand in the market today, yeti coolers get undivided attention from most customers no matter the cost.

Yeti coolers feature several components and unique features that make them a true time investment for all your outdoor activities. Such features include:


Best Ice retention capacity, rotomolded and pressure form injected

Yeti coolers are designed with the best insulation features, hence the best ice retention capacity. Rotomolding and use of form injected coolers make it the best-insulated cooler ever and the major reason for the high charges.

Rotomolding is the use of a single, jointless plastic to make the entire cooler’s shell for enhanced insulation properties while pressure injected form, is a feature that enables ice retention to extend for a period of up to 10 days. Using it, food and the beverages can be maintained at low temperatures for such long periods, without the need of purchasing ice regularly to maintain the coolness.


Exceptional Security

Yeti coolers are able to survive the harsh external conditions with breaking, wear or tear, and have well-tightened seals. Most camping territories are inhabited by wild animals such as bears. Yeti coolers are entirely designed to be animal proof, hence your box is safe from being destroyed by such animals as bears common in camping sites.



According to the customer review and satisfaction rating, Yeti coolers have the highest value of 4.6 -5 reviews. This is a sure guarantee that the product provides great comfort and customer satisfaction. Besides its popularity and ability to satisfy the customers, yeti coolers offer a warrant of 5 years a sign of security and confidence.


Good drainage system

Being a piece of gear ranked to be of the best quality, yeti cooler has the best vortex drainage system. This is designed to let out water collecting at the bottom as well as the non-sweat shells which if allowed to accumulate, may prevent condensation.


Ultra-Rugged and resistance

Being the best-constructed product, yeti coolers are made of the top-ranked material to withstand any sort of external forces. They are well designed; rotomolded and pressure form injected for a superb cooler toughness. Yeti coolers are made of tough gaskets, handles from polyester ropes and with heavy-duty laches for enhanced strength and durability


Non-slip and non-skid feet

Yeti coolers are designed with non-slip and non-skid feet for stability and steadiness. Even where movement is involved, the box remains still and does not slide. They are the best to use in fishing boats.

Are yeti coolers worth the price?

After analyzing the cost and hefty features of Yeti coolers as above, we can accept that their lucrative prices are worth it. Yeti coolers are completely incomparable to other brands, and their features are super extreme and perfect for excellent functioning. Most of the customers have accepted the premium charges in the notion that cost is relative to the value offered. 

The following video will help you to keenly examine the top best yeti coolers in the market today in order to make a calculative purchase move. These include; Yeti tundra 65, Yeti hopper flip 12, Yeti hopper 20, Yeti Tundra 35 and Yeti roadie.

The choice of your cooler should be dependent on the number of days to be spent on outdoor activities and the size of your group. Consider these other factors as well for an awesome yeti cooler; 


YETI coolers are undeniably expensive. However, there spiking price tags are worthy of the patented technology coolers with exceptional features for elevated performance.
These coolers are undoubtedly the best, available in different sizes and ergonomic design for all sorts of groups or personal adventures. 

Therefore for a heavy-duty cooling box, that can withstand any external punishment and keep your beverages and food fresh and cold for up to ten days, then yeti original premium coolers are the way to go. They are worth the cost for a luxurious extended camping, fishing trips, and hunting. The following video offers further details on why are yet coolers so expensive and why they are worth the cost. 


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